WINCHESTER (CBS) — A third grade teacher in Winchester was arrested after allegedly showing up to class drunk.

Theresa Davis was removed from her classroom by administrators at Susan LaVorgna Elementary School just after noon Thursday when co-workers discovered she was seemingly intoxicated.

Davis, whose classroom was occupied by 23 third-graders, had reportedly written an illegible hall pass for a student.

Deputies arrested Davis on suspicion of child endangerment. She was detained briefly, then turned her over to the custody of a family member, according to sheriff’s officials.

The case has been submitted to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Comments (5)
  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    Babysitter wanted; 8-9 year olds. Must be sober. Math and reading skills a plus.

  2. joe says:

    ok class…the liquor, i mean, the LESSON for today is…..

  3. Chuey says:

    If I had that job, I too would be drunk. Seriously, I hope she gets help.

  4. suburban n sober says:

    Seriously??? only 23 kids in the class???!!! why is my “white middle class neighborhood” not experiencing these teacher to student ratios? haha

    ps. drunk at 6am is STILL drunk… drunk after Noon is actively Drinking

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