LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The revamped school lunches at Los Angeles Unified School District have won awards, commending them for improving the menu at the second largest school district in the nation. Too bad the students don’t agree.

Rejecting healthful alternatives like vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles, students are throwing them in the trash by the thousands, bringing junk food from home and buying instant noodles and other decidedly unhealthy fare from the “black markets” that have begun to thrive at campuses across the district, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The wholesale rejection to its healthy menu comes about a year after a very public food fight with TV chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver filmed a few weeks of his ABC series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” at one LAUSD campus, but the permit was terminated abruptly.

The series’ first season featured Oliver trying to revolutionize the eating habits and food policies of Huntington, W. Va.

The district said they welcomed Oliver, but not his cameras, in an effort to avoid gimmicks, like filling a school bus with 57 tons of white sand to represent the amount of sugar LAUSD students consume weekly in flavored milk.

The kerfluffle led to LAUSD’s decision to change the menu in favor of healthier options. The district decided to do away with chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk.

Now, the Times reports cartons of plain milk are being thrown away en masse, unopened, along with uneaten entrees. Participation in the school lunch program has dropped by thousands of students, who are ditching lunch and are suffering from hunger-related ailments.

The complaints have been heard and LAUSD is planning changes to the menu, the Times reports. Burgers and (healthy) pizza are coming back, and dishes like quinoa salads and brown rice cutlets are out.

L.A. Unified serves 650,000 meals daily.

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  1. jmz says:

    ok then then lets drop the whole program and let the kids bring their own lunches. if they are eating on the public dime then they eat what we tell them to. if its not wanted then kill the wasteful program and give it to the homeless or something along that nature. but im sick of wasteful govt programs slurping up my tax money because some corrupt politician wants more money “for the children or poor”

    1. PabloKoh says:

      YES! YES! YES!

      1. Gibbs Bentley says:

        Schools have no business feeding students. The reason they like junk food is because they have been eating it for years and are addicted to the MSG and Aspartame that are known excito-toxins that cause brain damage. Not only are they fat but are now also mentally deficient.


      2. Donald Ducky says:

        Another worthless “journalist” who if had actually done some “journalism”, would have found that the union thug leftists had sent threatening letters to the parents, and threatened them, that they would lose their welfare benefits, if the schools adopted a non-union food source for the schools.

      3. TGFD says:

        TGFD here. Ever since the hard left and the progressives took-over the schools, more and more money keeps getting spent on school-nutrition programs; however, the kids keep getting fatter and fatter. Now somebody please tell me…WhatTheF is wrong with that picture?

    2. HPS says:

      EXACTLY… we give the parents enough money to feed the kids 3 meals a day yet the schools feed them 2 of them.. .. I was poor and got food stamps for awhile years ago.. My kids ate breakfast at home and took a lunch to school ( they said the school lunches weren’t filling and more than 1/2 the time by the time they got to lunch there was no food left).. many of these kids DO in fact eat a breakfast at home and eat AGAIN when they get to school.. no wonder they are FAT…

      1. Paul says:

        How about not give anything to anybody? Tell the kids if they want a meal to grab a broom. If they are hungry they will not only work for it, but will appreciate it.

      2. harry says:

        just another example of feds telling states , citys and towns what they have to do.

      3. Bedford says:

        OK, Paul…Some Black kids may push some brooms….Newt suggeste doing somerthing like that and the Rights/Welfare/Media indsutry called him racist – among other things…Gues that makes you a racist, too….Along with me….Maybe some other people1….

      4. Bedford says:

        ..and scuse the typos….the light here in the basement is really bad…

    3. Cory Kent says:

      That’s a horrible comment. I don’t want to waste the money either, and let’s not give them anything that they won’t eat, but I can’t ever call any human being trash. Even someone who would say such an awful thing.

    4. American Patriot says:

      Says the white trash vermin from hell.

    5. Linda Smithson says:

      Power source: I agree with you> I’ve tried to give them food, they don’t want it. Ive also seen the guy with the “big gash on his leg, going around with his cup for money, then tearing it off and getting into a Ford econoline van and driving off. I will NEVER give money to them again. I will feed them if they eat.

      1. John says:

        Years ago, when the “will work for food” signs first started, I was leaving a strip center where our grocery store was. At the exit was a pathetic looking guy with his sign. I figured I’d help him so I went back to the store, bought a loaf of bread, peanut butter and a jug of water. I stopped, gave it to him. He looked in the bag, threw it back at me and started cussing me.
        They don’t get one dime now.

      2. jqp says:

        If you’ve read one of these responses you’ve read them all. The “I did X for Mr. Y and he didn’t appreciate it so I don’t do X for anyone anymore”.

        Ignorant and small minded pretending to be selfless and generous. If Mr. Y doesn’t appreciate your generosity, and you genuinely want to help those in need, make your donation to someone else…don’t stop altogether and then tell stories about how you tried once and it didn’t work out.

    6. Kim Legier says:

      Amen, JMZ! Couldn’t have written it better myself. So much for these “poor” kids being truly poor. The homeless or those from a third world country would have eaten the meals AND they would not have any options of bringing anything from home or purchasing something on the black market.

      1. James says:

        So, WHITE TRASH FROM HELL? what a great comment (sarcasm). I’m sorry, if LA unified school district has more than 3 white students in it, I’ll eat all the food they throw away. THE majority of those students are Mexican illegals or anchor babies of mexican illegals. THEY are GETTING FREE FOOD. THEIR parents probably get section 8 housing. They probably get other welfare benefits as well.
        IF they are upset at having to eat healthy, perhaps they’d prefer to NOT eat at all and move back to Mexico??? I’m sure the Mexican city where they came from has a school lunch program. (if they don’t have to dodge gun fire or be a mule for drugs)

    7. jsquyres says:

      Well, trash is trash whether on two legs or not. What else can you call them?

    8. ant says:

      But if we do that, jmz, how will the Service Unions get their money to recycle into the Democrat coffers?

      1. Rachel says:

        BINGO! That’s exactly right. They find things for these union drones to stick their nose into to justify these jobs with good salaries and overly generous benefits packages that WE pay for! And when the debt ceiling issue was raised, did Obama threaten having to fire thes euseless drones if we ran out of money? No, he threatened old people’s social security checks and the military pay. What a complete arsehole.

    9. Clearhead56 says:

      Look closely, Dave. You’ll see them frantically manipulating their play stations, and texting each other

    10. david says:

      LA students also roundly reject learning anything and graduating!

    11. JW says:

      And … if they are throwing the food away, they can’t be very hungry. Rich people know that eating less makes your brain work better. Educators may know it too. Government overfeeding is perhaps just part of the “dumb ’em down” policy necessary to maintain an inert, compliant electorate

      1. Walter Burns says:

        Eating less makes your brain work better? You’re dumb enough to have your own Reality TV show.

      2. Scott says:

        Actually, Walter Burns, eating less does make your brain work better as long as you are eating adequately. Overeating, on the other hand, makes your body focus more on digestion than thinking which is something that you obviously need to do more of since JW mentioned “overfeeding” in his comment. You, sir, need to “synthesize” comments better…

    12. Callous Disregard says:

      I have a favorite bum I give $1/day and i let it build to $5 if I don’t see him. I know he is going to buy drugs or booze with it and I fully support that. He dances in the rain with a broken umbrella and does tricks with his hat. I like that. I also like the feeling I get when I give him $5 after not seeing him for a week. Absolutely nothing you do from the window of your car will help a seriously addicted homeless person. Why not bring a smile to their face and give them a dollar. If you give $500 to some charity you can bet at least 250 will be eaten up by overhead, which includes lavish parties filled with the best booze.

      1. Paul G says:

        Sometimes local charities are more efficint.

    13. harry says:

      california is the greatest example of our failed illegal laws. california is the worse of all the states. they are the poorest of all and deeper in debt because they have the welcome mat out. schools,hospitals,prisons,job,wage rates etc etc etc. damn dems and repubs for this continuing destruction of our country.

      1. JS says:

        You have to understand that from within a gated community, where it’s quiet and untouched by dumb strife, it’s very easy to kick back and wax politically correct, believing w/e you want to believe about how the world works.

    14. harry says:

      damn dems and repubs ffor this mess. the only way to stop this is to first a heavy fine for first offense to anyone that hires them. second time-jail… they will deport themselves, all 20 million of them.

    15. GOgogoStopSTOP says:

      A homeless woman in Los Gatos asked for money outside the famous coffee shop there each morning. My gf would give her money… I said one morning, “why don’t you by here food?” She said, “SHE DOESN’T WANT FOOD, SHE WANTS BOOZ, I’M GIVING HER WHAT SHE WANTS!”

      As a recovering misuser & abuser, if someone doesn’t want to bet better there’s no preachin’ or teaching’ that can help.

      When the student doesn’t want to listen, everything the teacher says is STUPID. WHEN THE STUDENT’S WILLING, THE TEACHER’S BRILLIANT!!!

    16. Yirmin says:

      In my day a kid could ride his bike and not worry about being murdered or raped by some sick pervert. Now that the liberal judge make sure those freaks are on the street and not in prison or worm food, a kid couldn’t ride his bike if he wanted to.

    17. Paul G says:

      I agree with much of what you said but one bright spot YOUR kids probably don’t want drugs and probably won’t end up on welfare.

    18. Tom says:

      Below that is the smartest thing I’ve read on here. Thus article smells of half truths and exagerations., written by someone with an agenda. There are politics behind this. No way in hell these kids rather go hungry than eat healthy. Why should we waste our dime to poison these kids with unhealthy food and then have to foot the bill in twenty years when the food options we forced on them catches up to them in a medical sense. I call bs and agree if it they don’t want it then take it away completely.

      1. Emilee says:

        That’s a very good point — if they are throwing this food out, then they AREN’T THAT HUNGRY. So why are we being sold the impression that they’ll starve w/ out tax payers feeding them?!

        Besides, based on what the kids are “willing” to eat, it sounds like they’ll end up malnourished either way.

    19. ST says:

      Tag is banned in a lot of these schools as being competitive, detrimental to self-esteem, and a potential liability for the school if a student gets hurt.

      Lawyers, bureaucrats, and feel-good lefties.

    20. RobertG says:

      And again:


    21. lurkio says:

      Yep you bunch of Gov? dont you mean Mrs Obama know all

    22. don says:

      Where is Newt when we need him.

    23. SARAH says:

      AMEN. (But it will never fly because it is too sensible)

    24. Daisy says:

      Yes, again. Bring junk food, healthy food or no food from home. Feeding able bodied people should not be the business of tax payers, but of the students and their parents.

    25. TGFD says:

      Ever since the hard left and the progressives took-over the schools, more and more money keeps getting spent on school-nutrition programs; however, the kids keep getting fatter and fatter. Now tell me, WhatTheF is wrong with that picture?

    26. Fu Manchu says:

      Reading this thread, I just have to say…

      … you people are gross. I am ashamed to be of the same species as most of you.

      Is it so difficult to discuss an important issue without snarling? Do you not realize how ugly you appear talking this way? Why is it so hard to behave like a rational human being, instead of something that just crawled out of the slime?

      As Nietzsche put it, “Those who would fight with monsters should take care lest THEY become monsters”. What he meant by that is, don’t turn into y’all, who cannot seem to discuss anything on-line without vomiting up your views as disgustingly as possible.

      1. AJ says:

        Would you care to make an actual researched point, or just call people names?

      2. P Campbell says:

        Leftie hand=wringer alert

    27. Jenna says:

      No kidding. Beggars can’t be choosers. What next, personal chefs?

    28. jlou says:

      The response will more likely be that all companies that advertise food on television will have to stop. The government will outlaw the production of chocolate milk and snacks. Then the kids will be indoctrinated. The government will make sure that we all eat what they want us to eat.

