MONROVIA (CBS) — A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle Monday in Monrovia and hospitalized in stable condition.

The collision occurred at Violet Avenue and Foothill Boulevard about 6 p.m., said Sgt. P. Newton of the Monrovia Police Department.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s kind of a cruel thing to do if you hit someone and you take off and run — you’re not giving the person a chance to survive in some cases,” said Mark Spencer, who said he heard the crash from inside his home. “It takes a low-down, dirty dog to do that, if you ask me.”

The bicyclist was making a left turn and was struck from behind, Newton said.

His helmet was sent flying in the air and his helmet cracked into pieces upon hitting the cement.

The driver fled the scene of the crash. Witnesses say he was driving an SUV and didn’t even slow down following the collision.

The bicyclist was lucid and speaking with paramedics. He was hospitalized in stable condition.

Police say the driver contacted them approximately an hour after the collision and they met him and took him into custody. His name has not been released because he has not been booked yet.

He was expected to be charged with felony hit-and-run.

Comments (13)
  1. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Well, the bicyclist had the right of way.

    1. Mel Gibson says:

      Yea, but when they tangle it’s all over for the cyclist.

      I can’t believe how many cyclists have their head up their but thinking all drivers see them

      1. greg says:

        Why am I not surprised Mel Gibson wouldn’t know BUT from BUTT, mo ron

  2. Raul says:


    1. Aggie says:

      Hey Raul — learn to lay off the caps and while you’re at it learn the California Vehicle Code. Cyclists are required to ride in the road. People with road rage (and only a 3rd grade education) shouldn’t be given a driver’s license. Cyclists make the road safer for motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists because we cause people to slow down and take it easy. Something you need to be doing with regularity.

    2. JJ says:

      Raul definitely did not make the third grade. It is evident from his use of “PPL,” “U,” “UR” etc. Nevertheless, Aggie is correct, the California Vehicle Code requires cyclists to stay on the road and follow all traffic laws as vehicles. Can a cyclist receive a citation for not stopping at a stop sign? Yes. Red light? Yes. Citation for riding on sidewalk? YES! Although many individuals here condemn cyclists, they must understand that cyclists sharing the side of the road with them is one less driver on the road they have to deal with. Not only is it less contamination, less traffic, and one more parking space available on the city, but it is also less damaging to the already deteriorating roads in LA. Folks say,”Cyclists must pay to use the road,” Why? The more cyclists the better for the rest of us. We would only need 10% of Angelenos on bikes to make a tremendous impact on traffic jams. Remember, a bike runs on fat and saves money, a car runs on money and makes you fat!

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    At least the Driver turned himself in..

  4. Timothy McGarry says:

    They need to do something about this; bicycles don’t belong on the same road as motor vehicles anymore.

  5. jeff says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    At the corner of Calaveras and N. Park Victoria in Milpitas California two corrupt DEA allmost caused the death of an elderly lady while they where harrassing a suspect.
    The elderly lady was crossing the street about 15 yards ahead of the suspect’s car that was going west bound on Calaveras after having just pulled out of the Shell station. One of the DEA in the bus stop near the Shell station tried to gain the attention of the suspect thereby almost causing the car to hit the elderly lady. The other DEA was at the Shell station.
    They have also recently, on several occasions, entered my home while I was not there so that they can get better access to my vehicle and loosen steering linkages, remove wheel weights, tamper with breaks, tamper with transmission linkages, etc… Every time I detect that they have entered my home, my dog looks like he is not feeling well. Why take my insolence out on a dog?
    They are also shooting BB guns at my car while driving. One instance they shot a BB gun at my car in a very busy intersection of highways 680&101 while I was traveling 55+ mph.
    They have been harrassing me for 20 years.
    The DEA is part of the problem and not solution. Apart from being the proxy force for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and the NSA, they have been a failure since Nixon’s inception. The DEA could benefit from a large buget cut and employee rift to remove the corrupt ones.

  6. Paul Tetu says:

    From the most sincere place in my heart, thank you so much to the men and women who worked to save me. We owe a lot to the people not-so-behind-the-scenes and too often we ramble on without acknowledging the incredible effort they give to make our world a safer, better place and often while cracking jokes about them. My deepest thanks to them, my friends and, most of all, my family for supporting me as I recover. I promise I will not take this second chance lightly.

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