PASADENA (AP) — Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are together again — at least to promote their new project.

The stars, who split up last summer, appeared on a stage Saturday to promote a new music series they are doing together. “Q’Viva! The Chosen” premieres on Univision later this month.

Anthony reached down to offer his hand and help Lopez climb three stairs to the stage, and later admired her bling. They sat side by side on director’s chairs.

They answered only two questions at a news conference. Before leaving, Lopez told a reporter that “we have a great time working together.”

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  1. Smith-Garcia says:

    “Q’Viva! The Chosen” They see the future:
    Who will run the country? Aztlan
    La Raza announced this summer, in Phoenix, that within five years they will have the numbers to take the seven SW States back to Mexico.

    1. Mehilindo says:

      Uh… they are Puerto Rican’s. “Q” without the “ue” is Puerto Rican style slang sort of.

      Aztlan and “La Raza” are and only should be attributed to Mehicanohs.

      Puerto Rico is very far from Mexico.

      Puerto Ricans are different in culture and mentality from Mexicans.

      Puerto Ricans and basically ALL other NON-Mexican Latin Americans do NOT want to take back the USA like Mexicans want.

      Get that through your head ignroantes.

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