By Jon Baird

LA PUENTE (CBS) — The mayor of La Puente said Thursday that a federal mandate to cut the inmate population in California prisons is to blame for a sharp jump in crimes in the city.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports now La Puente is spending $50,000 to beef up its police presence.

According to Mayor John Solis, sexual assaults are up about 300 percent and assaults with guns and knives up nearly 150 percent citywide since the realignment plan took effect a few months ago.

Under the realignment plan, many non-violent offenders end up in the county system instead of state prison and then get released early because of overcrowding.

Solis believes that makes the perpetrators even bolder.

“I think more crimes are being committed because, ‘Go in for a year, I’ll be out in a week, I’ll take my chances, it’s worth it’,” he said.

In addition to regular patrols by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, the city will set up a task force to deal with the crime surge that will work 7 days a week for the next 3 months “to curb these crimes and pick these people up”.

The city recently offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of a man suspected of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl at a La Puente apartment complex.

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  1. ginny says:

    Is anyone surprised?

  2. Alan Di says:

    Does La Puente have some magnet to attract criminals?

    1. jay says:

      if its nonviolent criminals being released why is there more violent crime. this doesnt make sense.

      1. yarply says:

        It’s easier to blame them instead of the illegals.

      2. FusterCluck says:

        Most of them are not truly non-violent offenders. They may have been convicted of a non-violent crime, but that’s because they pleaded down to lesser charges. It’s one of the ways they sold this BS to the public. Non-violent offenders my arse.

      3. Darla Anderson says:

        Right??!!! That’s stupid. Suggesting that a human being is going to commit a crime because the punishment is more reasonable now….It’s stupidity and it’s politics and fear-mongering. Adding $50,000 to their budget–what does that mean? They hired one more cop? Where’s the quote that I read somewhere that we put law enforcement on the job to prevent so many thousand crimes, and in so doing we have so many thousand crimes perpetrated against the people by the law enforcement.

      4. mike says:

        Darla, you sound like a complete IDIOT! get an education, then try again to write a halfway understandable paragraph. MORON!

    2. Captain Incredulous says:

      If you aren;t familiar with the area, it is largely Hispanic, as are the surrounding areas. Lot’s of gang bang activity in the area…., i.e. Vario la Puente Trese, East Side Dukes, Bassett Grande, Lil Happy Homes, etc. Not a nice area.

    3. Jwood says:

      They’re just coming home.

  3. steveB says:

    Latinos predominately vote Democratic. They elected Gov. Brown and they got what they wished for.

    1. george says:

      So did the rest of us.

  4. Virtual Vigilante says:

    There is another way to secure the perimeter, and it doesn’t involve reliance on the local PD or sheriff.

  5. freeecheese says:

    How is Gov. “Moonbeam” going to handle the revolving doors at the prisons. This is just aggrivatting the situation and recycling an old product: just released criminals. They will probably get their old cells back.
    Big trouble for Kollifornia. They can’t even afford to lock up Lindsey Lohan, what are they going to do with a killer?

    1. obozosux says:

      Here’s an interesting concept .Maybe they should use what money they have to protect the legal citizens instead of using it to support the ILLEGAL immigrants. Just a thought.

    2. lukuj says:

      Isn’t the liberal answer to everything to raise taxes? As soon as taxes get to 100%, Brown will start looking for another answer – providing there are still people living in the state who have incomes that don’t come from the government. Just keep voting for the liberals, Californians, and don’t complain about the obvious, negative results. I do feel sorry for those who don’t vote the idiots in, though. It is a beautiful state that is being destroyed.

  6. freecheese says:

    You’re right sir, but all ghetto cities ran by democrats are having the same problems. Difference is: Kollifornia has more ghetto cities than other states.

    1. Nick says:

      I like how these statistics are manipulated. Drudge links always skew the facts. Violent crime in Los Angeles County is down 14% from last year. Don’t you think Los Angeles County (with over 9 million people) would be a better indicator of crime trends in California than La Puente (a city of less than 40,000 people)? What Drudge did is find an article with one city that had crime go up, while the vast majority of cities witnessed a decrease in all categories of crime (including violent crimes).

    2. Nick says:

      Freecheese: It’s funny that you say that, because Memphis, TN has a higher violent crime rate per capita than any city in California. Also, Minneapolis, MN and Anchorage, AK have more sexual offenses per capita than any city in California.

