STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Sara Acevedo, a beauty consultant and advocate for The Face Wrap, visited KCAL9 Monday to share tips for fixing your skin after a long weekend of New Year’s parties.

Barhopping ’til the wee hours can be fun, but that all-nighter in Margaritaville often comes with a sobering price: “the morning-after complexion”.

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“Alcohol is a diuretic and causes your body to lose moisture, so a dry face is the minimal damage to be expected after a night on the town,” says Acevedo.

In addition to sandpaper skin, Acevedo says facial blotches, bumps and puffiness around the eyes are also to be expected after a night of overindulgence.

“Puffiness and inflammation are the skin’s reaction to toxins,” says Acevedo. “Not only is the alcohol itself toxic (a neurotoxin), but most alcoholic beverages contain flavorings, preservatives and additives that can trigger allergic responses like bumps and rashes.

Acevedo says one of the fastest ways to soothe, smooth, and un-puff a morning-after face is by using The Face Wrap, a 30-60 minute all-natural wet mineral application that trims the face by detoxing the complexion.

“The Face Wrap reduces the appearance of facial bloating and puffy hung-over eyes by flushing toxins out of the skin,” says Acevedo. “With the toxins removed, the body then releases the fluids being used to surround and dilute those toxins. The result is a less puffy, slimmer appearing face.”

“The entire face will feel clean and detoxified after this process,” says Acevedo. “Your skin will feel softer, smoother and re-hydrated, and the puffy appearance will look noticeably reduced.

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For those who need to shape-up their faces the morning after the night before, Acevedo Suggests the following:

1. Before you crash for the night, remove your makeup and apply a natural facial moisturizer.

2. Drink extra water, and keep a full water glass at bedside.

3. Take B-complex vitamins at night and upon rising.

4. In the morning, exercise if you can bear it or get your circulation going with a hot bath or shower.

5. Apply the Face Wrap per instructions, but use extra minerals when suffering a hangover.

6. Use Cotton pads soaked in the Face Wrap Mineral Solution over the eyes to reduce puffiness and circles under eyes. Hold moist pads under eyes until appearance of puffiness reduces. (Face Wrap minerals are safe enough to use over eyes)

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