SIMI VALLEY (CBS) — Do you know where Minnie is?

Minnie, a 3-year-old chihuahua, has been missing since October. A gardener accidentally left a gate open and Minnie ran off.

A Simi Valley doctor and his family have been putting up flyers all over Simi Valley to no avail. They’re hoping by going on the airwaves someone will know what happened to Minnie and return her.

“She’s the sweetest little thing,” says Dr. William Matzner, “she is like a child to us.”

Matzner says he chose $5,000 because a chihuahua puppy would cost about $2,000 and this might be an incentive for someone who found Minnie to return her.

Contact Dr. Matzner at

Comments (8)
  1. Jose Rodriguez says:

    The dog is traded in for drug.

  2. fran says:

    No disrespect but SIMI? C’mon, that dog was a scooby snack long ago for some coyote. My friends out there stopped having pets due to that.

  3. Billie Rose-Kernes says:

    And once again, no disrespect here but your thinking is offer a $5000.00 reward, get your dog back and the person who receives the reward can go out and buy their own dog. Well shame on you, I do hope you get your dog back. But nobody needs to go out and spend $2000.00 on a dog when the shelters are full of dogs. And by the way, they are full of Chihuahua’s because people have to have one then they don’t take care of them and that’s where they end up. So I suggest the next time you go out to buy a dog, try the shelters and donate the money. Believe me, you will get the best feeling inside!

    1. sebi says:

      oh please you idiot….when you buy pets from the shelter, half the time the animals have some sort of behavioral problem that you will only find out AFTER you purchase the pet. Why do you think the pets are there in the first place….its RARE that you get a PURE BRED from the shelter in Excellent condition. IF you want an excellent pet, the shelter is not the place to look for one. You need to go to the breeder and pick up one that YOU can mold and control from birth.
      Now who in their right mind would buy a chihuahua….is beyond me….thats a pathetic dog. Go get a Labrador, a real dog!

  4. FranShady says:

    Nobody is holding Minnie hostage for ransom. I live in the neighborhood and I’ve watched hawks pick up (and fly away with) bunnys twice the side of that dog.

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