MANHATTAN BEACH (CBS) — The reward amount has increased for the safe return of a three-month-old special needs puppy named “Harmony,” who was stolen from a family vehicle Tuesday in Manhattan Beach.

Harmony, a Boxer-American Bulldog mix was adopted just before Christmas by a family with four sons.

“It is just a dog to some people,” says Patrick Thomasson. “But to us, it was an instant part of our family.”

Thomasson had been visiting the rescue puppy for weeks, and asked his wife Shayla to get the dog for him as a Christmas gift.

“He asked me maybe ten times,” said Shayla. “He is really in love with her.”

The Thomassons had parked their car outside the Manhattan Village Shopping Center on Tuesday morning. Thieves jimmied a car door lock and made off with an iPad gift card and the dog.

“It kind of felt like the world dropped,” says Shayla.

The deaf puppy also had a canine companion named Bella, a terrier who could lead Harmony around. Bella was left behind by the robbers, and the family says she is depressed without Harmony.

The Thomasson family is now offering a $1,600 reward for Harmony’s safe return.

“Whoever has her, just give her back,” says Patrick. “We won’t ask any questions.”

Anyone with information on Harmony’s whereabouts is asked to contact The Lovejoy Foundation.

Comments (13)
  1. Tami says:

    Why did you leave the dog in the car long enough to be stolen. Dogs should only be left in car a few minutes while you run a QUICK errand. If the dog was going to sit in the car while you shopped, you ahould leave him at home. I hope the dog is safe and that he gets the care he needs. I hope your story makes people think twice about making the same misake you did.

    1. Susan says:

      Wow, Tami, you are heartless. You do not know how long the dog was in the car. Maybe it was just a minute.

      1. dave says:

        leaving a dog in a car for any length of time is what is HEARTLESS leave the dog at home with its guide and all would have been good. i do not excuse those that took it because its clear they were not protecting it or they would have took BOTH dogs i hope that person gets caught then i hope the cops trun the dog back over to the place it was adopted from so that someone with a brain can adopt it

  2. kater says:

    Tami is NOT heartless. She is 100% right about this. You NEVER, EVER leave a dog in a car.

  3. krissie says:

    i’m thinking that maybe someone stole her as a way of protecting her from being in the car, dogs can die from heat exhaustion (even though it’s cold because they have no sweat glands
    Protecting animals is great but it’s not ever right to steal anyone’s pet
    I would be devastated if someone did that to me
    Hopefully the person or people who have her see this and will return her safely to her family

  4. Leanne says:

    Krissie, are you crazy? Protecting the animal by stealing it along with an Ipad gift card? I don’t think the person that stole the dog has any moral value and is probably just a thief. Also, it is a puppy, so maybe that’s why they didn’t want to leave the dog at home alone.

  5. krg says:

    If they stole it to protect it they would have taken the other dog too. These people stole it because it was a beautiful pit bull puppy and I shudder to think what may happen to her. While I agree that leaving the dog in the car was not a smart move that doesn’t make ANY of this okay and I hope they get her back safe. Wherever she is, she isn’t safe.

  6. Ashley says:

    im tired of hearing about all these horrible dog thefts. heartless idiots stealing dogs because its a way to make money. so digusting.

  7. grandmaKaren says:

    If you go to a mall, you know you could be there for a long time. If you can’t leave the dog alone at home, how can you leave him in a car? You should have once person at home with the dog (s) and one person go to the mall. I feel sick thinking about it, especially since the dog can’t hear. I can think of one reason why someone would take a bull dog mixed puppy and that is to make it into a fighter or sell it to someone else who can. Bottom line? If you can’t take the dog into your destination with you, then STAY HOME.

  8. mary jo geddes says:

    Please this is wrong for someone to steal a dog …. Please everyone post on FACEBOOK so that we can all help find Harmony safely and get her back to her owners. I know this is such an awful feeling to loose a dog.
    So lets everyone put our help in.

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