LOS ANGELES (CBS) —The Los Angeles City Hall bell will be rung at 9:11 a.m. Sunday as part of a nationwide commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the shooting in Tucson, Ariz. that killed six people and left 13 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild sent a letter on Tuesday to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in his role as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, asking mayors to ring bells in their cities at 10:11 a.m. Mountain Standard Time, the time the shooting took place, on Sunday to honor its victims and survivors.

Villaraigosa asked Councilman Tom LaBonge to ring the City Hall bell, according to a LaBonge aide. Villaraigosa is in San Francisco for the inauguration of Mayor Edwin Lee for a full, four-year term.

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  1. Sage Advice says:

    Being Sunday, most people will think it’s the local church ringing their bells and won’t think twice about it…

  2. lancaster says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland.This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    If DoJ and DoD employees where more concerned with doing their jobs than enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes, then there might have been more a chance that 9/11 had never happened.
    Worse might be the fact that elements within the U.S. Intellignece agencies with intent create their own terrorists by carefully choosing suspects and through many 10’s of years of psycological and physical abuse create their own terrorists. Why, to prop up defense spending.
    My dog was poisoned to death, a stolen car was run into the front of my house, gang members are harrassing me, I get death threats, BB guns are being shot at my car when I drive, my car is being tampered with, money and jewelry has been stolen out of my house, very long term sleep deprivation, etc….

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