      1. KYWoman says:

        Well, if the parents don’t do it, then it’s left to the government to do it. Parents are obviously IGNORING nutritional foods, and feeding the kids junk food. Maybe it’s just as well we DO outlaw sugar and fat-filled foods so we don’t become even more of an obese nation.

    29. Mrs. Vandelay says:

      Suffering from hunger related ailments? Show me ONE student so suffering! If a child is hungry, the food will not be thrown away.

    30. George says:

      Fat fat fat just fat between the ears in Calif.

    31. P Campbell says:

      Amen! Why *take* the food just to throw it in the trash? Ungrateful little twits. Since this is California, I figure the leftist legislation there will dream something up, like tickets for parents whose brats are caught throwing out untouched food.

    32. Bobby says:

      Just goes to show that government “do gooders” have no sense of reality. You can’t force people to do healthy things against their will. Same will happen with Obamacare….mark my words.

      1. Will this this thread from hell never die? It is going on 500 posts and the software unfortunately was not designed to make navigation very effective or convenient.

    33. Oldfart says:

      Schools receive financials benefits from serving school lunches, hence the reason they promote. Not many are familiar with the Erate program which takes the taxes from your phone bill and puts in a big govt slush fund. That fund then allocates the money back to schools for the purchases of capital technology equipment. The award of these funds is based upon the highest percentage of school lunches in a school, indicating the rate of underptivileged or poor kids.

      So lausd will never dump free lunches even though they are getting dumped by the students

    34. allan gehr says:

      i agree . besides whos in charge the kids ? or the adults . obesity is a big prob allready . getting fat from free services food stamps wic meals etc etc etc .

    35. Mad Hacker says:

      Here’s a Weird Idea. If the parent’s cant feed the children mahaps they should stop having them!!

  2. jwilson says:

    Nobody likes a Nanny State do they?

    1. Bibby says:

      No one likes exploding health care costs, child diabetes and fat American’s populating the planet either.

      1. Red Juventud says:

        Then you should leave this Earth as soon as you can, Bibby.

      2. David says:

        No we don’t thats why if your fat or smoke or do drugs or an other type avoidable unhealthy activities should pay higher permiums. Like car insurance. You speed alot / eat alot you pay more. Let for god’s sake some natural selection happen and quit trying to save everyone and maybe we won’t all drown each other..

      3. john says:

        maybe the kids ought to get off their butts and engage in some kind of physical activity…………too many kids sitting indoors playing computer games…..FYI, child diabetes (juvenile diabetes) is not attributed to being fat or to diet

      4. American Patriot says:

        You obviously hate freedom and the American way of life. Being full and uncomfortable is no reason to stop eating. I eat massive quantities of pizza and burgers, even when I am not hungry. I drink massive quantities of beer and soda, even when I am not thirsty. WHY? Because I am a freedom loving American Patriot.

      5. Stpn2me says:

        And obviously no one like the healthy diet either..

      6. GL Lee says:

        Stop voting democrat Bibby and you’ll take care of at least two of your ails… It’s government intrusion into the private sector that’s forcing healthcare costs up, along with the need for tort reform (loser pays court system). It’s also the Fed that took us off the four-food groups and implemented the food pyramid. Why is that relevant you ask? Because the Fed got in the business of schooling, and they implement their indoctrination programs on your kids.

        Now chew well and digest.

      7. Ian McDonald says:

        Well if Americans would kill the socialist programs out there and actually regulate the insurance industry a bit, health care costs would be a non-issue. It not my responsibility to take care of let alone worry about someone else’s snot nosed off spring.

      8. Franksam says:

        American Patriot,
        Just don’t think that I should pay for your health care, and don’t sit next to me on the airplane expecting me to share space with your ‘excess’. Other than that, eat on, fat boy.

    2. Gary 1206 says:

      You are kidding right. Too many folks like a nanny state but only if it doesn’t control them. You think Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t get salt when he goes out?

  3. Mr. Beets says:

    In your face mrs. Mooch

  4. HD Ritscher says:

    Unfortunately, most school cannot afford to leave the School Lunch Program. A large percent of their operating revenue comes from these programs. The real problem is that the Federal government is sticking its nose into areas that it has no constitutional requiremt. This is also the reason that there are so many lobbyists. If the Fed is not invloved, we don’t need people to lobby the government. But the Fed is now into everything. We are no longer the home of the FREE. Either learn to live under a fascist state or stand up for your self and reject that government handout.

  5. Jon Galt says:

    This is a shining micro-example of what happens when idiotic liberal do-gooder nanny state nonsense runs head on into the reality of the real world.
    So perfectly typical of liberalism, all symbolism and no substance.
    Obama is nothing more than the cafeteria lady trying to tell us all where to sit, what to eat, when to stand, etc., this is beautiful.

    So, now can any of you libs tell me how we might expand this example to the real world? Of course not.

    Uh, uh, uh….its bush’s fault
    hope and change…
    Cheney’s evil
    Republicans want to starve children and hurt Mother Earth
    the planet is like, uh, warming dude, that al gore dude did a test or something. yea, its like totally Exxon’s fault…and stuff

    There, I even provided your standard response, your only apparent instinctual response when faced with logic and reason.

    1. Jacob Johnston says:

      Jon Galt you may be the stupidest man to ever access the internet

      1. Bobster says:

        N, that would be you, Jacob Johnston!!!

      2. Chip Tilson says:

        Sorry Jacob,

        The only stupid one here is your pathetic liberal diatribe instead of facing reality.

        You are a part of the problem.

        If you like the food so much, pick it out of the garbage can and eat it.

      3. Red Juventud says:

        Agree, Jacob is the dumbest on the internet(s)

      4. David says:

        Jacob johnson for president of uranus!

      5. Dave Turner says:

        You really don’t help your own case with only a pejorative insult and nothing to offer otherwise.

        If you disagree with Jon Galt, at least have the testicular fortitude to explain why instead of resorting to playground warfare insults. It just makes you look immature.

      6. WhitemoonG says:

        Congratulations, Jacob!! You just further proved one of Ann Coulter’s original theses to be absolutely correct! Namely, liberals challenged with real facts and reality don’t soak it in, and grow intellectually as we all have, but just resort to stupid name calling.

    2. Throw Away says:

      No one said you had the right to free speech! It’s offensive to the oppressed minorities.
      Secure that!

    3. pitter43 says:

      Hit the nail right on the head Jon. Liberal programs ALWAYS make things worse that they were to start with, nothing good ever comes from liberals.

      1. American Patriot says:

        Or your mother’s vagina.

      2. PabloKoh says:

        Not liberal but GOVERNMENT

    4. Kathy Cordo says:

      Love your comment Jon. In addition, Curry is an acquired taste, no wonder they’re throwing it out. Quinoa is another fad food – I’m surprised they are not making the poor kids eat arugula. Who came up with this menu – I’m a scratch cook and baker who wouldn’t consider trying to feed kids this stuff.

      1. Red Juventud says:

        This menu wasn’t planned by Moochelle. She actually went to Paula Dean’s show and almost ate her out of house and trailer. So, as a role model, Ms. Badonkadonk New Messiah will prolly be the next to admmit to having “sugar”.

      2. jmz says:

        Its not that they dont like it thats the issue believe that these kids were going hungry. instead they just spend the money on other things. let their parents make lunch for them and cut out the free lunch program all together. if they are starving as the libs want us to believe then they should eat whats put in front of them. but this is just another reason to stop it, as the govt uses it as control, seriously how can you have fat starving picky eating kids? lets just kill the whole program. to heck with educating their palets. lil brats cant add 2+2 or speak ‘engrish good’ and we are worrying about their ‘palet development’

    5. AL in LA says:

      Libs just don’t get it. In this case Atlas didn’t shrug….LAUSD Shrugged.

    6. bulldog says:

      Typical response from a right wing Republican. You should have spend time watching the TV program. Spending too much watching Fox

    7. Em Spearing says:

      Who ARE you?

  6. Ben says:

    Another Nanny State program goes awry. It is time to stop trying to legislate peoples’ health.

    1. Ian McDonald says:

      It’s time to stop legislating peoples lives period.

    2. Who Cares says:

      It won’t ever stop Ben. It’s all about control and power.

      We know what best for you and you will do as we say. However don’t ask why it not the same for us because we are the elite and you just wouldn’t understand.

  7. Cathleen James says:

    This article is proof that we do not *need* to have government sponsored meal programs for students. The can afford to bring food from home or buy it on their own.

    1. james pog says:

      Well, if you want to be technical, they did say that people were SKIPPING lunch and going hungry.

      1. Jumping J says:

        If they are skipping lunch… they aren’t that hungry.

      2. phil says:

        Kids in America skipping lunch and going hungry? HA! You want to see hunger? Travel to India. These kids may skip lunch, but they drive to homes with a computer in the house, satellite dish on the roof, and get government meal money every month! These homes have more disposable income than most middle class families in America.

      3. Fu Manchu says:

        @Jumpin J you obviously have never had a child. They do not eat what they do not like, even if they ARE hungry.

      4. Focis says:

        Spoiled kids don’t eat what’s good for them. Well-raised ones do, those with parents who care about their health. One of America’s many problems is that many parents don’t care about their kids enough. I raised four kids as a single parent, tough times, but they all grew up eating and living healthy, and they’ll teach their kids the same. I’m sorry for all the kids whose parents just don’t care.

    2. Kim Legier says:

      Yay, Cathleen!

  8. Ray Marshall says:

    If they have enough money to purchase junk food, why do they qualify for free lunches?

    1. Fu Manchu says:

      Where did it say the lunches were free?

      1. Robert Yeip says:

        Uhh, the entire article was about the FREE LUNCH PROGRAM at LAUSD. Did you read the article, or just commented on the headline?

  9. btn says:

    I applaud the entrepreneureal spirit of the students who see an opportunity to profit from absurd government policy. It is indeed a “Black Market” akin to those created by prohibition of alcohol (which gave the Kennedy’s their initial capitol) and that of drugs. I expect soon the jack booted thugs of government will soon have to crack down on these “Nutrition Terrorists.”

    The free market always finds a way in a free state and turns into a Black Market in opressive states…

  10. chris says:

    kid’s don’t like rabbit food.

  11. MissKitty says:

    If they are throwing it away they are probably not paying for it and they are certanally not hungry. So as one here has already proposed, let’s do away with the free lunch program. Mom can git off her lazy butt and fix her child a lunch.

    1. Phil Ridge says:

      No, their parents are paying for it. It didn’t say it was the “free lunch” menu… this was the menu for all students. I don’t know if you have kids, but if a kid doesn’t like something, they won’t eat it… hungry or not, free or not. Most parents with kids in school pay for the lunches. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that nothing in life is free?

      1. Focis says:

        If you don’t love your kids enough to teach them healthy eating habits, they will live on junk food.

      2. Kim Legier says:

        The vast majority of students in LAUSD are on the free lunch program. It is highly unlikely that the children who pay out of pocket were the only students who were offered this new menu. I hold firm to my original post, these children cannot be that “poor” if they have the option to bring something from home, purchase something from the black market and or elect to go hungry. I am hard pressed to believe that a starving person from a third world country who is truly “poor” would throw away food because they did not like the way it tasted.

      3. Timony says:

        Why on earth would you buy a lunch with money you can use to buy black market candy, and then throw it away? I do not believe the kids are buying their lunches and throwing them away. When I was in school, there was only one kind of lunch that got thrown away – the free ones.

  12. Jeff Nolan says:

    A lot of these menu items would be much more flavorful, and accepted, if dietary guidelines were revisited on one specific ingredient. Salt.

