EL SERENO (CBS) — A coroner’s official has identified an alleged gunman who was fatally shot by Los Angeles police on Saturday in the El Sereno area.

The suspect, identified by coroner’s Lt. Cheryl MacWillie as 34-year-old Juan Nunez, was fatally shot about 12:45 p.m. Saturday in the 4800 block of Axtell Street, City News Service reports.

Officer Norma Eisenman of the Los Angeles Police Department told CBS2’s Edward Lawrence that officers were responding to a radio call of an assault with a deadly weapon when they were confronted by the suspect who was armed.

Eisenman said the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. A gun was recovered.

No officers were injured in the shooting, Eisenman said.

» Police Shoot And Kill Domestic Violence Suspect In El Sereno Area

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  1. Joe says:

    he was my neibor

    1. bounce says:

      Your neighborhood just became a little bit safer.

  2. luis naranjo says:

    he was my padrino and he didnt even shoot at them becaUSE my tia lety says that he just moved his hand and a officer shot him 1 in the head and like about 7 – 8 bullets the police is just trying like they didnt have nothing to do with it

    1. randy says:

      Maybe, just maybe, he shouldn’t have been confronting officers with a gun in his hand after his padrinos called the police ON HIM?

    2. cshow says:

      Your Tia Lety is lying.

      1. Boots says:

        She’s in shock. She’s got battered-wife syndrome, plus all the pressure/attention from her in-laws right now.

    3. Boots says:

      Luis, it’s o.k. to hold your padrino in your heart and remember the good things about him. But, Saturday, wasn’t the first time the police had been to the house. The police had been there several times before. He’d leave your Tia Leti “black & blue.” He loved your Tia Leti. But he had his flaws like any other human being, and his was jealousy to the point of physical abuse of his wife, in front of the kids.

  3. Smith-Garcia says:

    You guys need to go to school to learn some”edumacation” or Mexico where your loyalty lies.

    1. NELA.time says:

      How do you know he was Mexican? Are you trying to say every person with a spanish last name is Mexican? Your ignorance and self-loathing is worse than someone needing a better education. How do you know their loyalty lies with Mexico? Where does your loyalty lie, with the KKK?

      Wait your a Garcia, you must be a Mexican with loyalty to Mexico too. Maybe YOU need to be the first to go, as an example to the others you think need to leave this country. Ignorant fool.

      1. Boots says:

        He was a ranchero from Jalisco near Michoacan. Back in Mexico, he was the MAN, & Leti was a happy homemaker/stay-at-home mom. Mr. Nunez got super jealous when Leti decided to get a job, and he saw guys trying to flirt with her.

  4. La says:

    Juan nunez would have killed all 6 people in that house. The LAPD who put one in his head is a hero. Thank you LAPD

    1. Boots says:

      La, I find your last 2 statements a little insensitive. But your 1st one is totally true. How many times have we heard the story of jealous husbands killing their wives, their kids, & then themselves?

      Leti & the rest of the family could’ve ended up as another statistic. Right now, though, they don’t see it that way!

  5. J.Lopez says:

    It makes me so mad to read ignorant comments. This is a person’s LIFE!!!!! It is so sad that such cold hearted people live among us. You need GOD in your life. May Juan Rest In Peace

    1. Boots says:

      The man did beat up his wife in front of his kids. He was a giant & Leti was kinda petite. He cheated on her and flaunted his sancha around town. He was very sorry for what he’d done. But he’d get so drunk and wasted on alcohol and then show up with his stupid gun, threatening to kill Leti if he ever saw her with another man, -when he was the one who did all the cheating!

  6. La says:

    It doesn’t take a masters degree to figure out if you call 911 because the person who beat u up is at the door with a gun, the police will shoot you if you don’t comply!! At the end of the day, the good guys should be returning to their families. The guy who beats his family should be the one who gets killed. She had a restraining order for a reason.

    1. Boots says:

      Believe it or not, but some folks are actually cursing the person who dialed 911. They’re trying to make the caller feel guilty and are partially blaming that individual for the death of Juan Nunez. It’s sad!

      1. La says:

        If 911 wasn’t called those same people would be visiting him on death row anyway. THey did the right thing.

      2. La says:

        Two 911 calls came in anyway

      3. M&M says:

        Who was the caller? I dont see anything wrong with calling 911 if they believe ppl are in danger but I do see wrong how he died because of the LAPD taking it too far.

  7. La says:

    Not all police are bad. They saved a family by doing their job and they never get credit. How do you think they feel for taking someone’s life?

  8. Boots says:

    Thank you, La & M&M!

    Leti’s parents will soon be back from their vacation in Mexico. We’ll all feel better when they return because I know they’ll have the strength and support Leti needs to move on with her life, and they’ll even have the courage to thank the caller(s) too.

  9. M&M says:

    I just hope the family get the justice they deserve.LAPD needs to be ashamed of them self’s or should I say the 4 officers that got carried away with their shooting. Just because they carry a badge does not make them heroes. Sometimes those are the bad guys and play by their own rules because they have the power and all they get is a slap on the hand.I am very dissapointed with the Hollenbeck Division.

    For the record,he never shot at the LAPD. Nor did she have a restraining order. They were waiting for him outside as he was leaving the property.

  10. Boots says:

    Leti didn’t have a restraining order. But he did have the gun with him when the police shot him. The police kicked it away from his body when they approached it on the ground.

    If he was trying to escape, I don’t understand why he didn’t run to the backyard, jump the fence, and maybe hide out in another relative or friend’s house. (Everyone from the laundry mat and the whole barrio knew this guy.)

    Now he’s gone & his body is on its way to Mexico, people are praying for his soul and saying that he’ll be dearly missed. The time to show concern for him should’ve been when he was alive -not now that he’s dead.

    If you’ve seen the video from the scene on the news, where he’s lying on the edge of the driveway, you know it’s not like he simply walked outside the house and stood on the porch, when the police shot him. If the police were waiting for him, how did he make it 10 yards from the front entrance of the house?

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