By Jon Baird

LA PUENTE (CBS) — The mayor of La Puente said Thursday that a federal mandate to cut the inmate population in California prisons is to blame for a sharp jump in crimes in the city.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports now La Puente is spending $50,000 to beef up its police presence.

According to Mayor John Solis, sexual assaults are up about 300 percent and assaults with guns and knives up nearly 150 percent citywide since the realignment plan took effect a few months ago.

Under the realignment plan, many non-violent offenders end up in the county system instead of state prison and then get released early because of overcrowding.

Solis believes that makes the perpetrators even bolder.

“I think more crimes are being committed because, ‘Go in for a year, I’ll be out in a week, I’ll take my chances, it’s worth it’,” he said.

In addition to regular patrols by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, the city will set up a task force to deal with the crime surge that will work 7 days a week for the next 3 months “to curb these crimes and pick these people up”.

The city recently offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of a man suspected of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl at a La Puente apartment complex.

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  1. Rankin1 says:

    go back to open carry, if there lettin out these criminals they will not put you in jail.

    1. Madison Jones says:

      They wont put you in, but they will cite you and fine you to ensure job security for themselves.

  2. Crabjuice says:

    Why don’t Gov. Moonbeam and our illustrious California legislators simply repeal the law of Cause and Effect?

  3. ginny says:

    Since th Federal Govt decided that we have to do something about prison overcrowding, how about they had over the money for additional prisons? Maybe we should put them all on a plane, and arrange for ground transportation from the DC airport to take them to the elected officials homes to take charge of them

  4. Madison Jones says:

    Post Sentencing Bail would help. Wouldnt cost the taxpayers and would create jobs in the private sector!

  5. Modernheaded says:

    The more disturbing is TWO part for me:

    1 – n the VIDEO news report of that one La Puente Chicano resident – he says that its the economy, that its helping in creating more crime.

    Again – excuses, oh its external, its not US as a people that have a problem – oh responsibility lies in the economy being bad.

    2 – All this talk here about federal government, moonbeam governor (can’t stand him for many reasons meself) and stats, numbers, “facts” all kinds of things… of course a liberal political atmosphere allows for the worst to arise, got it but, thats all DISTRACTIONS.

    The solution is IN the problem – its THEM, as a people who have to change the generational passing of low ethics and character, I mean everyone in that community – the Mexican community of La Puente from Chicano to recently venidos,, need to hash it out.

    But will they? NEVER.

    Its always someone else’s fault, or some external force they can point the finger to, like the economy, that just gives those punks excuses to do what they do.

    I feel like as always, wasting my time discussing it, its never going to change. They don’t have it in them. Its as if THEY LOVE IT. Thats why I call it like I see it – its cultural.

    And you know what, our culture, especially pop culture is to blame – thuggery all around, music and arts ruined, thuggerized… even what you perceive to be a harmless radio show on Hot92 – The Art Laboe show – is all about Oldies and gang banger culture… lowrider b|_|llsh~t.

    Listen to that radio show…”Yuhh, I’d like to send out a dedication to my homie G-Ride and Snoopy in La Puente from Spanky in La Habra”.


  6. NotSurprised says:


  7. Gene Lalor says:

    Consequences, Intended and Not

    Planning is usually a prudent thing to do and, usually, the planning pans out. Sometimes, though, especially when the planning is done by politicians, unintended consequences of misbegotten schemes make you wonder where the pols’ heads are.

    Communist regimes are big on planning. Five Year Plans to re-vamp its economy were always a big favorite with the old U.S.S.R. commissars and always resulted in big failures.

    One of the few sad remnants of Communism, North Korea, also has little luck when it comes to economics although it is spectacular in staging funerals. The recent obsequies for its late dictator Kim Jong-il were no exception.

    North Korea demonstrated its expertise in not only planning its Supreme Leader’s funeral but in its consequences for hapless North Koreans who didn’t cry enough.

    As an informant reported, within days of Kim Jong-il’s death, “The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labour-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organised gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.”

    So much for Communism, so much for the dictatorship of the proletariat where the proles are forced to grieve for a bloody tyrant.

    More relevant to Americans are interesting intended and unintended consequences in the U.S.

    Last month, the FBI released a report indicating that violent crime in the U.S. fell 6.4 percent in the first half of 2011 and property crimes fell by 3.7 as contrasted with the same time 2010 time period.

    That was the unexpected good news.

    The bad news–for liberals who seek to disarm law-abiding citizens–is that the increasing number of armed law-abiding citizens in the country no doubt accounted in large part for the drop in crime.

    As proven in Florida and elsewhere, criminals are far less inclined to maim, murder, and break into homes and businesses when their prospective victims are prepared to blow them away.

    The intent of gun laws is to inhibit the unrestricted ownership of guns, the true consequence of which is to concentrate guns in the hands of criminals while denying honest Americans the right to defend themselves. The joke on liberals is that the latter stocking up on weapons to defend themselves serves as a deterrent against the former.

    In a related issue, a presumed unintended consequence of excessive liberality has led to excessive violence.

    A federal court judge decided last year that allegedly non-violent California prisoners were uncomfortable in their crowded facilities. He didn’t comment on the discomfort felt by their victims but did order California to give more space to the perpetrators. Strapped California had no money to build more prisons and chose instead to release thousands of convicted and accused “non-violent” offenders into society.

    According to La Puente Mayor John Solis, his city and others are suffering the consequences of the judge’s beneficence. Solis reports that ”Sexual assaults are up about 300 percent and assaults with guns and knives up nearly 150 percent citywide” since the release of the reprobates.

    He blames “prison realignment,” a euphemism for loosing barbarians in a state where gun laws are strictly enforced and a resultant explosion of barbarity.
    (

  8. Darla Anderson says:

    Thanks for the balanced report. You just don’t get it from the reporters nor the media moguls that have their own agenda.

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