    1. John McElroy says:

      Oh my God! SALT, go wash your mouth.

    2. Rachel says:

      Salt is banned…just like safe lightbulbs are banned. Thank you Big Brother…how would we survive without your wise guidance and heavy-handed rules??

  13. James Moore says:

    Schools should stop serving lunch altogether and students should bring meals from home. “But what about the poor kids? (sobs, wailing).” They will be fatter than ever before thanks to the EBT program that advertises in certain cities seeking recruits. Ahem.

  14. pfl says:

    Hmm… the Dogs wont eat the dogfood.

  15. Dave S says:

    We have no business feeding the students. Brown bag it kiddos, we aren’t your parents.

  16. Mark in Sandy Eggo says:

    So, you say there were kids that were part of the research group? I just bet the kids that volunteered to be part of this were disproportionally the kinds of kids that would eat this kind of stuff. However, that is not representative of all the kids, including ones that like their pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. I am sure the do-gooders thought if the kids only had healthy choices, then they would eat them rather than go hungry. What they are finding is the kids through the (expensive) food away, don’t eat, and I am sure they are falling asleep in the afternoon due to low blood suger.

    Way to go LAUSD

  17. Barry O. says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

  18. FAB says:

    What moron went with grown up healthy food like pad thai or quinoa!?!? Quinoa is freaking expensive! There are plenty of ways to make kid friendly food healthy. Turkey burgers, vegetarian chili, baked chicken tenders, flatbread pizza, substituting brown rice…I could go on. The way to make kids eat healthier (and I don’t buy that they all needed to go full healthy) is by tricking them into eating healthy food disguised as stuff they liked. Did they get a single parents input here? What 2nd grader likes quinoa the first time?

    1. jbspry says:

      What the *#@% is quinoa anyway? Sounds like a deviant sexual practice.

    2. Focis says:

      You need to introduce it to them gradually. Worked for me.

    3. David Blake Jones says:

      I love quinoa with olive oil and spices. Eat it with salmon and chicken and veggies drizzled with olive oil. Or put almond butter and maple syrup and apples on it for bfast. Delicious! and so healthy!

  19. denver bill says:

    “PSSST, dude …. I got some fresh Chilean dog. First one’s free, and I got a great deal if you want quantity.”

  20. Anna says:

    Does Michelle Obama know about this? She needs to dispatch the food police immediately and force these students to comply with the program.

    1. Dwight Lee says:

      Don’t laugh folks, especially if you have children. It is not difficult to imagine a future in which students are detained after school to attend mandatory “nutrition re-education” programs if they are caught possessing or selling non-compliant food or beverages at school. This is the kind of world Americans voted for in 2008, whether they knew it or not, so they had better learn to eat their quinoa and like it.

  21. Mari says:

    The heartening thing here is proof that free enterprise (even if it’s underground) is alive and well with this generation.

  22. Karen says:

    I used to bring home made applesauce raison cake in my lunch (made with whole wheat my mom ground and honey) and warm milk in a glass mason jar. I hated it then…. but……, I ate it because I WAS HUNGRY! Those kids are not hungry or they would eat the food and be happy about it. Apparently they have enough to buy the junk so, do away with the government handouts and let them bring from home or keep buying at their black market!!

    1. Phil Ridge says:

      no, you ate it because that was what you had to eat at home, too. If you were eating pizza and burgers at home and the school served home made applesauce raisin cake and warm milk, you’d have pushed it away like every other kid. But I agree… let them bring from home…. problem is, these days, most schools won’t allow it.

      1. triplets says:

        The schools are monitoring ever bit of food that each kid eats and it is sent to the
        government. The only way around it now is to bring lunch from home. My kids
        all grew up to be healthy adults, they loved peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches.

      2. Daisy says:

        Phil Ridge, Karen knows why she ate what she ate. You don’t.

  23. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    why not just imprison the kids and force feed them all the healthy cardboard byproducts their little livers can stand. Government always knows best.

  24. phil says:

    Best suggestion yet! Children: The school lunch program that you have been provided, is a classic example of Progressive, elitist, left-leaning, void of reality thinking that is always of good intent…but void on logic, substance…and thus of value. This lunch is endemic of a larger problem in society that has affected your public school system and government functions across your country.You are the future! Want real change? Never vote Progressive! Now grab a slice of Pizza Hut, throw this rabbit food in the trash, and gather around the radio for advanced Conservative Studies. Your Instructor is…Rush Limbaugh.

    1. Red Juventud says:

      Finally an effective teacher in a public school…Rush

    2. GL Lee says:

      I’ll second that phil!

    3. AL in LA says:

      Unfortunately, the brilliant minds that put forth this new “healthy eating plan” are the same geniuses who are putting together our new Obamacare guidelines. But unlike the kids at LAUSD, we won’t have any choice but to participate or die of our ailments.

    4. whattim says:

      you mean the fat, druggie Rush Limbaugh?

    5. GL Lee says:


      Not to be confused with that fat druggie disbarred rapist Bill Clinton.

      Anyone wondering why Barry O’s cocaine problems haven’t been front page news? Or how about his Connecticut social security card?

    6. GL Lee says:

      …matter of fact, where are Barry O’s ex-girlfriends? How about his transcripts from any of the universities he’s supposedly graduated from? How about a single student that he taught when he was a professor?

      WHERE IS BARRY O’S PAST???????

    7. American Patriot says:

      A drug addicted pedophile? Whatever floats your boat.

    8. Dave says:

      Rush has more common sense in his index finger than these Nanny state socialists running California do in their whole bodies.

      Stop the waste, stop trying to fix every social problem with more and more inefficient and wasteful government

      NOTE TO CALIFORNIA… you are broke, out of money and way in the RED
      stop wasting taxpayer money…

      ooops, I forgot, sorry! all you need to do is raise taxes AGAIN

    9. drew says:

      NEVER for a moment believe a lib so called progressive has good intent. this kind of stuff is set forth in order for the government to own and control you. if they throw money in programs then they expect the upper hand in decision making. democrat party…the caring party? a bunch of BS!

  25. Mike Astech says:

    Californians are such morons. From one extreme (fatty burgers with greasy fries), to another, (brown rice cutlets??????). Let the little brats bring their own food, stop the school buses and let ’em walk.

    1. Kim Legier says:

      Right on, Mike!

  26. Kelly says:

    If the food was any good kids would be eating it. This food must be garbage.

    1. oracle2world says:

      Best comment from Kelly.

  27. Dale says:

    So much for the “they don’t eat healthy food because it’s not available to them” argument that’s used to explain why so many kids in the inner city are fat..

  28. kittyhawke says:

    Don’t forget it was Michelle Obama who pushed this stuff through. Liberals know what’s best for everybody!! Of course capitalism has taken over and the black market has sprung up. Hilarious.

  29. Asides says:

    With a menu like that it’s no wonder. This sort of food sends a message that eating healthy = disgusting “health” food that may as well be cardboard. It comes from the “make food misery so it wont be a temptation for me and my fat ass” line of thinking.

    It’s perfectly possible to have delicious food that’s healthy and geared towards children’s specific dietary needs. The issue isn’t trying to turn students into vegetarians (one of the least healthy lifestyle choices you can make, especially for growing adults), it’s puritanical. Instead how about, you know, that taboo in modern schools “education”, the issue is less what they eat in schools and more what they eat out of the school or bring in. What they eat in school is merely lacking the basics of portion control and a little balance, they can still have the same stuff just not in supersized portions and they need to chop and change it up a bit and make some healthier food that a kid would actually want to eat instead of it being a punishment. You want children to eat better then educate their palettes as a part of their school lives (as they do in France), and don’t expect them to like the same tastes and textures that you guilt trip yourself into “liking”, kids are brutal because they’re honest.

  30. jr says:

    I can’t think of a better way to illustrate the dynamic between a nanny state that wants to tell everybody how to live and a free people that wants to decide for themselves how to run their lives.

    When the two sides collide, there are only two possible resolutions:: a) let people have their freedom to decide what they want to do with their lives, or b) have the government FORCE them to live the way IT wants them to.

    Which kind of society would you rather live in? Are you voting accordingly?

    1. Focis says:

      I’d like to live in one where everybody cared about children more than about spouting political phrases. If you don’t care about kids, why not just be quiet and let people who do, figure out some reasonable course to follow.

      1. jr says:

        If you think it’s “hurting kids” to oppose what the school did in this scenario, you’re not a conservative. Don’t lie to yourself or anybody else.

      2. Focis says:

        People who put their political posturing above children’s health are not conservatives, they are impostors. Opposing a program because it upsets you politically is the mark of a crackpot. Opposing a program because it doesn’t do the job as well as it should is fine. Just don’t make kids the victims of your political ideology. Adapt to whatever works.

      3. AJ says:

        “Car[ing] about children” is the biggest political phrase of all. It’s what every liberal trots out when the want more money and more control. Want a dollar a pack tax on cigarettes? We need it for the little children! You’re against a school tax that benefits fat cat administrators? You’re against children!

        Somehow, all of the generations prior to ours managed to take care of their children in all the ways the government is doing now. What changed?

        If we’re going to have ANY mandates from the government, it would be to encourage the self-made rich to start breeding. The reason these kids are fat failures who drop out of school is because their parents don’t care about their weight or their future, because they never had one either… just an endless stream of victimhood and waiting for politicians to come in and pay for their lifestyle.

      4. Paul G says:

        There is a difference between using children versus caring about them.

    2. jr says:

      LOL, you’re the typical lefty. If I oppose the government telling my kid how to eat, I hate kids. How about you leave it to me to tell my kids how to eat, I don’t need some idiot bureaucrat doing it for me.

      1. Focis says:

        Wrong on all counts. I’ve been a conservative voter all my life. But you aren’t a real conservative, because they care about others. You shouldn’t have to have the government tell you how to feed your kids, unless you’re somebody who doesn’t care enough to do it yourself. But treating children badly is something everybody should care about. You don’t have the right to hurt other people, even if they are your own kids. You don’t have the right to hurt your kids. Got it? As long as you treat them well, you should be left alone.

  31. Jason Ambrosino says:

    So the students are throwing out perfectly good food with many going hungry or malnourished? So thousands have dis enrolled from the FREE FOOD program? If these kids and their parents are not happy to receive a free lunch and tell their kids to choke it down or deal with it….well I cant say I feel that bad for them.

  32. laffin'atcha says:

    Just wonder how long until the do-gooders make it a felony to sell food on campus?

    1. Dave Turner says:

      That’s the same thing I was thinking. How soon before the school makes it a punishable offense to either have or sell unauthorized food on campus?

      And when that fails, they’ll have to get the city council to rezone schools to be junk food free districts.

  33. Gavin Snyder says:

    Let’s face it, folks. These kids would prefer to eat what Michelle Obama is eating.

    1. Ruckus says:

      Right Gavin–like the $108 Steak for Her Birthday. Michele loves Steak and Lobster she says. but wants to give these kids rabbit food , curry and mexican food. Are they CRAZY. All liberals are Do as I say do, not as I do ! If the food taste like c–p , people aren’t gonna eat it. Period

      1. Focis says:

        Billions of people eat salads, curry, mexican food, including billions of kids. If you don’t like it, that’s a problem with you, not with the food.

      2. AJ says:

        Mexican food… or as they call it at LAUSD… “food”.

  34. James Andrews says:

    The kids on free lunch wont even eat the stuff so now the school is losing the money that comes from feeding them. You know the healthy alternatives will disappear when it comes to a school losing money

  35. Itsthe Lawyersstupid says:

    free anything just does not work. discount each food item by 80% – 90%, but don’t give it away for free. all this money spent is winding up in the garbage can as kids will fill their tray, then dump all the stuff the refuse to eat. educators are supposed to have brains, plus they are supposed to care. and they don’t have brains or care about you or your kids or your money.

