LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 45-year-old Temple City woman is accused of providing false information to an airline in order to take revenge on a male passenger with whom she had a four-day fling.

Lizet Sariol  is expected to plead guilty Tuesday in a federal court.

She is charged with a single felony count of conveying false and misleading information, specifically, implying that a United Airlines flight was endangered, according to a signed plea agreement filed Thursday in Los Angeles federal court.

The charge stems from an anonymous call Sariol reportedly placed Sept. 25 to a United Airlines call center in Detroit. It is alleged that she said a Frenchman and his friends, all of whom have Arabic surnames, posed an unspecified threat to a plane set to depart that day from Los Angeles International Airport to Las Vegas and then on to Paris, according to court papers.

FBI agents were dispatched to LAX to intercept the group.

During questioning, the Frenchman, Adnen Mansouri, said he expected to be detained by airport authorities because he was being “harassed” by Sariol, with whom he had a four-night affair, according to court papers.

Mansouri said he had broken off the relationship  just hours before arriving at LAX.

The Frenchman and his friend, Salim Oumahdi, told FBI Special Agent David Gates they had received threatening texts and Facebook postings from the woman for hours, Gates wrote in an affidavit.

Mansouri said he believed Sariol was angry because he “un-friended” her on Facebook, the affidavit states.

One text Sariol allegedly sent said, “Don’t even try to get on the plane (I) called the fbi Sucks to be all of you hope you all have good attorneys,” according to court papers.

Investigators who interviewed Sariol in early October said she “freaked out” when her ex-lover kicked her out of the Beverly Hills house where he was staying the night before he was due to fly back to France.

“I’m very sorry,” Sariol told the FBI interviewer, according to the charging document.

Sariol faces up to five years in prison or probation, a three-year period of supervised release and a possible fine of $250,000, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

She is scheduled to plead guilty Tuesday before U.S. District Judge John F. Walter, who will set a sentencing date.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Arabs have flings? ???

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      Arabs are humans just like everyone else, Charlie. Wanna see Arabs having flings? Visit Beirut or Jounieh, Lebanon, in the summer when the towns are filled with young Saudi, Kuwaiti and other Gulf-State young men. Those cities have “Super Night Clubs” packed with Eastern-European women. People are people and they all have the same desires.

      1. charlie says:

        I thought you can’t have porn, alcohol, or even clothes that shows skins, think you get stone to death over there. Is that why they have a 4 days fling here ???

      2. Japes Macfarland says:

        What I find Ironic, is that the one place where Arabs are more free, have more civil rights, etc. in the entire Middle East is Israel.
        (For example, Palestinian citizens of Israel are more free than any other Arab in any other country in the entire ME.)

      3. susan See says:

        Not Arabs. French.

      4. Soil says:

        @Japes Macfarland
        “Palestinian citizens of Israel are more free than any other Arab in any other country in the entire ME”
        Do you really believe that? For the love of God, you are not allowed to even try to convert people to Christianity in Israel. And as American congress critters were warned about saying Merry Christmas in correspondence with their constituents, Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani publicly stated Merry Christmas to all the Christians in Iran and the rest of the world.

      5. JohnD says:

        You’re right Alpha. Why don’t we all go aout this afternoon and blow up some buildings or airplanes and then cut some peoples heads off. Yeah, people all have the same desires. Sure they do.

      6. cooldude9366 says:

        Please share with us where you read that (or what you’re smokn’). Question for you. Do you know what the penalty is for trying to convert someone to Christianity in ANY Islamic state? Hint: You could lose your head over this one.

      7. MOMO says:


    2. Fred says:

      You are thinking of only the conservative – really untra-conservative – Arabs, or probably Muslims. You could say the same thing of ultra-orthodox Christians, we call them Fundamentalists. Arabs run the gamut of passions and poisons like any other. There are Christian, Muslimn, atheist, Communist, converted-to-Budhism, you-name-it Arabs.

      1. Dominic Carabello says:

        EARTH TO FRED:

        You missed it by a MILE, dude…

        Ultra-conservative Christians PEACEFULLY oppose gay marriage…Ultra-conservative Muslims demand the DEATH PENALTY, just for being GAY. That is only one example of MANY…

      2. Samson says:

        Fred? “ultra-orthodox” Christian? What the heck is that? Where are they and where do they go to church? “Fundamentalists?” I think you might be a little confused by some of the terms. And, to then equate “Fundamentalists” with “probably Muslims.” Don’t you think that’s a little beyond the pale? I mean, when’s the last time Christian “Fundamentalists” committed mass murder, declared a “Fatwa” or stoned someone to death for being raped?

