SANTA BARBARA (AP) — Santa Barbara police have arrested a Mammoth Lakes surgeon and another man on suspicion of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte says 46-year-old Dr. Andrew Bourne and 48-year-old businessman Joseph Walker, also of Mammoth Lakes, were in custody Thursday with bail set at $1 million. Each was arrested on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and illegal communication with a minor to facilitate sex.

Duarte says the investigation began in September when suspicious emails sent to the girl were discovered and sent to police.

More than 1,000 emails were recovered containing evidence that led to the arrests.

Bourne is a vascular surgeon who is also on the local school board.

Duarte says the case is still being investigated.

Both men pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Friday, according to the Santa Barbara News-Press.

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Comments (16)
  1. lala63 says:

    Sick perverts!

    1. Bob Henning says:

      A Doctor and a Wealthy Business Man. Now for their Self Centered Sexual Desires they have pretty much ruined their Lives as they new Them. I hope they suffer the Humiliation of going to Jail as Child Molesters

  2. I hate the L.A. times says:

    It wasn’t a teacher, instead a doctor. The world must be coming to an end.

  3. Brian Harrington says:

    she carries som fault 14 humm she made a decision this is not a pradaicous act she should be investigated as well in these cases there is always a two way street all she had to do is say no but a 1000 emails more like 2000 that is alot of emails just to want to do something if I were a juror I would rule not guilty and where were the girls parents iin all of this but the men could of said no as well providing they had some decency about them me am 48 and been hit on but I’ve taken alot of could showers as well

    1. Angela B. Goode Chavez says:

      “all she had to do is say no”? you’re a joke. Those men are old enough to be her father, regardless of where the “fault” may lie, she is underage.

    2. Helen Skor says:

      Brian, 14 year olds cannot consent to sex with an adult. That’s why there are laws protecting them from perverts like these two guys. Even if she agreed to the act because she felt like she was getting something out of the arrangement (money/clothes/etc.), it’s STILL rape. And while her child-like mind may not have realized it at the time, she is the victim here.

    3. cyn507 says:

      @ Brian 1- you need to learn how to spell. 2- you sound like you have the hots for underage victims too. it’s always easier to blame them than to accept responsability for your adult actions. it’s never a minors fault that a knowing adult took advantage of, and victimized an under-age child.

      1. mlane says:

        couldn’t agree more

    4. Robert says:

      Hopefully you won’t ever be a juror for even the most minor case. To blame the 14 year old girl is pathetic, I don’t care if she was waving a sign asking for it, we as adults are supposed to protect and lookout for our young people and school them when they are doing something potentially dangerous….NOT take advantage them in their lack of real life experiences…my hope is also that you have no kids and no contact with children.

    5. MeganD says:

      A 14 year old “girl” knows how to manipultate men and she knew exactly what she wanted in this situation. I feel sorry for the 2 men involved.

      1. DES says:

        That may be true,

        Which is why

        1) 14 yr olds cannot consent, because they make poor decisions

        2) The adults are required to make the good decisions

  4. JS says:

    “Thank you, God.” -writers for, Law and Order

  5. tngilmer says:

    I bet you Bourne is a Democrat.

    1. vicharak1 says:

      That is so childish. I can counter it based on you that all Republicans are childish but I won’t because I do not generalize or make mindless accusations.

  6. RJH says:

    Who is the journalist that wrote this article? The article is states that “Each was arrested on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and illegal communication with a minor to facilitate sex.” This is not what the Santa Barbara Police Department stated. Dr. Bourne was arrested for “contacting a child with intent to commit a sexual crime.” Sending emails to a minor is not “attempted rape.” What sloppy journalism! Why doesn’t your site have a policy to name the journalists of every artcle you publish? Why do you hide their identity? Where’s the traceibility, accountablity, integrity and just plain good journalism? Many serious journalists risk their lives every day and die every year to bring us the truth. Sloppy journalism like this article, from the hidden sources that you chose to harbor and publish, does not do them honor.

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