  36. Mary Wright says:

    wow. The kids got to design their own food program in the mix? Wrong on so many levels….Look, ya feed kids what makes reasonable economic and nutritional sense, they don’t like it, they bring a bag lunch. Anyone caught throowing food away pays for it or their parents pay for it. We are ruining generation sto come.

  37. bobozr says:

    Does the word DUH mean anything to you?

  38. James Jordan says:

    Why am I not surprised, you can’t force people, (especially High School kid’s) to eat healthy, they’ll look you dead in the eye and tell you to go hell – bean sprouts be damned…!

    Another failed Liberal idea…!

  39. jbspry says:

    “Participation in the school lunch program has dropped by thousands of students, who are ditching lunch and are suffering from hunger-related ailments.”
    In the vernacular of the aforementioned students “OMG!!!”
    A little grumbling in the tummy is now a “hunger related ailment”. You a**holes will stop at nothing to paint a dire picture of schoolchildren in desperate need of government interventions. Teenagers have been notorious for their whack eating habits since the dawn of time. Go out and find some real news!

  40. Obamaisevil says:

    Liberals have good intentions. Thats all that matters

  41. biffula says:

    This is very reminiscent of old communist Russia. The government tried to dictate what the public should consume and a thriving black market developed. There you go intellectually lazy libs. There’s your central planning for ya.

  42. Tray says:

    So feeding the kids “Socialist Food” didn’t work out. What a sruprise.

  43. JDubs in Miami says:

    I used to have the previous night’s leftovers as my school lunch growing up. I used to actually carry a cooler with me to school, alongside the respective tupperware and my choice of beverage.

    How did I turn out? Today, I’m a CPA.

    My point is, school districts should only worry about educating kids and not worry about all the other nonsense that is going on in schools. Perhaps the education quality will improve.

  44. Megamimi says:

    Look to the nutrition pie, or pyramid or whatever it is now, and have the dieticians at the school system devise menus from the apportioned nutritional groups, drawing from foods that the average person in the school district eats. Hamburgers can be made with a combination of vegetable protein and low fat beef, pizza can be heavy on lower fat toppings while lighter on the cheese, potatoes can be oven baked waffle fries, etc. Why spend untold dollars on foods that are not familiar to the child consumer most of whom are leery of new food anyway? But the whole thing makes me remember my school lunches which were filling, usually tasty, and without any choices except to eat or not to eat. A main dish, a couple of veggies, a piece of bread, milk or water, a cookie and available for the taking, fruit. For five cents you could buy the biggest dill pickle ever….pucker power through recess for a nickel!

  45. Ron says:

    Just as you can lead a horse to water, you can’t Make him drink, so you cangive the kids a meal you feel is healthy, but you can’t make them eat. Children are free spirits, even when we feed them prozak . When I was a kid, we had recess. climbed stairs, we burned the energy off, and when it came time to eat, we would have eaten not just the rabbit food but the rabbit. As a teen I had two icecream sandwhiches every day for three years because I didn’t like being in the lunch room. Friends said I would become a dibetic. Never happened . Kids will eat if hungry and have achance to exercise on their own.

  46. Dee Lehr says:


    Over here…

    I’ve got Twinkies…

  47. Htos1 says:

    Well,if you grew up on mcburgers,you constanly crave sugar and salt,in the bun.Potato chips-sugar and salt,coke-sugar and salt,Caramel popcorn-sugar and salt,you get the idea.
    You have to consciously deprogramm yourself.I didn’t suffer in the 60’s with that as it was strictly forbidden,in our family,to have any fast foods.I never got to try any original healthy versions of fast foods.
    But knowing a couple of chefs,who were big in the 80’s,had an eye openung presentation.

    1. Lex Icon says:

      “…openung [sic] presentation…”

      Openung presentations violate indecency laws in most states…

  48. Leah says:

    Wow. Just…… wow. Really?

    1. Paul says:

      Awesome reply. You managed to mask your ignorance by feigning a loss for words.You used well-overused cliches. You fail to miss a greater point because your teeeeeny weeeeeny brain canonly use knee-jerk reactions. I bet I can guess who your most favoritest President is in da ho’ wide worl.

    2. GL Lee says:

      Why not Leah? Too much of a real-life lesson for the skulls of mush?

      Maybe you’re young, but life has winners and losers… the haves and the have-nots… you cannot erase it with a utopia. America is the best place to live in the world because of it’s recognition of the sovereign individual and the opportunity laid out by our Founding Fathers. Love it or leave it.

  49. raul says:

    have you ever tasted the food? awful, but the breakfast is decent

  50. Knightflyer says:

    Just one more Goverment failure.Sorry Mrs.Obongo.We aint listening to your phoney B.S.

  51. Steven Moshlak says:

    Back in the ’70’s, we had band, sports and other extracurricular activities, some of which has been curtailed or eliminated. LAUSD of the Free Lunch progam, amounted to 5-7% of the student population.

    In 2011, the LAUSD proudly reports that over 85% of the LAUSD student population, participates in the Free School Breakfast and Lunch Program.

    Okay, here’s the menu plan for moochers. Provide a bowl of cereal, with milk in the morning, and rotate PBJ, baloney, grilled cheese, and egg salad, with fish sticks on Friday. As a side dish, canned green beans, peas and carrots, with a carton of milk.

    Them’s the basics. if a student tosses his/her lunch, throw them off the program.

    If these moochers want to eat like they are at the Westin Bonaventure, let them work for it or have their parents pay for it.

  52. BikerBen says:

    No problem…Obama and his gestapo will simply make it illegal for children to eat anything that hasn’t been provided to them by the government.

  53. AL in LA says:

    As my great grandfather told all 14 of his children, “Donde hay mucha hambre, no hay mal pan”, which means, “Where there is great hunger, there is no bad bread”.

  54. BDDD says:

    It’s insane/BANKRUPT Kali! Who cares!

  55. tdrag says:

    This just shows that there is hope for the American people. Just like Solyndra, the Volt and hundreds of other Obama boondoggles this is coming apart at the seams. The final collapse will be in November 2012.

  56. Bob Boberson says:

    Let the Hunger Games begin!

  57. truther says:

    since when have we cared at all what children think we are adults they can’t make informed decisions on their own MAKE THEM EAT IT.

  58. Joe Bidenn says:

    It is Impossible to count all the liberal freedom stealing failures. Just impossible.

  59. elevenhundred says:

    I really don’t care what they eat because no one cared what any of us ate when we were in school. However why does healthy have to mean vegetarian hamster food? Quinoa is expensive.. You can find an inexpensive way to do it!

    Why can’t the school district find somewhere between fried chicken and the absurdly health conscious? Maybe a nice baked chicken flavored with salsa. That’s practically free and adds almost no flavoring calories.

  60. hhh says:

    nice try mooshell O…lololol

  61. Stephanie Endy Lodde says:

    I have visited my children at lunch at their school in Georgia and they eat the typical kid foods ie hot dogs, pizza, and they do have a healthier main choice. From my observation, the kids throw a lot of food away anyway. Face it, its cafeteria food regardless if it is healthy or not.

  62. Ian McDonald says:

    This is a prime example of what happens when you legislate stupid. Black markets will spring up. Sure it’s in school with children… but the same it true in the adult world as well. When are the hippie socialist liberals going to understand that you cannot legislate how a person chooses to live?

    As noted by someone else here… if you live an unhealthy life style then you pay the premiums on your insurance. If you don’t, you reap the savings.

  63. FAH says:

    Sounds like the freemarkets at work.

  64. Rick H. says:

    The point never was to actually have the kids eat the stuff. The point was for liberals to feel good about “doing something”.

    When have liberals EVER cared about practical results?

    1. oracle2world says:

      True true. Anyone bother to test out any lunches before they entered the main cafeterias? No, because as Rick H. points out, feeding kids was never the main point of the exercise.

  65. Zip21 says:

    The money should be spent on helping the families at home, and new economic programs. Let kids pay for lunch like , kids have been doing since the 60’s.
    The problems go way deeper because of our current economic shape, but there has to be better solutions, then having lunches thrown away daily.


  66. Throw that food at em says:

    Invite the politicians who started the lunch policy into the kids’ cafeteria. Invite the kids to throw the so called food at them… Fun for the kids, Good use of the food… Appropriate treatment of the government goons who just couldn’t leave well enough alone in the first place.

  67. j.v. says:

    Oh…all that is needed is more gummint regulation. Slap fines on the companies that are making the “black market” food, and take those fines and fund the “healthy food” with it. Wow…it’s easy to think like the gummint. All you have to do is engage in stupid, circular thinking.

  68. yossarian says:

    The nanny state meets resistance. Good show students, we are not all sheep yet.

  69. Ann says:

    I was reading about a some German school teachers who, decades ago, came to the USA to tour some schools to see how they operated. They were the most impressed with a rural school in a poor area where all the students pitched in and helped maintain the school, from janitorial work on up. They said it seemed like a big family where everyone was proud of the school and proud of themselves. The education they were getting was also topnotch, and they studied and tried hard to achieve. Today, it’s all handouts and no student does anything for the school.

  70. Diego Roswell says:

    Americans can always rely on their youth to stick it to the Man and find a way to get what they want. Teens know how to get what they want and hate being told what to do. They resent authority, especially authority that oversteps its bounds. For the government to mandate what a person eats is preposterous. I know it, you know it, and the American people know it. Good job kids, keep it up. You may have started a cottage industry and a new black market. You may even create some jobs which is more than can be said for the knuckleheads that regulate what you eat.

  71. Skep41 says:

    I love it. Another failed ‘educational reform’. The overeducated geniuses running the LAUSD even flunk lunch! They should have a school bus full of hundred dollar bills to represent the money wasted on the education of the clueless bureaucratic dolts who thought this was a good idea. Those effete, lavishly-paid policymakers buy their food at Whole Foods so in a burst of altruism they tried to enlighten the carb, sugar and fat-loving herd. A No Go. You can lead a gangsta to cuisine but you cant make him eat it.

  72. Render says:

    Perhaps the students know that Jamie Oliver’s high carbohydrate menus are not significantly different, from a health and obesity perspective, than the so-called junk food they ate previously.

  73. john says:

    Well..this is not going to sit well with Moose. It will be mandated that tsa come in to the schools, hold the kids down and force feed them the healthy stuff.
    How dare they exercise free will and not eat what the govt. gives them.

    1. RS says:

      Who is Moose, John?

      1. bite says:

        Probably that big ol’ thick slab o’ hypocrisy Michelle Obama. Why do you ask?

  74. bcg says:

    These pigs need to start making the right dietary decisions NOW….not when they hit 300 lbs.

    1. John "Ratty" Arbuckle says:

      Let’s force them at gunpoint!

      You fascist idiot.

    2. whoa says:

      Wow. The children are pigs?

      …are you Alec Baldwin?

  75. hkinsey3 says:

    I have a great idea…anyone remember “commodities”? Before the gov’t gave poor people foodstamps to buy better food than us working people can afford needy people received USDA donated canned food, meat, rice, potatos, flour, butter, dry milk etc etc…oh yes don’t forget the cheese…but my point is…let’s go back to that…why should people on the dole eat better than the people that have to pay for the dole?

  76. Fedup says:

    OK, what are hunger related ailments???? They decide to throw the food away and I am supposed to feel sad for them?
    If the parents pay for their own food and the child throws it away that is nobodies business but if the kids eat on my dime then it’s my business and I say get rid of the food program if they don’t want it.

  77. Daniel Morgan says:

    Gosh, we spend billions every year to educate kids and make them good citizens, in the end, government resorts to the truncheon and a hobnail boot to the head to try and force them to make good decisions.