    3. Curtis says:


      You miss some history. Nobody actually lives in LA. It is empty. Drive there some day downtown, even by the whossname center. Empty of life. Let’s never ever go there for crime stats.
      Bell, well, they made the news didn’t they? I think the city manager was pulling in over a million$/year and the Police Chief was making over $479K/year and it was just an itty bit town of no more than 38 thousand.

      Memphis, that used to be a nice town but then, all of a sudden, they and the feds decided to bulldoze all the public housing and they turned all those murdering rapists free from murdering and raping their own by subsidizing the murdering rapists housing throughout most of Memphis where they just continued to get on with their murdering and raping.

  7. The Sage Waitress says:

    A Paul Kersey needs to step forward. The government has–once again–FAILED in its duty.

    1. KerseyNation says:

      We’re gonna need a LOT of Paul Kerseys.

  8. CyberKnight says:

    The crime rate goes up when they release several thousand prisoners. What a big BIG surprise!!! I also think Gov.”Moonbeam” released several thousand state prisoners to help the budget

    1. Nick says:

      Actually the crime rate went up in one small city (population of less than 40,000), while the crime rate in Los Angeles county fell drastically (down 14% in one year). You’ve been intentionally deceived by the author of this article and by Drudge (who linked to this article). Both of them hope that you don’t have the time to do the research on your own, and that you will spread this misinformation to all of your friends and family.

      1. Davis says:

        Nick where are you getting your data? The UCR and SHR wont be out for 2011 for a while now. Are you going on partial data from LA County? If so could you like your link to the data so I can take a look at it.

        Here is the link for the FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports but the most recent data is from 2009. So I am concerned about where you are getting your data to be making claims of 14% reductions in the crime rate.

        Here is the public link to the FBI data

  9. GottaLaugh says:

    California is dying a slow painful death, just keep voting Liberal and get use to it.

  10. Don says:

    Leave it to California.

    1. Nick says:

      Yup “leave it to California” to decrease crime in Los Angeles county by 14% in one year. And, leave it to California to San Jose (331 violent crimes per 100,000), Anaheim (343 violent crimes per 100,000), San Diego (427 violent crimes per 100,000), and Santa Ana (443 violent crimes per 100,000).

      1. Nick says:

        Yup “leave it to California” to decrease crime in Los Angeles county by 14% in one year. And, “leave it to California” to have some of the safest cities in the country like San Jose (331 violent crimes per 100,000), Anaheim (343 violent crimes per 100,000), San Diego (427 violent crimes per 100,000), and Santa Ana (443 violent crimes per 100,000).

  11. Rusty Shackleford says:

    When they enter a house and the owner has a gun, what will be their career? Eating worms!

    1. Roger Drew Williams says:

      Actually, the new career would more accerately be described as “Worm Food”.

    2. Presidnet Not Sure says:

      Ahh.. Jawa love.. Do you advertise that position on

  12. freecheese says:

    I used to live in Oxnard back in the ’70s. Left and travled for many years. Last time I was in LA, I was an over-the-road trucker. I couldn’t find the location. I asked about a dozen passers-by for help, and nobody could speak English!
    I used to think this was the United States. Thank you Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. It is going to get worse before it gets better.
    I will never move back to Kollifornia.

  13. Liberal.Loser says:

    California inmates get early release under new law

    SACRAMENTO, CA – A new state law will allow California to reduce its prison population by 6,500 inmates over the next year. The law would allow some low-risk inmates to leave prison early and help reduce prison overcrowding.

  14. Mikey says:

    There are over 450,000 school buses in the lower 48 states. Most of them sit empty for 2 or 3 months each summer. I say we load them up with illegal aliens, get positive ID on each (fingerprints, iris scans), make them pay for the gas, drive them to the Mexican border, and tell ’em to start marching south. Come back and you will get 5 years hard time.

  15. nelson says:

    Don, you used to many words, Leave California would cover it.

  16. obozosux says:

    Dear Leader needs as many ex cons as possible released and aregistered to vote in time for the election. His homies won’t let him down. Jus’ sayin’

  17. Blair says:

    Ok folks, this is very, very simple to figure out. As a society, we have but two choices here.

    Choice A: The government will arrest criminals, prosecute them and lock them away for LONG periods of time. This will provide some measure of deterrence but not near enough. While doing this, the government enacts draconian gun control measures in the belief that police and the threat of long term incarceration will deter crime.

