CANOGA PARK (CBS) — Authorities announced in a news conference Tuesday the arrest of two suspects involved in the murder of a 17-year-old El Camino Real High School soccer player.

Los Angeles police arrested Jason Schumann, 24, of Calabasas and San Fernando Valley resident Elizabeth Ibarra, 19, for murder in connection with the shooting death of Francisco Rodriguez Jr.

Rodriguez was shot and killed in front of his Winnetka home Jan. 11. following a scoreless soccer game against Taft High School.

A soccer teammate had just dropped the goalie off at his house when Ibarra allegedly came to the home and lured Rodriguez outside.

He was then shot three times before the suspects fled.

Officials said that a combination of tips from the community and Crime Stoppers led to the arrest. Police asked Tuesday for the anonymous tipster that gave them a key piece of evidence to call them back with any additional information.

Authorities have not released any information regarding the relationship between the suspects and Rodriguez.

“Quite frankly, we’re not there in terms of identifying what relationship, if any, there was and…to what extent that relationship had been,” Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas said at a news conference Tuesday.

KCAL9 reporter Dave Lopez suggested during a press conference that the evidence seemed to indicate that this was not a random attack.

“Correct, and that’s the reason why we don’t believe it was gang-related or related to any criminal activity,” Villegas said. “We believe that it was personal.”

The victim’s family was present at the news conference but asked that the media not ask them any questions.

» Police Looking For Red-Haired Girl As Person Of Interest In Murder Of HS Soccer Player

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  1. John Pelligrini says:

    Thank god, I pray they arrest and convict all involved.

  2. Andrew Martin says:

    Good! I hope they rot in hell. No forgiveness here.

  3. Jennifer Jimenez says:

    Thank God they arrested them!

  4. pat says:

    Jason Schuman
    Just like the arsonist
    NOT latino
    theys taking away our crime

    1. ybarra says:

      It’s very possible that jason schuman is latino even if he has a jewish last name!

      1. Bonnie says:

        Two “Ns” as in Schumann as opposed toone in Schuman is usually the German spelling, not the Jewish.

    2. O_O says:

      Uh…. Did you even look at his picture? He’s definitely low-life latino, dude.

      1. Nade says:

        What about all the white boy gang members? They look just as ridic… Don’t be so ignorant

      2. groapair says:

        he’s a white sh!t bag that listens to black music and what’s to be latino just like all the trend f@gs

      3. jessica says:

        way to stereotype. RACE has nothing to do with this matter. don’t be an idiot

    3. ivette says:

      I believe he might be hispanic/latino, just not with a hispanic/latino last name.

  5. Uhoh says:

    Cut and dry case here. Dhe will get slapped on the hand for her testimony against him.

  6. THOR says:

    Her hair does not look red or even like it was dyed. Was she wearing a wig?

    1. ivette says:

      I don’t think this is a great picture to determine.

  7. ILLEGALS says:

    The Anonymous Tipster is probably the getaway driver or a passenger in the getaway car..

    He/She probably felt guilty so they notify the Police..

    They’re gonna get charged as an accessory to a crime..

  8. ILLEGALS says:


  9. dave says:

    this 2 deserve the electric chair. they both better get dead sentence or at least live in prison, never to come out.

  10. Ricky says:

    He’s from Calabasas? So he’s rich?


    There are apartments in Calabasas too. Just cuz he lives in Calabasas doesn’t mean he’s rich.

    Same as Beverly Hills, there are HOTELS, MOTELS, APARTMENTS, TRAILER PARKS, ETC..


  12. No says:

    Freakin latinos

  13. Tyrone says:

    BROWN STATE!!! SAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!

  14. lala63 says:

    These two little EVIL, sick losers are in for some trouble now. What LOW LIFE, ignorant COWARDS they are. They have made their bed ……

  15. Mehilindo says:

    “We don’t believe it is gang-related….We believe it is personally motivated,” said LAPD Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas.


    Of course it is.

    From the onset, just one photo of that kid and a look at his sister and I knew it was a double life gang banger thing behind it.

    And I WAS RIGHT.

    Here’s how it is now people – there are Mexican gang bangers that LOOK obviously like gang members and you have those that are but they hide it by almost leading a double life of good boy, soccer team, football team, skater, etc. etc.

    Its so much now part of the Mexican culture that most if not all kids have some kind of tie. School children even defend gangsters. I got word from some one in education that has to deal with them. Its like from childhood, its what they are culturally now exposed to that they think its okay.

    Oh but they know they best be keeping it on the down low.

    Tragic and stupid all around.

    1. Mehilindo says:

      AND I bet his sister knows them…. I bet.

    2. Cali says:

      just because people appear to look like gang bangers it does not necessary mean they are. And I don’t believe all gang members are Mexican, you have Salvadorians, Whites, Asians, Blacks, all kind of gang members, but of course because it’s California you assume all Mexicans a gang bangers. It’s like going to NY and saying all italians are involved with the mafia.

      1. Mehilindo says:

        Oh man, thats laughable. No seriously. Just because they appear doesn’t mean… oh man. NO WONDER they are so rampant, because of enablers, facilitators, people who suffer fools gladly… deniers.

        Gangs, especially the kind that originated Mexican cultures in the USA are a “social cancer”.

        Let me school you briefly – El Savador – Civil War of the 70s – mass exodus of Salvadorians in the late 70’s, early 80’s – came to the USA. They had no MS gang – until Mexican gangs started victimizing, harassing, terrorizing the new immigrants. Resources were fought over, the local police turned the other way. Then in order to counter those Mexican gangs – you saw a rise in a gang to counter that. Throughout the years, they appropriated the Mexican gang look ^ and even their own people IN El Salvador where the “cancer” has reached have created “La Sombra Negra” to deal with them accordingly to avoid ruining their society’s.

        Same thing happened in other gangs. In the 80’s you had a rise all of a sudden of Filipino gangs that emulated the Mexican gang cholo thing. You had African Americans suddenly also appropriating the gang culture that Mexican gangs started, or where it originated.

        I did not say, all, but in that community, you have supposed humble people that look the other way, accept it, then cry when their are victimized by them, as in this case.

        What I’m saying is that its becoming more and more a part of the actual CULTURE and the lines between right and wrong are blurring, its fusing together in some strange way. I live in the barrios I know what I’m speaking of.

        If any person of Mexican descent is offended they need to talk to their people, and start changing because police or even an education wont change it. Its now cultural.

  16. Michael J. McDermott says:


  17. FFL says:

    I have heard that they are illegal aliens too..

  18. Pop says:

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  19. brownpride says:

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