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Am I late to learn about this trend among the younger crowd? As a sign of trust, they’re exchanging computer passwords. Passwords for laptops, for logins, for online access, etc.  What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

Maybe I’m only kidding myself, getting all high-and-mighty about the obvious pitfalls of such a scheme. After all, when I order stuff on the phone, I give my credit card number to some complete stranger (whom I already assume is sitting in a call center, behind prison walls in Arkansas).  So maybe this password-thing isn’t any worse.

Except that I don’t expect to break-up with my new friend in prison. I don’t expect to get into a fight over not being free on a Friday night (Heck, she’s probably not free for 7- to 10-).  Teens exchanging computer passwords may be physically safer than teens, showing their trust in other ways: but I’m not sure it’s much smarter. 

Would/do you exchange passwords with your significant other?  All of them? (Not ‘significant others,’ passwords. -Ed.) On the plus side, you’d have someone who could help you remember it. As long as you don’t pretend to be surprised when you check on your balance the morning after a bad date, and discover that those tickets to the movies ended up costing $4,000.


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