HEMET (CBS) — A man apparently shot and the mother of his child in the parking lot of a Hemet courthouse Wednesday morning.

The victim was shot just after 8 a.m. while sitting in a black SUV in the 800 block of North State Street.

Authorities then followed the alleged shooter to Myers Street and Devonshire Avenue, where he committed suicide.

The Hemet branch of the Riverside County court system handles family law cases.

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  1. Jeezus says:

    Allegedly or Apparently? The apparent shooter allegedly shot his wife. The alleged shooter apparently shot his wife. Either way i suppose. He alleged and he apparented.

    1. bob henning says:

      I hope who ever writes this stuff isn`t paid for it. They say absolutely nothing.

  2. Captain Quirk says:

    I see nothing wrong with the language used in the reporting of this story.

    When I read the headline, I figured it was related to a family law case or dispute. Sure enough….

    1. Jeezus says:

      I just thought it interesting how they used allegedly and apparently in the same spot at different times, and either way it said the same thing. Some words are synonyms like that. I didn’t read the parking lot part of the story, and so i was fascinated with what made this only alleged….seemed like it was cut and dry what happened if it was at a courthouse with witnesses, but not necessarily since it was in the parking lot. It’s obvious it’s a family dispute cause it was a murder suicide and at a courthouse, but the alleged part is what i was apparently referring to you quirky guy you.

      1. Captain Quirk says:

        Well, i AM quirky….

  3. BEAMPOC7 says:

    That’s so horrible what has society come to today and especially in Hemet the second fatal shooting I’ve heard this week!!! my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.

  4. Jose Rodriguez says:

    RIP to all my brother sister.

  5. blue and sweety balls says:

    Don’t act you all have never had thoughts about shooting your own wife, husband, children or significant other at some point or another. The only difference between this guy and you is that you were fortunate enough to barely stop short of completing the act and doing so, just tell the truth. Your face could have been on the news. Hide behind your computer all you want and make quirky comments, but next time you may not be so lucky. I know who you are.

  6. Desirae Priest says:

    To all of you..I agree with the way they were describing allegedly. Aimee was a good friend of mine, and now her children have no mother/father…Right now, we are raising money for her funeral/other services. She was a great person, who always worked hard to take care of her own. There is more to the story that cannot be mentioned unless the person comes forward with the information. Doubt it’s going to happen. We loved her very much, and Ralph took her life…RIP Aimee..<3

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