    Choice B: You know you can’t catch and hold everybody forever and the cost of doing this is completely prohibitive. Enable law abiding people to carry concealed weapons and encourage them to protect themselves as there is NO WAY police can protect everybody all the time. This will confront criminals with the very real possibility they will be killed immediately while attempting to commit these violent crimes. This is the best deterrent there is.

    When you boil this down and study the statistics thoroughly, these are the only two choices. EVERY single state that has adopted shall issue concealed carry laws has seen a sharp decrease in crimes, those that have not, have seen an increase. It’s just that simple.

    Start to learn how to take care of yourself and by all means, if you see something bad happening to somebody, get involved! Don’t just gasp and call 911. The police could be 20 minutes away! Help your fellow man.

  18. obozosux says:

    Best post I’ve read all month. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!

  19. repooper says:

    Perhaps we shouldn’t fill our jails with drug users? Or perhaps we shouldn’t have for profit prisons that encourage longer jail sentences so they can make more money?

  20. Bryan Cook says:

    I bet it’ll take about 5 years for a Government study to come out that correlates more criminals on the streets with higher crime rates…


  21. JustAGuy says:

    Unintended consequences of voting Obama into office.

    If you vote for Obama in 2012, that’s like hitting yourself in the face with your own fist.

    Both are self-inflicted injuries.

  22. the Dude says:

    California is done, stick a fork in it.

    1. george says:

      You don’t wanna eat it. Too much taco sauce.

  23. Rick says:

    San Bernardino and LA County are under court orders to empty jails also. This comes at a time when law enforcement officers are being cut. The answer is simple; instead of the Democrat controlled legislature/governor outlawing the open carry of UNLOADED handguns in public, they should have passed concealed carry and open carry laws like most of the rest of the states already have. Citizens would be able to protect themselves when police cannot.

    1. Madison Jones says:

      Agreed, but in the mean time, pull out those long guns and open carry those. Its legal and will make a statement. Time to take a stand!

  24. george says:

    Give a hearty round of thanks to the judges who order the early releases . . . and to the politicians who appoint the judges. Elections do matter.

  25. John C says:

    “a FEDERAL mandate to cut the inmate population in California prisons is to blame for a sharp jump in crimes in the city.”

    Who could have predicted this except any reasonable person who is not afflicted with the mental disorder of liberalism? Just think of it as part of the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” promised by President Obama in his 2008 campaign. Are we there yet?

  26. JustAGuy says:

    The article says this is a federal mandate. This lies at the feet of Obama and Holder.

    Elections have consequences.

  27. Mr. X says:

    Get out of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia now, while you’re still able to afford it and are physically able to. Lived out there 20 years ago – don’t know what happened, don’t recognize the place anymore and it seems like most of the people get kookier by the day. Not all – my apologies to those of you out there who are still normal.

  28. Nick says:

    Modernheaded: very interesting post, except your assertions aren’t supported by facts. According to the facts, the two safest cities in the U.S. are (1) El Paso, TX which is 80% Hipanic (75% Mexican) and (2) Surprise, AZ which is 23% Hispanic.

    I challenge you or anyone else to explain to me how your comments about Mexicans being “gang bangers” can be true, but yet the two safest cities in the US have a disproportionate amount of people of Mexican heritage.

    1. Norge says:

      I’ll explain it to you right now, it is really simple so even you should understand it, so pay attention: It called Concealed Carry, and both places have a ‘Shall issue’ policy. Crimes don’t happen because the law-abiding are ARMED, and the criminals do not fear the American justice system at all…but they do fear the ARMED CITIZEN! Where the law abiding are armed, the criminal fears to tread, hispanic or not.

    2. Davis says:

      According to the Uniform Crime Reports (FBI) and Supplementary Homicide Reports Hispanic offenders are about twice as likely to be gang affiliated as non-Black, non-Hispanic offenders and about 1.5 times as likely as Black offenders. Still overall the number of gang-involved offenders are in the minority. I think its only about 7% of Hispanic offenders. Gang-involved persons offend at a MUCH higher rate than non-gang offenders almost 6 times as much. People do tend to make assumptions about groups because of what they see so I would suggest leaving them to their misconceptions as it is often impossible to convince them otherwise.

    3. Modernheaded says:

      You’re making excuses NICK… I dont care about El Paso this and that, thats not the point here.

      You’re like… defending or again, making excuses, coming up with figures to say that generational, cultural gang banging isn’t a problem.

      Tell it to the parents of the baby that got killed by a drive by in Paramount by some little gang banger wanna be’s.

      Tell me about those parents that LET their kids become gang bangers or are fooled by them.