    Sounds like public education is a big, fat failure.

  78. Sarah_1 says:

    Obviously, the people who came up with this stupid plan never had any children. Any parent will tell you that kids won’t eat what they are told just because its good for them!

    1. Todd says:

      So what, these kids don’t wanna eat what healthy, let them skip lunch. They will eat it once they get hungry enough.

  79. todd says:

    That’s fine by me. These punk kids who think they know what’s good for them. They don’t wanna eat something healthy and skip lunch, let them. It’s way over due for any school to have a healthier menu.

  80. Rich Lehmann says:

    With all the food stamps going out you’d think every kid would be able to bring their own peanut butter & jelly. Or have the liberals banned peanut butter to respect the comfort of the 1% that are allergic?

  81. Joshua Thuma says:

    This just makes me despise the First Lady even more!

  82. Dave says:

    You must be in dream world.. if you don’t think this is about big government can cure all ills Democrat politics… you are OUT OF TOUCH

  83. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    They are only going to create a prohibition for junk food and we all know how successful the liquor prohibition was.

  84. stinkers says:

    I am so happy to hear that the liberal’s ridiculous hyperventilating over the children resulted in a school lunch program that had children throwing my tax dollars into the trashcan. They sure do love throwing my money away! Bless their little hearts. I do wish they’d at least wipe with it so it didn’t go to complete waste.

    1. Rachel says:

      LOL…Amen to that.

  85. James Woods says:

    The same government that regulates tobacco and alcohol is worried about our childrens eating habits?

    Well that’s good to hear.

    Imagine how healthy of a society we’d have without alcohol and tobacco.

    What’s a matter; too much money from the tobacco and alcohol lobby’s?

    1. Rachel says:

      The same idiots that want to control what your children eat, also want to give them birth control, abortions without your permission, and want to legalize drugs. See the complete lack of sanity here? These people are not only a complete waste of taxdollars…they are a complete waste of AIR.

  86. RS says:

    but then again Joshua, you didn’t like black people anyway!!

    1. wow says:

      You are clairvoyant?

  87. therealmac says:

    I hope you all remember the vitriol that you spew today when the children you are talking about are in charge of making sure you are cared for in the near future. It’s no wonder the Millennials are practically nihilists, why should they care; they are living by your example.

    1. whatever says:

      Don’t worry. As long as you liberals are educating them, none of them will be qualified to work as caretakers of anything.

      1. therealmac says:

        And you identified that as liberal because of what exactly?

      2. whatever says:

        The concern over the children’s feelings instead of the stupid reality of the situation and the wish that the children will kill all us haters one day.

  88. george says:

    Kids don’t like the meals? Therefore, simply allow the kids to bring their lunches from home (not a bad idea in the first place)? I believe the liberals’ end-around to this commonsensical idea is to disallow students from bringing food from home. Eat what we say AND what we give you — nothing more. Michelle herself has announced that parents don’t know squat about how and what to feed their own offspring. It takes a village, and parents aren’t part of it.

  89. Stephen V. Dash says:

    Let’s take this from another direction.

    From my earliest days growing up in Chicago, Illinois, USA, I learned that throwing good food away was a sin.

    Having said that, perhaps 1 or 2 Creative Minds in the LAUSD can ensure the intended end-result of this Program. Mandatory Phys-Ed with mandatory Height/Weight Standards. Enforced. I ain’t gonna tell you how. Impress me with how you’ll do the first part of my suggestion.

    I live in Hawaii, and I’m healthy.


    1. Carlo says:

      Height/weight standards alone are another idiotic, inconclusive, pseudo-analytical method that is meaningless — another contrivance from shortsighted control-freaks who think they know what’s best and in reality know very little.

      Going by the “height/weight” charts, an NFL linebacker or an NBA forward is well into “morbidly obese” territory.


    2. Rachel says:

      Don’t you GET IT? There ARE no creative minds in the LAUSD or anywhere else in Government. They are pencil-pushing nanny-statist control freaks and drones without a clue who think they know better than you do what’s good for you and your children. They need to be fired as the total waste of taxdollars they are. Only SMALL GOVERNMENT is good government.

    3. publicola says:

      Stephen, Time for some reading. F.A. Hayek’s The Pretense of Knowledge.
      When it comes to freedom of choice and our interaction in a free society, no man or group of bureaucrats is wise enough, ethical enough, or knowledgeable enough to make decision for us.

  90. SueWilson says:

    I wonder how “healthy” these meals really are. Bet they’re full of GMOs.

  91. Jolly Imam says:

    Holy Shiite, CAPITALISM RULES!

    1. Rachel says:

      No matter how hard Obama and his Marxist Mafia try to destroy Capitalism, the human spirit wants it to thrive.

  92. Carlo says:

    There’s nothing more farcically ass-backward and demented than sissified s#!t-eating brainwashed liberals and their “bright ideas.” I mean, how friggin stupid can you libs get? Honestly now, it’s history in the making, how effing moronic — and at the same time complacent — you liberals have become ….

  93. Max17 says:

    Back in the 70’s the cafeteria trash barrels were filled with carrot-raisin salad or three pea salad. Forty years later, liberal food police are still wasting our money on their stupidity. It’s what liberals do. No surprise here.

  94. Matthew Delsignore says:

    prohibition doesnt work

  95. IGetItAlready says:

    Rush Limbaugh reported this 3 weeks ago meaning it was likely originally reported by someone else a month ago…

  96. Jean says:

    As anyone who has ever tried to kick a fast food habit knows, nothing else seems to have any flavor until you’ve been off the salt and fat for about a week.
    Healthy or fat kids would rather starve than eat foods with no flavor, especially foods with which they are unfamiliar. I’ll bet LAUSD didn’t have kids who live on junk food and fast food on their panel of taste testers. Bake the chicken nuggets, keep the pizza and burgers, just SHRINK the PORTIONS.

  97. Louis Emery says:

    It is irrelevant to the health of kids what they choose for one meal of the day, As long as there are calories, then it should be ok,
    Let’s make running a school cheaper and easier please.

  98. PAUL G says:

    A few observations:
    Hungry people do not throw away food.
    Real hunger/starvation mostly only exists in Communist/Marxist nations like North Korea and the African Nations.
    The biggest health problem in America is obesity.
    I would rather have my children eat the meals described than cheap hot dogs made of chicken brains and other cheap fillers.
    These meals are “free” for the students because either the government or their parents are paying for them and when people get something for free they usually value it less.

  99. howdie doody says:

    it’s all Bush’s fault.

  100. wick10. says:

    Tell Michelle and the problem will be solved!

    1. Chairman of the Bored says:

      Where da ribs?

  101. Clearhead says:

    Whatsa matter Moochelle? Them little robots not obeying your commands? Don’t they understand that your culinary counsel and taste directives are supreme? How dare they infer ….”I like something better than this” They should all be flogged until their taste buds reset to your specifications. And whatever you do, don’t allow them pesky parents to have any say in this matter. Let them all cling to their guns and Bibles. Oh wait. Just their Bibles. Most ofl their guns are now in Mexico.

  102. Danny Vice says:

    I don’t fault liberals with trying to put together a school menu that’s healthier. The problem begins when liberals take things to extremes, as they always do.

    My God, what ever possessed them to think 16 year old kids would ever eat quinoa salad and rabbit food curries? Give me a friggen break. Liberals, please grow a brain and stop wasting billions and billions on stupid nonsense.

    If Applebees can put together an under 500 calorie dinner menu that actually tastes pretty good, these school districts surely can figure out how to offer a decent lunch that most kids will eat (not all, but most).

    How about offering low-sugar juice along with milk? Lean beef burgers or even veggie burgers (those aren’t half bad actually). And there are a lot of things teens eat that are actually pretty healthy.

    The problem with liberal thinking is that they don’t create a menu based on foods people want to eat – they design a menu that adheres to what a 54 year old biology professor on a diet might eat.

    They skip any kind of case study because they aren’t interested in what you think. They are only interested in what THEY think is good.

    Before investing a few million dollars into any program, why wouldn’t they pick one or two schools to conduct case studies to see if they could strike a balance between good health and flavorful food?

    The answer? Liberals as always are control freaks set on their own ignorant agenda – the world be dam.ned. And that’s why you can always rely on a liberal to waste billions and billions of dollars on something that ultimately fails.

  103. Liby Snow says:

    I worked in a very diverse school district and noticed that kids like;

    -Pick-up-Stix (Teri Chicken & Rice)
    -Cheese Pizza
    -Bean Burritos w/ Nachos
    -Cheese Melts
    -Hamburgers w/ French Fries
    -Hot Cheetos
    -Chocolate Milk
    -Energy Drinks
    -Snow Cones ( Flavored Ice Cups)

    Otherwise, forget it – especially the salad bar. I watched cafe workers throw away buckets and buckets of salad bar fixings every day – sorry.

  104. BGW says:

    I am part of that “underground market”. The students would prefer to spend their money on food they will enjoy than get free food they hate. The money I make from the students helps fund supplies for my classroom. Win/Win.

    1. TIMERUNNERSC says:

      right on!
      Love that free market working out for you.

  105. Danny Vice says:

    Mark, what you’re suggesting is exactly how liberals think. A select group of people behind closed doors making decisions for everyone…. and it doesn’t impress me that they employed the opinion of a few kids.

    Yes, that is the liberal way of doing things.

    The free market way of doing things is to conduct a focus study that offers some practical options….. roll it out in one or two schools to see how the program is accepted… expand to full districts, see how things are accepted (make adjustments) and then progress from there.

    By doing things this way, you learn about supply chain problems – and other problems – before rolling out a million dollar program that ultimately fails.

    See, liberals are doing the same thing with their health care system….

    A group of liberals behind closed doors, forcing a cookie cutter program on everyone else with a complete lack of regard for the individual.

    That program will cost trillions before they realize what a failure it is….

    Will liberals ever learn from this way of thinking? Of course not. Never have and never will

  106. Sammie Jo says:

    brown rice cutlets aren’t a supply chain or a kitchen prep problem, and it is political, michelle lard azz and her idiotic program is the problem and last I heard, she’s a dem.
    I don’t blame the kids, I wouldn’t eat that slop either!

    1. Paul G says:

      I wouldn’t like what you call slop either but If I were truly hungry I would eat it.

  107. These kids had better hope Obama care goes through because they are going to be sicker than the last generation.

  108. Kyle says:

    This is common sense, you can put a so called ‘healthy’ meal in front of an average kid all day long, but your not going to make them eat it. Kids are just that way, they would rather go hungry, at least until they can find something they like.

    Also, people can’t gorge themselves obviously, but if people are deprived of foods they actually like in favor of ‘healthy’ options, they are going to rebel.

    The epidemic of diabetes and obesity are not because of the abundance of food, rather it is a lack of exercise. People don’t have the time to exercise because they are working their butts off (if their lucky to have a job considering Mr. Obama and Socialist-Liberals have ruined the economy) to earn enough money to pay the bills, take care of their kids, and the general necessities of life, and they certainly don’t have the money for overpriced gym memberships.

    The best thing the government can do is to support business so they can create jobs, give people the ability to earn a living, and get the hell of their backs, and stop telling them how to parent their own children.

  109. Lee Reynolds says:

    Expecting someone to eat food that our ancestors in primitive times would have resorted to only when unable to hunt game is such a stupid idea that only an intellectual could possibly expect it to work.

    Even today among some primitive tribal groups, the literal translation of their native word for hunger is “when we have to eat plants.”

    Once again we have the chessboard fallacy in which “experts” who are “wise in their conceit” forget that human beings are blessed with free will and cannot be manipulated like pieces on a chessboard.

  110. Zexufang says:

    Abolish mandatory public education; and give parents school vouchers.

