BURBANK (CBS) — A woman was arrested last week for allegedly offering sexual favors in exchange for Chicken McNuggets, according to Burbank police.

Khadijah Baseer of Los Angeles was seen opening customers’ car doors in the McDonald’s drive through at 1700 block of Olive Avenue about 11 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Burbank Leader. Baseer was allegedly offering to swap sexual favors for the fast food item.

A witness reported her bizarre behavior to the authorities.

Baseer was arrested on suspicion of prostitution.

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  1. /A says:


  2. J.J. says:

    hey, if she was hot enough, why not. ! she was hungry.

  3. Peter says:

    I wonder what kind of sauce she wanted wit her nuggets.

    1. fastfreddie says:

      Funny shyt

    2. CHAKKA says:

      a creamy white topping

  4. Kone Sva says:

    Most of them started with chicken nuggets, but
    after you married them they all wanted gold nuggets.

  5. Well Bake My Nuggets says:

    They must serve some mighty good nuggets in Burbank. Many guys can’t even get laid after paying for lobster & champagne. I guess all it takes is a good McNugget.

  6. ac says:

    Wow! What will she do for a Big Mac?

  7. Mustang says:

    I say order a double hamburger with an ice cream sundaue with nuts on top. I take an order of cherry pie. What’s the total and I’ll drive up to the window. Order a Happy Meal with french fries and a Powerade to along.

  8. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    how sad someone is hungry and instead of given her something to eat or buy her a meal and say to her, you don’t have to do that.. they call the cops my prayers that someone giver her some food and send her to a shelter were they can help her instead of making fun …. this world is no better if we turn our back on people that need a helping hand …. is like violence is setting in also people out of jobs and out of home leaving in the streets some of theme turn into crime to feed their own kids or for been depress or stress they comic suicide it is heart breaking is as we are leaving in the last days and year when everything is going to end….. my prayers to everyone have compassion and communicated with your love ones always tell them you care and love them…. god bless

    1. greg says:

      did you consider it was the restaurant that called the police? Which goes to the point that why didn’t the restaurant mgr. offer her a meal? Her name sounds Muslim to me, if so I would have taken her up on the deal but had her remover her Burka to make sure it wasn’t a guy

    2. Christina39 says:

      God bless you. You are a very kind person. I agree.

    3. american says:

      Amen… I totally agree 100%.

    4. icecream says:

      I think she was starving and desperate to be able to eat.
      Maybe a homeless shelter would’ve been much more appropriate.

    5. Christina39 says:

      Dave Why are you wasting your time posting on a website when Manny Ramos needs money for his defense. Shouldn’t you be doing a fundraiser or something like beating up sick people?

  9. ILLEGALS says:

    How many pieces was she asking for??


    Maybe she was telling the Cops she wanted Chicken Nuggets instead of $$$$ to avoid the Prostitution charge..

    Anyways, they charged her with Prostitution..


    1. El Chori says:

      It’s a Brown State so get the F OUT!

    2. Christina39 says:

      El Chori told you. I already got out, I would suggest you do the same. It’s nice in other states so far.

  11. geeM says:

    If she knew how they were made, she might recosider. If the customers knew how she was made, they might recosider.

  12. John Boylan says:

    What do ya get for a Whopper?

  13. Christina39 says:

    Typical male comments about a very sad story

  14. mustbme says:

    Worthless without pictures of her…

  15. mtntexas says:

    And offered her a Whopper.

  16. Chuey says:

    her photo will not be published because it will trigger and endless slew of racial “I told you so”..

  17. Chuey says:

    I think I would have bought the person some food. Hunger in this day & age is sad.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Thank you Chuey. What does the comments tell you about Americans?????

      1. Scott says:

        @Christina39. – “tell you about Americans”??? Please. Your implication that all Americans are insensitive and callous is offensive. You seem to forget that she was opening peoples car doors, which IMO, is a THREAT. If anyone tries to get into my family’s car going through a drive through, they will get shot in the face, so she’s lucky. In any case, given your comments, do you feel that it’s OK for this woman to do this? You’re not homeless, so perhaps you frequent the Dairy Queen for free Blizzard with every reach-around. Perhaps she’s dipping into your “business” and taking all your McNuggets…. or is that too insensitive???

        Get a F4#!kin sense of humor. I don’t care where you’re from, this is funny $hit.

      2. Christina39 says:

        TO SCOTT THE SOCIOPATH. YES I SAID SOCIOPATH. I drive through a very bad part of town to get to work and homeless people come up to the car. I give them a dollar, not a gun blast to the face. But I know you Scott. and the Scotts of the world. You have arsenals and you want an excuse to shoot somebody. You Scott are actually my main reason why I post. You do it as an excuse to protect your wife and kids and you Scott are the main reason Ameriican went the way it did. It had to go someway and liberals be they right or wrong only site Scotts when selling their agenda. I am not liberal except when it comes to controlling Scotts, but Scott I am afraid of you and your kind taking back America. I am old enough to see what you were like and what America was like when the Scotts revailed. Lynchings are over Scott. Sorry they are not going to come back. NOW WE HAVE TO REBUILD AMERICAN BECAUSE WE HAD TO TEAR IT DOWN TO GET OF YOU AND YOURS.

      3. Christina39 says:

        TO SCOTT THE SOCIOPATH. Killing for your family because someone approaches your car doesn’t make you a hero. It make you the potential killer that you are I post about the problems tearing down America caused but if I had it over again to do, my generation would tear it down again to get rid of you and change the vicious laws you lived by back then. I don’t want to sound like GROWAPAIR, but I would love to meet you somewhere. Thanks you bigot and moron for what you have created.

      4. Scott says:

        Ha ha… You’re adorable. I’m not sure how you can write this stuff without throwing up in your own mouth. Wow…. Really???

