LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The University of California has banned smoking and the use of chewing tobacco on all ten of its campuses.

The new rules, which go into effect in 2014, give the eight percent of students and 10 percent of faculty who smoke about two years to kick the habit.

The ban will also prohibit tobacco sales and advertising in all buildings owned or rented by the university.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that eight percent of UC of students and 10 percent of employees are smokers.

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  1. Vibrani Nora Amrani says:

    Freedom in America? I think not so much anymore.

    1. philmorris says:

      The mofos can still smoke outside the campus.

    2. Ashish says:

      this actlrie: New Year's Resolution: Quit Smoking – Intermedia Blog AKPC_IDS += "2500,";Popularity: unranked

  2. Kris says:

    Good Job. I hate inconsiderate people who smoke near entrances and all the cigarette smokes comes in, or even passing by someone smoking. That’s f’n disgusting. It’s about time.

  3. jaydee says:

    I’m not a smoker but I think it’s an injustice to those who do smoke. Give them a designated area to smoke, that’s all. And to make demands on the faculty and student body to quit smoking in 2 years is outrageous!

    1. Sheela says:

      Interesting piece. I very much eeojynd reading it! I smoked for many years but quit due to the fact that I just couldn’t justify my habit, even if the ciggs were all natural (Nat Shermans). You make several great points about health and the consequences of not quitting. In the end, smoking is just not worth it.

    2. Gabriel says:

      yes it is even remecmendod to not even be around it. Try to quit if you can at least for the baby. Smoking can lead to premature birth and lower birth weight and under developed lungs

  4. Junk science used in second hand smoke studies

    Appendix A: The model “questionnaire” of the World Health Organization as an example of data gathering for the quantification of vague memories of exposure of decades earlier. This questionnaire has been used to gather data for theMulticenter case-control study of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and lung cancer in Europe, Boffetta P, Aguado A, Ahrens W, Benhamou E, Benhamou S, Darby SC, et al., J Natl Cancer Inst., 1998;90(19):1440-50. This questionnaire is a model for all studies on passive smoking, regardless of their results. All studies follow the same methodology. This study, that overall shows no risk from passive smoking exposure, is the largest institutional study on passive smoking ever. The measuring of unverifiable memories is not science.


  5. lmc says:

    What are they going to do if someoone does smoke on campus?

  6. Lili says:

    It would be inesretting…to know if there could possibly be any financial incentive at all for a hotel to advertise that it does NOT offer pornography for viewing.Not likely. There is no way they would recover the lost customers (businessmen) with anti-porn customers (likely families). It is funny to think that the Church gets tithing funds paid for by porn.

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