    If a monopoly is bad for business in creating high prices and poor service; is the LAUSD public education monopoly any different?

  111. MPena says:

    These kids are following the lead of their mentor Machell Obama who tells everyone what to eat while she ravishes out on plates of GOOD TASTING FOOD. Once again our Nanny state has failed.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      Create a school menu based on what Michelle actually eats. I’ll bet the kids don’t throw so much away.

  112. wGraves says:

    So, apparently there is some hope for our kids. They can tell the difference between what they want and what the commissar of lunches is willing to feed them. They also get organized enough to have a black market. These are useful skills which will benefit them all of their lives.

  113. Axel One says:

    Just like psych meds left in the yard at the prisons, millions worth.

  114. Kinnison says:

    Is there anything in this nation that the Democrat Nanny State doesn’t want to control? How about we tell the First Lady to keep her menu Nazis away from our public schools and let parents and kids decide what they will eat? Obviously the kids in the LA Schools have voted with their stomachs… They would rather pack a lunch, go hungry, or pay out-of-pocket for stuff they like than eat the recommended, forced on them, Michelle Obama “Let’s Go!” diet. Leave us alone Michelle. Go on another taxpayer-sponsored vacation or something.

  115. OldOllie says:

    Why the scare quotes around the term black market? It’s a perfectly appropriate description of what’s going on here.

    1. Rachel says:

      No matter how hard obama and his Marxist Mafia try to destroy capitalism, the human spirit always finds a way to expand the free market (even if it has to be on the black market). These government drones never learn.

  116. Timerunnersc says:

    Eat Americans and tell the food police ti kiss off this is your life and if you want to eat cake 10 times a day thats your GOD given right not the communist pigs right to tell you know!
    Where is mom and dad? their kids , their kids, their kids, not some communist school liberal food police.

    Impeach Obama & Michele. Eat and prosper.

  117. Bruce_Almty says:

    Children should be sent by the nanny-state to concentration camps until they are 18 years old. There they can “concentrate” on their studies as directed by the state, eat what the state dictates, think as the state tells them to think. Long live progressives and unions.

    1. Rachel says:

      Apparently that is exactly what this government has in mind. Sounds alot loke Communist China, does it not???? What the H happened when we defeated Communism in the Soviet Union? We decided to install it here instead? God help us.

  118. buckeyejim says:

    Attention Mooooochelle……….again you are correct and sooooo wise, we can all learn from you and your all-knowing husband……….give them organic dirt and they will come says Mooochelle………..she is so smart………..and did I mention she has a very wise husband.

  119. Rachel says:

    Take a hint, Big Brother government…no one wants to be told what to eat, what to drink, what to drive, what to think. We don’t need government to be our mommies…we all have our own mommies who are a helluva lot smarter than you obnoxious and holier-than-thou idiots who don’t even understand human nature, let alone what is good for us. LEAVE US THE EFF ALONE and MIND YOUR OWN GD BUSINESS…like protecting our borders and fixing roads. Neither of which you do!!!! Leave the rest to us.

  120. Ollie says:

    “healthy” vegetarian cuisine? The poor can’t afford healthy fats & protein. Grains are subsidized and are the most widely cheaply available foods. There’s no such thing as an essential grain to the human diet. We aren’t birds.

    1. Paul G. says:

      Grains and beans combined equal the same protein as meat, without the fat and cholesterol.

      1. tnmccoy says:

        And they’re more full of carbs. High carb meals are not good for health. Ask any type 2 diabetic.

      2. Paul G says:

        They are complex carbohydrate and absorbed more slowly than sugary junk food. They also have fiber. Most of these students are not diabetics but will be if they continue to overeat junk.

  121. pete o says:

    Someone finally tell the truth,what student is better off nutritionally, the one one that threw their plain flavored milk unopened in the trash or the student that drank 8 oz. of chocolate milk.Come on folks let’s us use a little common sense here.Stop letting the Birkenstock wearing clowns determine what your kids should eat.Reject the school lunch fiasco and pack your kids own lunch.I took my own lunch and bought milk and did it for 12 years and never suffered. My goodness,why do people have to make things so simple so complicated?

  122. Rachel says:

    Are you kidding me? There ARE no Republicans in the LAUSD. That’s why CA leads the country in FAILED education.

  123. Jimmah says:

    I wonder if Juan Williams has a problem with these kids being belittled with healthy food like he does with Newts suggestion that they be belittled by a job offer.

  124. ObeseStudentsUnite says:

    Long live Hostess…..

  125. neil neikirk says:

    Who cares what they LIKE?? Give ’em vitamin pills and leave it at that. We already have stuffed way too many little burritos.

  126. Jack Kennedy says:

    oh look, another liberal program being rejected…………………just like all the other worthless govt programs that suck all our money

  127. Fred Barnes says:

    Let’s tell them to go to Mexico, Venezuela, el Salvador, etc to get their schooling and lunches and release the hard working tax payers from the burden of paying for their education and trying to pay to make them less of a strain on the already fragile health care system in LA. Also, then maybe my kids could go to the school just down the street instead of the private school I now pay for.

  128. jerrybob- says:


  129. Rich says:

    This is a repeat of the 1950s and 1960s.

  130. JellyToast says:

    The whole school lunch thing is such a scam. I had a long term substitute position in a local middle school a year ago and was shocked at the lunches. The food was horrible. The cooks didn’t even cook anything. When I went to school at least the cooks actually cooked real meals. Second was the small portions. They were tiny. They also instituted a school breakfast bag thing… but every school breakfast bag unused was to be thrown out, even if the food was untouched.

  131. GogogoStopSTOP says:

    This whole mess in the mass mess halls of LA is another great example of why BIG GOVERNMENT JUST DOESN’T WORK. Big, unwieldy business don’t work, big organized religion doesn’t work… If you haven’t got the ear of your customer, your children, your pastor… It just doesn’t work.

    Do we really believe that the LAUSD can adequately manage 600,000 students each day!? OF COURSE NOT! Brake it up!

  132. JustAGuy says:

    Michelle Obama told the kids what to eat. The sycophant administrators loved it. The kids hated it. The kids chose their own alternatives.

  133. Danny says:

    How many people on any given day actually eat the kind of food that this school serves? What happened to green beans, creamed potatoes, carrots, salads and the like? What do YOU eat on a daily basis?

  134. gooojooo says:

    another failed moochell obama policy. change you can believe in

  135. Dennis K says:

    L.A. has become a farce, as has Washington From Obama and his Czars to Congress. Same with Govt run schools and their dictating peoples lives. We need to allow people to make their own choices, in food through what they drive and what Dr to go to as wella s which school. We need to enforce a our lawas and control our borders. We need the elast amount of govt to avoid chaos and tyo protect us. right now Govt is Chaos and we need someoen to protect us from Govt.

  136. paral04 says:

    Since we issue food stamps, why do we have school lunch programs? Cosolidate the programs and have the kids bring lunch to school. Enough already!!!

  137. Luxomni says:

    After working in the public school for 26 years, I can say for certain that more than half of all school lunch food ends up in the garbage. One of my schools had 97% of the students on free and reduced lunch (free, there is no reduced really). You and I paid for it.
    The breakfasts were worse. In one school, the kids could only go to the cafeteria if they received free breakfast. It was a social thing. Nearly ALL of the food was thrown away. If they didn’t get it, they had to go to their homeroom.
    The school system didn’t mind. They make money off of the service.

  138. Ron Burgandy says:

    Funny how when Moochelle and the food police determine what’s on the menu, capitalistic kids find black market demand for other foods- supply and demand on the most basic level. Too funny.

    And to those commenters talking “Dems and Republicans” as responsible for this issue, I didn’t even know California HAD Republicans.

    1. luxomni says:

      “I didn’t even know California HAD Republicans.”
      They do. Both of them.

  139. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Miss Moo and the Ofumduck’s command and control diet falls to the free markets.

    What a hoot.

  140. Dont Be Stupid says:

    The elite get a slap in the face.

    You fook with people too much, trying to force your will on them, they will kill you.

    These people are fools

  141. Jon Galt says:

    Great YouTube video this sums up our sad situation cleverly in under 3 mintues–it should be played in the background of every campaign ad from both sides as a disclaimer to remind people of where we are currently under these two “parties”:(

    Hats off to whoever posted this

  142. Eenie Q. Wolverine says:

    Another liberal utopian dream crashes in flames. How surprising.

  143. SABoy says:

    Just another example of the consumer driving the market and the folly of state-run social engineering.

    “Let them eat quiche!”

  144. Corey says:

    How about that? The market decided to reject changes by an administration that wanted to control the habits of the populist. Wonder how much that cost….

  145. Stealthdan says:

    Yeah! These lids sound like they are really starving. What a bunch of waste of money. Buy bread, peanut butter, and jelly and have the “starving kids” fix their own sandwich in the cafeteria. There would be less waste and the “starving” kid would get what they need.

  146. Cappicola says:

    Regardless of whether the food is appealing or tasty, the fact that students are accepting the trays of food only to toss them in the trash is the greater sin. That speaks to an arrogance on both sides of the argument – the schools for trying to force students to eat healthy but uninspired food on the taxpayers’ dime and the students for not respecting the cost burden to the taxpayers that is associated with their actions. So, once again, it’s the taxpayers who bear the full brunt of lame, harebrained schemes from educators and politicians as well as the exaggerated sense of entitlement from parents and students.

  147. Practical says:

    Maybe if they served healthful American-style food more kids would like it. I wouldn’t choose to eat the food mentioned in this article and I’m not a fussy eater.

    1. Ben of Houston says:

      Agreed. What happened to a good sandwich? I’m neither a fussy eater, nor am I uneducated or uncultured. However, when I have to look up what quinoa salad was, and the best shots on Google looked like chunky hummus, it cannot look appetizing to young students..

  148. Practical says:

    With the availability of food stamps there is no reason for any child to be hungry. Kids are hungry because of poor parenting, i.e., parents who don’t buy unprepared food and make regular meals. Most kids like PB&J sandwiches and some kind of fruit or fresh veggie. That’s what my kids took and there is no reason the schools can’t serve that. An occasional treat on the menu doesn’t hurt – maybe any kid who takes food and throws it away would be ineligible for the treat that week.

  149. cALIFSTARHEART says:

    Michelle Obama concocted the obnoxious food fare now being served in our public schools.. Her Royal Hignness ought to stay out of all school cafeteria food selections, bake sales, etcetera and SHUT UP!. Michelle does not understand the psyche and appetites of kids.

    One of HRH Michelle Obama’s more recent royal utterances was that our children should to learn to enjoy eating steak and arugula.




    1. Vicky Bevis says:

      My boys wouldn’t EAT steak until they were adults & even now, one doesn’t eat red meat. I’m their mother; NOT Michelle.,

  150. Vicky Bevis says:

    In the early 60’s when the ‘guvment 1st. started school lunches, hubby was a teacher in Kokomo, Indiana. He watched as kids threw away healthly food & asked the cafeteria super. about it. She said when she was being observed by a ‘guvment “enforcer,” that when she only gave a ittle of one food to a kid or omitted another to a kid, she was told to put EQUAL amts. on EACH plate even though she knew the kids & new what they would eat, which she told the observer. NO MATTER!

  151. truewords says:

    If our enemies like Iran have patience we will eventually kill ourselves and become extinct. Obesity is the norm in the US just look around you.