      Its parental, its cultural, and they do NOTHING to change it.

      And yes, cultural, like a tradition, I’ve seen and heard too much, witnessed too much to even start thinking its genetic. Its something in the blood.

      Assertions? More like in the barrio observations… NICK.

  29. MEC2 says:

    This is a failure of basic government responsibility at a fundamental level – one of the core concepts of government is the exchange of the right of each person to seek personal justice and retribution to the state for it’s pledge to protect individual rights and physical security. Failing to provide even this basic service renders the social contract void – when the government fails to protect it’s citizens, what then does the citizen owe the government?

    A despicable display of the advanced government rot in California.

  30. brdcstr says:

    Lemme get this straight, John. The early release of nonviolent prisoners has directly led to the increase in violent crimes in La Puente?

    Like the typical politician, methinks you’re playing the blame game instead of getting to the root of the cause for the recent surge in violent crimes.

  31. Jeff Buchman says:

    …and good luck getting a concealed carry permit to defend yourself. The criminals don’t apply for them.

    1. Madison Jones says:

      Open carry your long guns, thats still legal in CA!!!

  32. boot the mayor says:

    maybe the mayor should put deputies back out on the streets. seeing as how he took 3 deputies off the streets. The city cant pay its bills and yet it wants to make a “task force” to handle these problems. what a joke.

  33. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    The cause for most crime is breeding deadbeats on welfare just to vote dimo, that and letting them into the country legally and illegally.

    * my only comment

  34. Bill in Arizonq says:

    Sheriff Joe was solving our problem. Now Obama is doing everything he can to stop him. Tent city works. Ciminals need to stay locked up. They get out and go back to their old way. 80%

  35. Joe bob says:

    Criminals have to be moving there due to lax laws and a freeloading society. California is going to be the example for which we gauge Americas failure.

  36. intellectone says:

    Oh where, Oh where is my comment?

  37. luxomni says:

    The illegal aliens who bought the house across the street from me rand a hotel in it for a while until the economy fell off. (How did they get a mortgage? ) Zoning would only check during the day when the 10 cars weren’t parked on the front lawn. They painted the bricks fire engine red and the mortar white – well, 3/4 of it.
    The good news is that they have walked away from their mortgage. The bad news is the house is still three quarters garishly painted and the lawn is still ruined.

  38. jim says:

    Interesting Facts!

    Isn’t this just a mirror image of blacks in the country?

    America gives and they just take!

  39. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Apparently it IS necessary to state the obvious– if you’re going to deal with a severe prison overcrowding problem, electricity is a lot cheaper than building more prisons.

  40. NormB says:

    Guns save lives folks. Get some. The Obama “Just Us” department isn’t through with you yet.

  41. walter12 says:

    California has become a decaying third world state run by Marxists and fools. Only a nutcase, a fool, or a deathwish person would visit California nowadays.

    Anyway, it will not be long now, for the big one is coming.

  42. Scott says:

    Sounds like you need a tent city like AZ

  43. Robert B. says:

    Too bad California will not make it easier for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed, as long as all legal requirements for permitting are met. Thank goodness I live in a sate that allows its citizens to exercise the right (and I do).

    In our society crime is never going to go away – but as long as I’m able I don’t plan on having to be put in the uncomfortable position of having to wait for police response to save my life if someone attempts to perpetrate a violent crime on me, my family or friends.

  44. Il Bui says:

    Bottom line. When liberals run gov, crime SKYROCKETS.

  45. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    It’s okay that murder rates are up due to cutting the prison budgets. Welfare for the illegal aliens after all is much more important than the safety of Americans.

  46. Gibbs Bentley says:

    Empty the prisons of non violent prisoners and there will be plenty of room for violent offenders and the corrupt politicians, judges and cops.

  47. Mike says:

    Why not execute people instead of release them? Take the worst criminals or those doing jail terms longer than their expected to live and execute them. When the animal shelter gets full of cats and dogs. We don’t release them. We start to put them to sleep. It can work just as well with these people too.

  48. Rankin1 says:

    go back to open carry, if there lettin out these criminals they will not put you in jail.

    1. Madison Jones says:

      They wont put you in, but they will cite you and fine you to ensure job security for themselves.

  49. Crabjuice says:

    Why don’t Gov. Moonbeam and our illustrious California legislators simply repeal the law of Cause and Effect?

