By Ed Mertz

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A cell phone video that captured a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy hitting a woman in the face may not be enough to warrant an investigation, sheriff’s officials said Wednesday.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports Sheriff Lee Baca called the video taken on a Metro bus “disturbing”, but stopped short of calling for any immediate response.

The video shows a deputy using his elbow to hit the face of a female passenger after she reportedly swore at him and another deputy.

Baca said the incident is under review.

“If policy is violated or common sense is violated, then we need to address it, and if the individual deputy who swung an elbow to the lady is looking at that as a sensible solution, we need to re-train that individual and hold him accountable,” Baca said.

While the woman in the video was reportedly causing problems on the bus and is known to have a history of mental illness, “that doesn’t justify anything that’s wrong”, he added.

Still, Baca — who has recently taken responsibility for alleged misconduct by deputies at the Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. — would not comment on whether the deputy’s actions were justified.

“I think we have to look at what his threat level was when that occured, and then from there we can make that determination,” he said.

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  1. uhoh says:

    OMG she swore at them. Just elbow her in the face. Im glad I don’t live in LA county.

    1. Michael says:

      not everything shows on those vid phones maybe she spat at him in which case i would hit her my self

    2. GR0WAPA!R says:

      Well, if that aS$hat Brown wants to owe up to his threats, he should let a couple of cop killers out of the prisons to even things up a little. I’ve never been in real need of of a cop and realize that, if I were, the odds are I would be dead before any of the whiny overpaid incompetent puS$y aS$wipes decided to show up.

      An overpaid incompetent puS$y aS$wipe must be reading this.

  2. CITIZEN says:

    typical cops if can get away with hitting this woman the rest of us need to watch out. You never know who is stopping you or what is there frame of mind. Shouls I shoot first then hit hit first first then shoot looks better. HE AND HIS PARTNER ARE NOTING BUT COWARDS!! SHERIFF COWARDS.

    1. Debra R Steinman says:

      Cowards? No. They’re bullies, high on their ‘power’ to assault anyone they choose and think they’ll get away with it.

    2. Had Enogh with LAPD says:

      Agreed! LAPD is DISGUSTING!!! Their behavior is shameless! A man that hits (elbows) a woman, mentally ill person ect, in the face is a Coward!!! This has happened more than twice in the last couple months. Thumbs down!!!

      They’ll hire anyone on the force…I teach my children to walk on the other side of the street when officers are near – 99% of the time they look just like gang bangers with the uniforms!

  3. Debra R Steinman says:

    I don’t care what ‘history’ he has. The woman had her hands to her sides and PIG elbowed her! KICK THE SWINE OUT! You have millions of unemployed Americans, who can do HIS job better than HIM!

  4. Doug says:

    Let us not judge this officer to soon. After all the women might have ( attitude ).

    1. Derek Rich says:

      It’s on video and he’s on the public dime, so we have a right to judge. Regardless of “attitude”, the cops have all the advantages, including time, back-up, guns, etc. What this “man” did is criminal- he assaulted and battered a woman who was being restrained by his partner.

  5. Roger says:

    How quick we jump to opinions without knowing the whole STORY. I wonder how many of the people that are calling all these names are FELONS ! And how quick you are to call when YOU feel in DANGER or its your Family then you want justice right. Well this said I dont know the story why cant we wait and see what happen and then we know.

    1. Derek Rich says:

      I just got out of the Army after 14 years, so I am not a felon nor any type of criminal. The deputy did NOT elbow the woman- HE PUNCHED HER IN THE JAW. It was a short right-cross (I did a little boxing) Just because we may have to rely on the cops does NOT give them the right to assault people. I am sorry, but if he can’t take verbal abuse without brutalizing civilians, then he needs to find a different line of work.

      1. t.k says:

        does anyone know the deputy’s name or what station he was from?

  6. David says:

    I take justice into my own hands. I don’t reply on stupid cops to handle anything – that’s if they even decide to show up when called since krispy kreme came to town.

    An elbow to the face…really?? wow what a brave stupid cop.

  7. Angry Annie says:

    Fat bald worthless slob of a coppig should end up in jail for that. There is no excuse for hitting anyone let alone a woman, in the face.

    and he has the nerve to ask for the cell phone!! HA! to bad pig, your exposed!

  8. . says:

    The LACSD is the largest gang in LA County.

  9. Joe says:

    He had to prove to his co-workers what a man he is by beating up some old lady.—COWARD—

  10. Steve says:

    Roger, calm down, you seem to have your panties in a twist. I’m not a felon and probably most if not all people on this board. Perhaps you’re the felon. We all have a right to our opinion and a punk like you wouldn’t last 30 seconds in a confrontation with me. Consider this, what would have happened to that woman if she had elbowed the cop? Right, she would be in jail charged with a potential felony or something serious enough to jeopardize her freedom for the next 6 months. Also, if a husband did the same thing to his wife, he would be arrested on suspicion of spousal abuse. Now, Dougy boy, do you see any inconsistencies here? And if you want a piece of me, just respond and I will make sure that we spend some quality time together ahole.

    1. citizen says:

      Oh boy, Steve is one rough cookie. You seem like the ahole.

    2. Roger says:

      Steve, your a real class act, you talking about ” Calm Down ” you should have stayed in SCHOOL that would have been quality time well spent.

  11. tracy lilian says:

    bunch of idiots including baca and corrupted pigs go to hell devils

  12. Robert S. says:

    To say the least, it is disturbing. The deputy should have recognized that this woman was a “special needs” person and handled her with “kitgloves”. He would have found her much more easy to handle if he had used “sugar”, rather than brute force. There a lot of police that need training in “How to Confront” a subject, and this guy needs the training. A lot of people abuse the police, and the “abused” become the abusers!. I am sorry for all involved in this incident, but the deputy was clearly an “Abusive BULLY” in this case, and should be taken off the force. If I were the Sheriff, I would not tolerate this kind of abuse!

  13. Kevin says:

    Darth Baca at his best again. His Stormtroopers do no wrong in his eyes, so until we get a new Sheriff in Los Angeles County, Bacas Stormtroopers will continue to have that gang mentallity and be disrespectful to all and Baca will continue to collect a paycheck say nothing and do nothing,

    What a waste of a Sheriff

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