  152. Melvin says:

    People, I have heard and seen it. Fresh fruit thrown away by the tons, so much that people and teachers go back and pick them out of the dumpster. A person doesn’t even need to have to dig, There is so much fresh fruit it just laying on top, Carton upon carton of fresh milk enough to fill a milk truck again just laying there going to waste and filling up a landfill.
    It just makes a person sick in Country where people are homeless and hungry and this food is going to the landfill.
    These kids who throw this food away have never been hungry or even know what it is like to be hungry.
    The schools say, by law they have to throw the food away that cannot recycle the apples or even offer free fruit to anyone who wants it. They know people go through the dumpster, because the lunch ladies are just sick of so much food being wasted they don’t tell anyone higher up.
    This massive throwaway is going on across this entire Country ton, upon, tons, upon tons, upon tons, breakfast, lunch, and in some places dinner perfectly good boxed and fresh fruit, food, and milk going in the dumpster.
    The food police in the federal government was told that they kids are not going to eat this Brown Rice Cutlet stuff, and fancy Thai noodles. But it was forced upon the schools and now we have this government waste program wasting millions upon millions of dollars while homeless shelters and food centers are begging for food to feed those out of work or who have lost everything in this sucky economy.
    We have to do something about this people, this can’t go on where perfectly good food is being trashed. One who posted noted that the food program just be eliminated entirely it is not the schools job to feed the kids it’s the parents job. Yea, but tell the government that. The government feels it is it’s God given right to feed our kids and some parents even agree with that, because they’re too lazy to even cook for their own spawn.

  153. bahahahahahahah says:

    Dam I love America….. Government does its best to get into our lives on the notion they know whats good for us. These young people go around government. That happens everyday in the business world……Take notice you government hacks, stay out of our lives.

  154. Kelly says:

    If they are hungry they will eat it. School food was always disgusting to me. I use to give my lunch money (in the days before lunch accounts) to a friend who was truly hungry. I use to sit and watch her eat, with apparent pleasure, canned over cooked spinach, fake meat of the day or flavorless ham and beans spiced up with ketchup. Yuck.

  155. WallyG says:

    As it turns out, government doesn’t knbow what;’s best does it? Fact is, it never did! Here’s a clue for all the do gooder and greenies and enviro whack jobs who want to impose their horse diets on humans, get out of our way and let us decide what we want and when we want it. We don’t interefere with your drug snorting and pot smoking, so don;t interfere with the foods kids like, in moderation! Go live in the woods and survive on your own!

  156. Darly says:

    CD, that bum must be giving you great BJs.

  157. charles says:

    This is so funny I can’t stand it. The outcome was entirely predictable for anyone with half a brain.

  158. billcrawford says:

    “Rejecting healthful alternatives like vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles, students are throwing them in the trash by the thousands.”

    And just what the hell did you expect? This is America not Aisa, the vast majority of kids are brought up on good ole fashion American or Mexican food not romen noodles and vegetarian curries, even the mistress of health Michelle Obama doesn”t eat this stuff but she certainly expects others to, it;s do as I say not as I do and now the students are getting a taste of this dysfunctional leadership in the White House and they are voting with their food trays by dumping them by the thousands and rightfully so! We do not need didtators in the White House AKA the Obama’s.

    If you are going to change menues you do it slowly over time not all at onece and that is with just about anything.

    Good Riddance.

    1. Deandre Andres says:

      And if this country is smart, come January 2013, there will be a “new menu” at the White House

  159. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Kerfluffle, Sounds Yummy!

  160. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Who wants to live in the World these Morons are Creating?

    Healthy or Otherwise.

  161. Pounce Kitty says:

    Michelle OBama might have to send in the police or national guard. Better still, Democrats LOVE to sue people to FORCE their nutjob policies on us.

  162. kyle says:

    What blows my mind is the idea that eating healthy requires you to eat things like “vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles”. Where is the common sense? Make food that seems at least half way normal. Eating meat is healthy, whole wheat bread is healthy, pasta is healthy etc etc. Hot dogs, cheese burgers, and pizza, not so much.

  163. Ricardoh says:

    I remember the sweet rolls I used buy in the 1950s at a LA high school at break time. I wonder if they still sell them.

  164. dboom says:

    Isn’t it obvious what we need to do now? Start criminalizing the blackmarket that is popping up on campus! duh!! I say 5 yrs in prison for trading in blackmarket fair. Let’s go Lefties!! We can all get behind this one!

  165. brian says:

    I love that the once great state of California is destroying itself@ Your broke, millionaires are leaving by the 100’s every year, taxes are going up every year to support programs you can’t afford, good luck with that!!

  166. koczani says:

    What the schools need is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY against the unhealthy food. If the little bugger is caught with a TWiINKEE, expel them!!. A HoHo in the knapsack? Throw them out on their ear. The schools could have the police come in and do random locker searches for the fatty contraband. Arm the school nurse!!

    (ps, for those who can’t tell, this is sarcasm)

  167. 57nomad says:

    These guys are harming the students. Depriving active kids of sugar isn’t very smart. Sugar is a disaccaride. It is made of two molecules, glucose and fructose. While most of the cells in the body can burn just about anything for energy, brain cells can only burn glucose and an active brain burns it prodigiously. If a person is studying hard as much as one quarter of the body’s calorie consumption is the brain burning glucose. This is political correctness gone berserk.

    Many of the comments regarding nutrition on this thread are, by the way, completely uninformed. I would be very interested in seeing what the adults that have inflicted this nonsense on the students are eating for lunch and fine them substantially is they weren’t eating their vegetarian curry.

    I would also like to see what the academic standing of these students is and I prohibit the district from hiring any ‘diet specialists’ until the had enough ‘teaching specialists’ to insure adequate academic performance. The reporter’s claim that the students were bringing ‘junk food’ from home is unsupported and I would question the reporters ability to define what is and what is not ‘junk food.’

  168. vox says:

    A vegetarian diet should be a choice not a mandate.

    1. Paul G says:

      It isn’t a mandate,students are free to bring their own meat sandwiches. It is freedom of choice.

  169. Nate Bain says:

    I cannot believe how many haters responded to this article. A) How do you know the kids who rejected the food are on a school lunch program? Not all students receive free lunches, you know, people. B) what does this have to do with unions? C) What does this have to do with politics? D) Why do so many of you straight up hate poor people? Reading the comments here literally sickened me. Not one of the hateful comments posted demonstrates any in-depth knowledge of this issue. Not one.

  170. Sam K says:

    Let the niggs eat their secret-stash’d McDonalds and KFC. This way they get fat at an early age and die faster thus reducing the aggregate A-A population.

  171. Bob Billings says:

    This is why left-wing central planning does not work. Central planners only look what they construct. They do not have the ability to foresee consequences. This is why small government and liberty is the better alternative.

  172. ocbizlaw says:

    Gee, my kids (4th and 7th grade) make their own lunches every morning from what I choose to buy at the grocery store and take it with them to private school. They’ve been doing that since second grade. Neither they, nor I, knew they were being deprived of the benefits of food they hate prepared by union employees paid with money earned by, well, me.

  173. ThorsHammer says:

    ….Just like the Chevy Volt. You can’t force stuff on people they don’t want. This is still America, and why we need to 86 Obama before its too late

  174. Richard Haberkern says:

    Another example of what happens when the government tries to get involved in controlling people’s lives. Find me one starving child in America and I will show you the parents that are keeping him/her from food. The myth of starving children is just another liberal tale to steal our tax dollars. End all food programs in school now.

  175. Emilee says:

    People like what they are used to eating and if these kids only like junk food then I blame their parents too. If their parents want to raise kids that only eat garbage, let them pay to feed them and deal with their medical conditions themselves.

    I will say, things like curries and quinoa are probably alien flavors to these kids. It seems you can be healthy without being so exotic. Take a piece of broccoli and slap a little cheese on it. That might go over better.

    But things like: the kids will only drink FLAVORED milk? Then they’re not too thirsty, are they?

    If kids are throwing the food away, the school might consider not wasting tax payer money on it in the first place. But I would not cater to the preference kids have for junk over healthy food. Who WOULDN’T prefer the taste of a potato chip to a salad? Hello? Where are the adults?

  176. J Murphy says:

    It took a quadruple coronary by-pass to get me sufficiently motivated to start eating more healthy foods. What kind of fool would expect youngsters to want to eat a lot of vegan muck? Sure! Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids ate their vegetables? But it isn’t going to happen. And don’t think this is just an American thing. I live in Vietnam and the kids here love chips, pizza, ice-cream,…but they aren’t so crazy about chocolate candy! Go figure! Must be communism or something.

  177. John Prete says:

    Meriden, CT School System: 90% of students get breakfast, lunch and after school snacks….90%!!! All on your dime. There were school empoyees actively campaigning for Obama before the 08′ election….during school hours. It’s a racket. It needs to stop. No school/ government provided food. With the amount of food stamps out there….make a bowl of corn flakes in the mornng…pack a sandwich and an apple for lunch and stop wasting my money

    1. Every post here so far has missed “Striking the Root” as Thoreau like to say.

      Guberment schools themselves are the biggest waste of tax payer money. It used to be if you had kids you paid to educate them. Now you just steal from your neighbors.

  178. PACoub says:

    If these “children” are poor and in need of the nourishment this good food can give them, they will eat it. If they will not eat it, do not let them have it to throw in the garbage. Watch those kids, and if they throw away an unopened milk or untouched piece of fruit send the bill for that to the parents.

    Let them know they will not graduate until those bills are paid. Give them the choice upfront: if they do not intend to eat the food that is provided they are free to bring lunch from home.

    Then adjust the school lunch budget according to the reduced demand.

    Everybody wins.

  179. Apocalypto says:

    Moronic Liberals. Everything you touch turns to shyt.

  180. rufus levin says:


  181. Apocalypto says:

    Pathetic Libs. Everything you touch turns to dung.

  182. dbntx says:

    It’s not just the students who get free lunch that have to eat the terrible food. As a teacher and parent, I have to agree with the students on this issue.

  183. Lynn Braddy says:

    Get that angry black woman Obama in there, she’ll crack some knuckles and knuckleheads Mandate the food police. eat your peas or its jail.

  184. stace says:

    Think of all the back alley big mac attacks that could be avoided if they just let the kids eat what they want…isn’t that the logic behind the libs and their obsession with abortion????

  185. Frank says:

    …I always like to read the comments to see we people stand…it breaks my heart to see the ignorance displayed by most on the posts and the insanity of advocating positions, clichees and diatribe devoid of common sense and logic…no wonder things are not working ….people are absolutlely INSANE…and ,sorry, STUPID,…so I guess we get what we deserve…

  186. Em Spearing says:

    What’s the surprise here? When able-bodied, presumably “thinking” people deliberately opt in for the lazy kept-man answer and allow themselves to become dependents of government, they relinquish choices. If the gov must feed your lazy, entitled mouth, they get to tell you what it is they will slop onto your outstretched, gimme-gimme hands. And you deserve it. Don’t like it? Get a job and handle your own responsibilities. Feed yourself and your litter. It’s not our job, and no one OWES you a damn thing.

  187. Mr. Lucky says:

    Stop feeding these little leaches for a few weeks, and they will then eat anything given to them and be damn grateful.

  188. Da'Bro says:

    Oh, FV<K, the Obama's are devastated!

  189. Commonsense Majority says:

    This result is the product of another FAILED policy of liberal progressive Democrats, those intlellectuals who believe they know what’s best for everyone else, but themselves.

  190. MrLiberty says:

    No matter how many people complain about another failed govt. program the officials aren’t listening because they know better than you. 🙁

  191. Cooga says:

    Illegals are all fat and don’t want healthy food. NO they want pure lard and all of them are fat and receiving free health care. They need to all go back to Mexihole. Tied of paying for them and the free rides.