        You talk about “The Scott’s of the world”. did you not read the line “if someone opens my car door, while in a drive thru”. If someone opens your car door in traffic, how do you not know its a jacking? You are an idiot if you don’t think there is a difference between asking for money and opening someone’s car door and yelling “I’ll suck ya D@#! for a mcnugget!”.

        Sigh… Since you obviously don’t have a sense of humor, let me get serious for a second. This may be a surprise to you @Christina, if that is your real name, :), but I am not the conservative bastion that you seem to imply. I consider myself a liberal and just to be clear…Ooohh… “you drive though a very bad part of town to get to work”… Wow, aren’t you the benevolent soul. How discomforting that must be for you and how wonderful you feel to give your $1. What an egotistical elitist pig you are. Let me tell you something, I don’t drive through a bad part of town, I LIVE IN THAT PART OF TOWN and If someone “asks” me for money, I buy them something to eat. I give my time and money to all every single day, so don’t tell me about the “Scott’s of the world”. If I feel the need to protect my family from people like this, then I will do so. That does not make me a zealot, or a racist, or a mean person. It simply makes me practical. Does it mean we can’t help people who need it? Absolutely not. However, I think that there are certain guidelines of a civilized society that we need to live by, even outside the posh neighborhoods like yours. If you work hard and work smarter, you WILL prosper. Sucking c0ck$ in a drive thru really doesn’t follow the guidelines and at some point, don’t you have to hold everyone accountable for their actions?
        The fact that I have to convince you that this behavior is wrong is what bothers me most.

      5. Christina39 says:

        Posh part of town. No I live in that part of town that is anything but posh. That is why I know about poor people. But a mentally ill woman who offers sex or a not mentally ill woman who offers sex should not get a shot gun blast to the face. Why don’t you save that shot gun blast for someone who deserves it. If you are an adult I think you know when you are in mortal danger and when someone is trying to open a door because they are mentally ill. And why do you carry a concealed weapon?

        Khadijah Baseer of Los Angeles was seen opening customers’ car doors.

        This sounds like it was just what it was. She was not seen brandishing a weapon. Only you have the weapon to blow her face off.

      6. Scott says:

        This sounds like it was just what it was. You sit in your ivory tower and take what could have been some entertaining banter and turn it into an attack on me. You call me a Sociopath, but I’m the only honest person in this conversation. You pretend to care and accuse others of doing wrong, all the while brandishing a hatred for all common sense. Again, get a sense of humor and don’t lecture people on something about which you know nothing.

      7. Christina39 says:

        I remember when this country was very prosperous. “The good old days”. the economy was good, but the people were not. The direction that Los Angeles was going before there was a large influx of Mexicans would have become a neo nazi state.

      8. dave says:

        i agree with you scott i am a police officer if someone yanked my door open i would likely blow them away also YOU CAN NOT wait and see what the persons intentions are if they yank your door open in 99% of cases they mean you harm and they are prime to get shot

      9. Scott says:

        @Christina – You make no sense. “I remember when this country was very prosperous”. It’s a warped perspective that would see all the things that they have in this country (The rights, the liberties, the wealth) and still say such a thing.

        One could live a miserable life with that kind of perspective that you’ve got. Good luck with that.

      10. Christina39 says:

        Scott: There were rights for some, but not all Scott. You must be very young. I am not. I remember.

      11. Scott says:

        I am in my 40’s, so I don’t consider myself young. Ultimately, only a belligerent soul uses age as an excuse for their intolerance of others. Good day.

      12. Christina39 says:

        To Scott. Unfortunately the longer you have experiences with people the more you know you can’t trust them. It’s not nice, it’s just true. You have a good day too.

  18. John says:

    The people saying it’s sad she was brought in are forgetting two things. Once, she was breaking a law and soliciting people no matter how sad the situation happened to be. The other is that they will feed her in jail. That is at least a small comfort.

    Cases like this are why I don’t support foreign aid to non allied nations. We have people starving here, we don’t need to give away our resources to people that would happily gut us because they find our freedoms repulsive. You should not spend a dime of taxpayer money for places like Pakistan or Ethiopia until every American at least has food in his or her belly and a place to sleep. It is not wrong to want to care for your own first. It is not our place to feed and clothe the rest of the world while our own people are going hungry.

    1. Christina39 says:

      daba daba do bippity bippity bop

  19. J R Brown says:

    I am wondering exactly what the proble is here…millions of women trade a nice dinner for a romp in the sack every weekend.

  20. mrdamage says:

    all i can say is,the vision i get in my head when i think of a mcdonalds addict is not attractive….

  21. dave says:

    where does it say shes hungry?? she asked for the most gross item on that menu and also choose a place with food that is not likely what they call it as in beef or chicken.
    she was not hungery she was crazy that simple

  22. PatricParamedic says:

    J R Brown said:

    “I am wondering exactly what the problem is here…millions of women trade a nice dinner for a romp in the sack every weekend.”

    J R is exactly right, in pointing out the hypocrisy of societal views.

    We don’t call typical, mindless “hooking up” prostitution, because it’s draped in the clothing of decency.

    We can gift-wrap poop at Christmas, but it’s still a turd.

  23. the truffe says:

    Bleeding hearts assume she was just hungry and we the taxpayers should be responsible for her mental disorder to allow oral sex for McNuggets? I have handed leftovers from a great meal to people on Venice Blvd, thinking they were hungry and in need of a good meal, only to see them trash the food because they would rather have cash to buy booze or drugs. Homeless people and bums are sadly, many of the same today. I would ask for ID, but Obama doesn’t want illegals or troubled people to have to produce ID, only hard workking, tax paying Americans who fund California’s criminals, illegals and evil doers of all races and persuasions.

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