NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Police are looking for three gunmen who fatally shot a man trying to save his grandfather from robbers.

The shooting occurred at Coldwater Canyon Boulevard and Willard at about 7 p.m. Monday.

The men were trying to yank a personal belonging off an elderly man outside his family’s home when he cried for help.

north hollywood fatal robbery Man, 24, Shot Dead As He Tries To Save Grandfather From Robbers

(credit: CBS)

The man’s family came outside and began chasing after the robbers. The man’s grandson was the first to reach the suspects as they began to drive away in their SUV.

Jose Torres, 24 managed to smash the rear window of the suspects’ car when the men shot him in the head.

Torres was transported in critical condition to a hospital, where he died.

The grandfather was reportedly hysterical after the incident and transported to a local hospital with chest pains.

Anyone with information was asked to call police.

Comments (23)
  1. lorena says:

    my prayers and deepest condolences to the family….. he is resting in peace… may god give the family strength,comfort,abundance in life and peace in their heart… heart breaking when our children are the one that supposed to buried us not us buried them …. god bless and he is resting in peace in our father home.

  2. Buddy says:

    Both you & Carol should be ashamed of your replies.

  3. chan says:

    you do know how easy it is to track an IP address, right? Hopefully there aren’t any serious hackers reading your reply.

  4. Timothy McGarry says:

    They’re gonna get these guys. The gang will give them up, like the cowards they are. Join a gang they’re always there for you… to lay a flower on your casket.

  5. bob Henning says:

    Dear Carol, You are a Heartless CUN_. I hope you get Raped and Murderered so that we can make Jokes about it. If I met you I`d Spit in your UGLY FACE.

  6. mike says:

    too dearest carol and speedy,
    dontcha just love your little selfish, self centered selves to pieces?

  7. vmagana says:

    Something must be absolutely wrong with you and the mexican rat to even think that was cute or funny! God have mercy on your souls!! May God bring comfort and peace to this family.

  8. rankin1 says:

    pop quiz> if it;s 3 what does that tell you?

  9. Eric says:

    More gifts from Mexico.

  10. tony says:

    murdered? i think not! no where in this story does it say the guys were trying to kill the grandfather it says ROB HIM. so if the grand son came running and smashed their window out that implys he threw a brick or something. if they were no longer hurting his grand father and were in the suv leaving he SHOULD NOT have thrown a brick or what ever he used to break the window.. a smart lawyer will get these guys off if they ever get caught

    1. rich says:

      i agree!! yes he was trying to help grandpa but if the guys were fleeing he should have just let them go and got a lic plate. throwing a rock or something through their window can be called deadly force which a good lawyer can use to say they sht in self defence

  11. Marissa says:

    Stupidest news story so far this week.

  12. Jeb says:

    The young man had his whole life ahead of him. Not worth saving the old fart who will die in a few years anyway.

  13. Donna says:

    So sad. My prayers are with the family. I grew up down the street on Willard-glad we got out when we did.

  14. Mario says:

    this is why we need to carry
    There is more mayhem now than in those old days. Criminals, gangs and Cartels carry the loaded weapons now and they don’t care about any type of gun laws one way or the other because they know that those that get in the way are unarmed and they can be eliminated in an instant.
    Criminal types of individuals have no morals. I know for sure most armed law abiding citizens do.
    who was that armed country? Just look south of our boarder, that’s what happens when you disarm a country and the citizens can no longer defend themselves.

  15. Marie says:

    Some of you are really stupid, the comments you make are just so out of line, but really you are just as low as the idiots who killed this young man who loved his family and would do anything to protect his family, you really can’t say what you would do or not do if you were in the situation until you are actually involved. My husband worked with him and his uncle and always told me funny stories of this young man and how much he loved his family. My prayers go out to all of his familiy memebers all you can do is remain strong and be there for one another. Much love and respect from Ascencio Flores and Fammily !!

  16. jeff says:

    Corrupt DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.
    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.
    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

  17. Jeff says:

    If they are in the country illegally they will have the support from LA Mayor Villaraigosa

  18. Lou Luna says:

    That’s why you write the license plate or at least try to remember it and give a good desription of the car

  19. Britt says:

    Sounds like a mexican was robbing another mexican. Hi Jose, if you wanted to help the regulation, you gotta do a little harder and I would appreciate it.

    Now, track my IP and publicize it here. Don’t hide like a little girl.

  20. Legal American says:


    Me and other 10 people here are putting bet on who is the murderer. The result? 12 bet on Jose Martinez Doe. Who is the 12th? the dog.

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