  192. Duke says:

    Another nanny state program FAILED. Forcing kids to eat food they don’t like, making electric cars few people want or can afford, Light bulbs too expensive and that contain mercury and can catch fire. Failed High-speed rail systems no state can afford, Sustained Developement that creates no jobs [in USA], Shared Sacrifice that put 960 car dealerships out of business, A host of CA State agencys that regulate CA businesses to move to other states. Gov. Moonbat and Pres. Unicorn have really Changed the Hope in America.

  193. Jmac says:

    I guess it is time to start building gulags for these fast-food black marketeers. Each reeducation food facility will have a bronze statue of Michelle Obama out front with the slogan “Veggies will set you free” placed over the entrances.

  194. Jenna says:

    Maybe the lazy parents should try making their kids’ lunches then. Why should WE the taxpayer be on the hook for breakfast and lunch when they likely get food stamps and welfare.

    What else do you want from the taxpayers? To come to your house and cook dinner.

    Spoiled lazy parents raise spoiled lazy children.

    And people whine about cutting the entitlement budget?

  195. oracle2world says:

    Years ago I worked hurricane Katrina/Rita relief, on one of the cruise ships housing storm victims. The FEMA staff aboard loved the gourmet food (yes, the ship served the same food to the homeless they normally served to cruise passengers).

    The storm victims? Hamburgers, fries, pizza, and soft-serve ice cream was their preferred menu.

    At breakfast you could get a fresh omlette with fillings made before your eyes. (The omlette guy flipped them in a small pan, he must have made a lot of them over the years.)

    The storm victims? Scrambled eggs piled high with bacon.

    I mean this was a side-by-side comparison of burgers versus high-end expensive fresh properly prepared healthy foods. (I haven’t eaten that high on the hog before or since.)

  196. David Christensen says:

    Obaaamaaa is responsible for the disgraceful discourse, along with the street violence of blacks against whites. He is not my president. He is for “His” people only.

  197. David Christensen says:

    Focis, I have three children among the healthiest of young adults and four of the healthiest grandchildren on this earth. My mother recently celebrated her 95th birthday. I attribute all of this to the roast beef, brown gravy, pork chops, fried chicken, buttered corn, chocolate cake, root beer floats, cookies and ice cream. How’s all that “love” you’re heaping on your kids going?

  198. caresaboutthefurture says:


    That is their american right, stop being self righteous. We are all the same, all of us hate to see our HARD EARNED money go to waste to people who lose the ability to work, or never learn, i say we let the fit servive, we have to lean out this country of the worthless…being the the military for the last 6 years, i’ve seen first hand, not everyone was ment to survive, the strongest do, making everyone a much leaner, fit, and adaptive situation for this country.

  199. Antilibturd says:

    So the obesity epidemic goes on unabated! If these selfish simpletons want to eat junk and get obese with all the health consequences that entails then let them do it on their own dime NOT the taxpayers! End the food program and let them bring whatever junk they want to eat! No Obozocare either to treat the health consequences of their idiotic food choices, let them pay for their own healthcare, not the taxpayers! It makes no sense for the hardworking taxpayers to pay for the idiocy of those who chose to abuse their body with junk food, drugs, alcohol! or any other stupidity!

  200. Eileen says:

    As a retired teacher I have seen many a subsidized school lunch hit the garbage, barely touched. Healthy or not, students would most likely prefer what types of food they are accustomed to at home. I am not a fan of free lunch program, and the tossing in the garbage is just one reason. I know that many of the children that get free breakfast eat at home and then at school too. When you look at the obesity in our youth, this very fact may be contributing to that. When will our government get out of our homes and leave the child raising to us?

  201. ambro says:

    AS the BAmster said on the campaign trail with Michelle in Ohio several years ago…”have you seen the price of arugula lately?” ANYONE would have told the LA Lefty Big Mothers that none of the kids would eat that WestSide swill. The problems start at home , are cultural and won’t be solved at the government schools. If a kid likes eating 3 super-sized churros with extra sugar at a time only when her home life-style changes will she. I like Jamie and his style of cooking/eating, but JEEZ MAREEZ….for MExican immigrant kids and urban yoof????? come on!!!

  202. Sal says:

    Students aren’t educated properly because the thirst for knowledge has to come from parental teaching at home. Proper diet is also taught at home.
    Due to the breakdown of home life neither nutrition nor education will be successful in such an environment. Such is the result when we believe government can take care of us from the cradle to the grave. Just wait….when Obamacare kicks in in a few years…(after the election) our health care will suffer the same fate. Go ahead fools, keep voting for the Obamas of the world.

  203. bob says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with hamburgers, pizza, fish sticks, chili, lasagna, spaghetti and meat balls even the occasional hotdog etc… The problem lies in the processing of some of the mentioned meals. Protein, vegetables and a starch are the bedrocks of our diet. There is really nothing wrong with a little dessert after, either.

    The problem lies in sweetened drinks, preservatives(BHT, NItrates) and diet sweeteners. I leave choco and straw milk out because it encourages kids to drink milk which is full of calcium.

    School lunch doesn’t have to be the best quaity but should be basically healthy.

  204. Curtis Schweitzer says:

    I love what the kids are doing. It’s time more people told the federal government to get stuffed.

  205. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    LOL – can’t make this stuff up. I have an idea – get Mayor/Nanny Bloomberg to tell them how good these special meals are – that’ll make all the difference!

  206. David Frederick says:

    Solution……..Stem Cell In Vitro Hamburger meat. It is supposed to be released by Sept of this year). Very Healthy and you become a “No Kill Carnivore”.

  207. Elephant Man says:

    Forcing people to eat something they don’t want will never work, no matter how good the intent. I once worked for a program called HealthCorps that taught teens to eat healthy food. We had really good success, but you have to build the desire for healthy food as you change the menu. Jamie Oliver probably tried to do that, too. HealthCorps is in a few LA high schools. Dr. Oz runs the HealthCorps program.

  208. jen says:

    I have a friend who works at an LAUSD pre-school. He said that many of the kids seem like they have no parental guidance at home. It’s like the parents think that it’s the job of the teachers to raise their children or something. Many of the children are “anchor” baby children. So that child gets served a tax-paid breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack and they almost always complain even when the food is good, and it often gets thrown away. So much milk and fruit and entrees gets thrown out at every meal because the food is not allowed to be returned to the kitchen. He says it’s outrageous how much waste goes on. Then most of the “anchor” children get medicaid, foodstamps and free housing vouchers, too, along with the free child-care. All paid for by tax-payers. The parents have jobs where they get paid in cash since they don’t have a social security number, or they get a social security illegally and commit fraud and go out and get a job. It’s auch an abuse of the system here and it’s ruining the state of California. The majority of the children in the LAUSD system from pre-school thru high school are “anchor” baby children. California is basically spending billions each year for illegal aliens and their children and the state is going bankrupt because of it. The hospitals are going bankrupt, too. Thanks to Gov. Brown this will continue until the state collapses. Too bad Californians were stupid enough to vote him back into office. Meg Whitman would have fixed the problems in this state.

    1. I suggest that the sheeple take a look at this movie. It will explain much of what is wrong with the country:

      contact me at: inalienablewrights@mailinator.com
      There will be a quiz.

  209. Patty says:

    Black market food? So Government has a monopoly on education and ALL food consume in school? Kids aren’t allow to trade food items in the lunchroom?

    I remember the old days when I went to school and the only black market was the pot sold in the bathroom. 🙂

  210. michaelb says:

    So what do they mean by “hunger related ailments”. Do the fat kids stomach growl from missing their daily supersized happy meal??

  211. New York Nick says:

    Ho Ho’s, Get yer Ho Ho’s here, 5 bucks a piece, no narcs, you don’t know me if you get caught kid!! Obama Inc. Nice work

  212. Kevin Cowart says:

    Throw them a bone and a bag of dirt, let them eat like they would if they still lived in their third world countries.

  213. Robert says:

    This article claims that kids are dtiching lunch, and as a result are “suffering from hunger related ailments.” OK. What hunger related ailments? You mean to tell me that if I skip lunch I’m going to get scurvy. lockjaw or whatever else. This statement is MADE UP. Missing luch will do nothing more than make one hungry. And, since, the do-gooders tell us all these kids are obese anyway, doing without lunch will help them lose weight. Which leads me to one last thought: Michelle Obama, mind your own business, force feed your own kids, and leave the rest of us alone!

  214. Climp Jones says:

    ‘…the “black markets” that have begun to thrive at campuses across the school district…,’

  215. jfhdsiu says:

    This is how the drug cartels n Mexico got started. Make something illegal and it’s followed by a black market. Which leads to competition for the illicit trade in unhealthy junk food. The next thing you know, ‘little johnny’ is setting up an illicit “junk food” cartel to supply the illegal ‘junk food’ to those who crave it. Soon, he’s sending out trained pushers to lure unsuspecting ‘new’ customers to ‘junk food’ addiction. Kids start getting arrested for overdosing on twinkies. the war on ‘junk food escalates. the competition for the available ‘customers heats up. First it’s only pushing and shoving on the playground to bribe and intimidate rivals. The next thing you know it’s a thriving trade. The ‘junk food’ pushers inhabiting every community start squabbling in earnest….Those communities go downhill from there. Then the government begins to see a way to use the illicit trade in ‘junk food’ and move to take over the country under the guise of protecting us from the vicious ‘junk food’ cartels…. OH THE HUMANITY………..

  216. AJ says:

    This is why I advocate a modern day, Australia-like colony for the lowest among us. For every worthless mooch whose entire family tree has once asked “how am I supposed to raise three kids on $900 a month in welfare?”, send them to the island in the Pacific, and find hard-working, intelligent, free-minded immigrants from China or wherever else to come and take their place. Problem solved.

  217. STU says:


  218. Jubal says:

    Obviously the students know what they want, and, quite obviously, they can afford what they want. So why waste time and money? The kids aren’t stupid: they are spoiled. Let those that want a healthy meal have it, and those that don’t, well they can eat ****. Oh, and there is no reason the kids or their parents can’t pay their way. They have enough for junk food and clothes. Every ‘tax dollar’ given or spent on them comes out of some hard-working stiff’s pocket.

  219. JS says:

    I just saw a sign in the Westlake area that says, “Dentista”. Really? One extra letter makes it readable for Mexicans? Dentist. Dentista. They had to add the extra letter so people could read it.

  220. Wren says:

    Poor kids. No wonder they don’t want to eat that slop. It stinks, looks terrible, tastes worse, and doesn’t satisfy. Most curry looks like it’s already been eaten, and brown rice texture is gross with those crunchy little fibers. Why not give them tamales with meat, poultry, or cheese? I don’t blame them for tossing out plain milk. I could never swallow it. It needs chocolate, espresso, or some flavoring. Oliver’s dishes are way too fancy for children. They like neat hearty fare, not a lot of messy sauces and weird stuff. Give the kids traditional Americana–their favorite healthy tasty foods–like burgers, pizza, mac-n-cheese and chili lean and low in sodium with fruit salad, bunches of grapes, green salad with well-seasoned dressing and flavored bottled teas low in sugar. These extreme health-food nuts don’t know how to feed kids a balanced diet.

  221. Amy says:

    Where in the article did it say that the taxpayers are feeding the students for free? All schools elementary and up offer lunch, yes some students qualify for food assistance but from what I see with my own two eyes most pay for it out of pocket. If I’m paying for my lunch I’m not going to buy what you want me to eat cause you say it’s “healthy” I’m going to buy whatever I’m in the mood for that day and being a meataterian I doubt I would welcome any of the stuff they mentioned either.

  222. acwdancer says:

    Who wrote this article?

  223. Shawn says:

    My kids, who don’t get free lunch, have eaten and enjoyed food from different countries and said the new ethnically diverse menu options just taste bad. Have heard parents and teachers, who pay twice as much as the kids for the same lunch, complain about the taste of the food. Kids might try something different if it was cooked right!

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