      3. RalphSchmalph says:

        @Samson An example of Ultra -orthodox Christians are the Amish and the Mennonites (Old Order). Please note that these groups are peace-loving and hard working people who may “shun” members of their faith for behavior they don’t agree with but certainly don’t mutilate, stone or otherwise murder their co-religionists or anyone else. They also don’t fly planes into buildings.

      4. Cali Cal says:

        Hey Dominic, Fred is 1000% right. Its funny how we seem to forget about whackos like David Koresh, Timoithy McVeigh, and Jim Jones of the infamous People’s temple. Oh and I know this happened hundreds of years ago but the Caltholic church burned thousands of Jews as heretics, the Puritans burned teenaged girls as witches. Shall I continue?

    3. Alex Seredin says:

      Most Americans have no idea about the outside world. They only know the rumors that are spread against Arabs, that is all. Of course there are people who disobey the Quranic laws. Even Quran itself states “THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION”

      1. Ivan says:

        Just for laughs, google “Saudi Arabia freedom of religion” .

      2. Raymond says:

        “Most Americans have no idea about the outside world. They only know the rumors that are spread against Arabs, that is all.” Who are spreading these “Rumors,” Alex Seredin? Care to explain???? Actually, I think that most Americans just want to live their own lives & really don’t care about the rest of the World or what the World thinks about them.

      3. Dominic Carabello says:

        @Alex Seredin

        Yeah, but that verse comes right between verses about KILLING ‘INFIDELS’…you Islamic apologists are great at CHERRY-PICKING the Quran.

      4. JohnD says:

        Well Alex, congratulations for being a lying ass. How about the requirement that muslims kill non beleivers? Moron.

      5. MOMO says:


    4. Larz Blackman says:

      Learn the difference between Arab and Muslim.

      1. John Moser says:

        Other than the stonings and beheadings.

      2. Dominic Carabello says:

        Great point Larz…Arabic men treat their women like CATTLE. Arabic MUSLIM men treat them like DOGS, which are ‘unclean’ under Sharia Law.

        Sharia Law says that just to PROVE accusations of RAPE a Muslim woman MUST have no less than FOUR MALE WITNESSES.

    5. John Rory Jr. says:

      Wow, she should be charged with the same crime for falsely accusing him, she should also be billed for all the money she wasted.

      This “terrorism” non-sense has gone too far, it is almost mathematically impossible to be killed by terrorists in the United States. You have a higher probability being killed by a champagne cork… End this nonsense, we can’t afford it, no more TSA. Big government waste!

      1. tim says:

        you are a useless idiot. Just stick head your head in the sand. There is nothing to see here.

  2. Raymond says:

    Accuses the Man because he “Un-Friended Her” on Facebook???? (Shaking My Head) The Woman is in need of severe Psychiatric Help!!!!

    1. Mark Neil says:

      But this isn’t the first woman in the last month to make such a call in LA in the last two weeks ( http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2011/12/22/marital-woes-leads-lynwood-woman-to-call-in-false-bomb-threat-at-lax/ ). False allegations are made quite frequently for the purpose of revenge, these women should have stuck with the tried and true rape and domestic violence accusations. Perhaps the recent increase in police actually laying “filing a false report” charges encoraged them to find new accusations?

      1. Raymond says:

        First you’re telling me that I’m blaming the Victim Now, you’re saying that I’m saying that this is the frist instance of a “False Rape” allegation. Man, I’ve looked through My orginial Comment & can’t find where I said anything to those two points. Now, your putting words in My Mouth? Great Going, Mark Neil! What do you do for an encore?

      2. Mark neil says:

        Missed my point. I wasn’t suggesting you said this was the first woman to do this, I was trying to point out this isn’t a “severe psychiatric” Issue. It is bad behavior that is happening more and more (twice in as many weeks). To dismiss it as severe psychological issues is to minimize these women’s responsibility for their actions.