  50. ginny says:

    Since th Federal Govt decided that we have to do something about prison overcrowding, how about they had over the money for additional prisons? Maybe we should put them all on a plane, and arrange for ground transportation from the DC airport to take them to the elected officials homes to take charge of them

  51. Madison Jones says:

    Post Sentencing Bail would help. Wouldnt cost the taxpayers and would create jobs in the private sector!

  52. Modernheaded says:

    The more disturbing is TWO part for me:

    1 – n the VIDEO news report of that one La Puente Chicano resident – he says that its the economy, that its helping in creating more crime.

    Again – excuses, oh its external, its not US as a people that have a problem – oh responsibility lies in the economy being bad.

    2 – All this talk here about federal government, moonbeam governor (can’t stand him for many reasons meself) and stats, numbers, “facts” all kinds of things… of course a liberal political atmosphere allows for the worst to arise, got it but, thats all DISTRACTIONS.

    The solution is IN the problem – its THEM, as a people who have to change the generational passing of low ethics and character, I mean everyone in that community – the Mexican community of La Puente from Chicano to recently venidos,, need to hash it out.

    But will they? NEVER.

    Its always someone else’s fault, or some external force they can point the finger to, like the economy, that just gives those punks excuses to do what they do.

    I feel like as always, wasting my time discussing it, its never going to change. They don’t have it in them. Its as if THEY LOVE IT. Thats why I call it like I see it – its cultural.

    And you know what, our culture, especially pop culture is to blame – thuggery all around, music and arts ruined, thuggerized… even what you perceive to be a harmless radio show on Hot92 – The Art Laboe show – is all about Oldies and gang banger culture… lowrider b|_|llsh~t.

    Listen to that radio show…”Yuhh, I’d like to send out a dedication to my homie G-Ride and Snoopy in La Puente from Spanky in La Habra”.


  53. Gene Lalor says:

    Consequences, Intended and Not

    Planning is usually a prudent thing to do and, usually, the planning pans out. Sometimes, though, especially when the planning is done by politicians, unintended consequences of misbegotten schemes make you wonder where the pols’ heads are.

    Communist regimes are big on planning. Five Year Plans to re-vamp its economy were always a big favorite with the old U.S.S.R. commissars and always resulted in big failures.

    One of the few sad remnants of Communism, North Korea, also has little luck when it comes to economics although it is spectacular in staging funerals. The recent obsequies for its late dictator Kim Jong-il were no exception.

    North Korea demonstrated its expertise in not only planning its Supreme Leader’s funeral but in its consequences for hapless North Koreans who didn’t cry enough.

    As an informant reported, within days of Kim Jong-il’s death, “The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labour-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organised gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.”

    So much for Communism, so much for the dictatorship of the proletariat where the proles are forced to grieve for a bloody tyrant.

    More relevant to Americans are interesting intended and unintended consequences in the U.S.

    Last month, the FBI released a report indicating that violent crime in the U.S. fell 6.4 percent in the first half of 2011 and property crimes fell by 3.7 as contrasted with the same time 2010 time period.

    That was the unexpected good news.

    The bad news–for liberals who seek to disarm law-abiding citizens–is that the increasing number of armed law-abiding citizens in the country no doubt accounted in large part for the drop in crime.

    As proven in Florida and elsewhere, criminals are far less inclined to maim, murder, and break into homes and businesses when their prospective victims are prepared to blow them away.

    The intent of gun laws is to inhibit the unrestricted ownership of guns, the true consequence of which is to concentrate guns in the hands of criminals while denying honest Americans the right to defend themselves. The joke on liberals is that the latter stocking up on weapons to defend themselves serves as a deterrent against the former.

    In a related issue, a presumed unintended consequence of excessive liberality has led to excessive violence.

    A federal court judge decided last year that allegedly non-violent California prisoners were uncomfortable in their crowded facilities. He didn’t comment on the discomfort felt by their victims but did order California to give more space to the perpetrators. Strapped California had no money to build more prisons and chose instead to release thousands of convicted and accused “non-violent” offenders into society.

    According to La Puente Mayor John Solis, his city and others are suffering the consequences of the judge’s beneficence. Solis reports that ”Sexual assaults are up about 300 percent and assaults with guns and knives up nearly 150 percent citywide” since the release of the reprobates.

    He blames “prison realignment,” a euphemism for loosing barbarians in a state where gun laws are strictly enforced and a resultant explosion of barbarity.
    (

  54. Darla Anderson says:

    Thanks for the balanced report. You just don’t get it from the reporters nor the media moguls that have their own agenda.