      3. Raymond says:

        I don’t particularily care what you say or not. For ANY WOMAN to make a “Fales Report” just for the sake of Revenge, has to taken serouisly. I do SERIOUSLY question her Judgement & does call into question Her Mental State. That goes for ANY OTHER Woman that makes a False Report. Making a “False Reprt” is very Serious & that onl;y thing that it accomplishes is destroying People’s Lives. The only thing that You’re doign is making excuses & letting her (As I have said before) “Off The HooK!” If you’re going to continue doing that, You better seriously consider becoming a Defense Attorney!

      4. Mark Neil says:

        Isn’t it you who are making excuses for these women when you claim it is due to severe psychological issues? You are letting her off the hook by attributing it to a mental issue she had no control over. Do you offer men who do bad things, such as rape and shootings, the same consideration? “Oh, he must have been psychologically disturbed”, it’s not that he was just a bad person. these women were just being selfish, entitled monsters. Any mental health issues are irrelevant.

      5. Raymond says:

        I’d like to just ask You , Mark. Where are You getting these “quotes” that you’re attributing to me (“Oh, he must have been psychologically disturbed”)? I’ve reviewed everything that I’ve writtened on the Story & the back & forth Conversations that You & I have had. I don’t see ANYWHERE that I’ve Commented & Written such things! Are you sure that You’re responding to the “Right Person” or are you (let’s say) in “Your Right Mind?” Or are you just bored & just want to argue? Just Wondering!

  3. Strider says:

    I guess we now know who the real terrorist is, don’t we?

  4. Fanny Fornbes Franklen says:

    “Heav’n hath no rage like love to hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.”
    – William Congreve


  5. Midge Martin says:

    “Woman was God’s second mistake.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche


    1. Raymond says:

      No disrespect to Friedrich Nietzsche, but GOD doesn’t make mistakes. People do! It’s so easy to blame GOD when actually People bring it on themselves. The only advice that I can give Adnen Mansouri is to be careful who you “Friend” on Facebook & then have a four-night Affair with!

      1. chech says:

        God doesn’t exist you silly child

      2. Jacob says:

        Yea chech, you’re a real enlightened mind believing that you either magically appeared from nothingness or are a self creating man god who made himself forget his own self creation.

        Sounds real grown up and rational bud!

      3. Raymond says:

        You might want to try replying to chech down on his comment below. I jusy missed that myself. Thank You for the Support, Jacob! Happy New Year!

      4. Spanky says:

        “but GOD doesn’t make mistakes.”

        If God wanted to make a mistake he could, right?

      5. Raymond says:

        I’m sorry, Spanky. However, I’m not privy on how GOD thinks. Believe me, If I was, I wouldn’t be answering You!

      6. Joe says:

        So Jacob if we absolutely must have been created by god who created god? To quote you did god “magically appeared from nothingness or are a self creating man god who made himself forget his own self creation”

        Religion is a nasty drug that causes humans to lose their intellect

      7. Mark Neil says:

        Victim blaming, are we? This is no different that telling a rape victim she should have been more careful who she was drinking with.

      8. Raymond says:

        I’m sorry, I wasn’t blaming the Victim! Just offering advice. I guess that You can’t tell the difference, Mark Neil!!!! Next time, You might want to ask before You make yourself a Fool!

  6. Mike M says:

    haha…hope you have a good attorney Lizet

  7. george says:

    Wow! The new fake-rape charge!

    1. Mark neil says:

      Police have actually started laying “filing a false report” charges, they had to come up with something new.

  8. Eric P Turner says:

    lock her up to many woman using courts to get pay back in this country im a victim of that and it really can ruin your life took me two years to restore my life after an exgf decided she wanted to file false claims cause i dumped her for cheating on me and shame on the courts for letting it happen the real kicker is she go in no trouble for doing it to me. im in the prosses of suing her.

    1. RalphSchmalph says:

      Worse than “identity theft”. Call it “character theft” and prosecute them under the felony of perjury not simply “filing a false police report”.

  9. Mike Alright says:

    If we just had more unappreciated special rights laws for women, this would not happen RIGHT?

  10. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Well, he definately chose poorly which kafir he “possessed in his right hand”. 😉 Based on her response, she must have been fun in the sack. Most crazy psycho chicks are. 😉

    1. chech says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking

      1. Raymond says:

        chech, Believe what You want & I’ll believe in what I want. You don’t like it, “Too Bad!” Anyway, no one ask for Your opinion anyway!!!!

  11. holly says:

    He probably acted like a snake, made her believe she made him feel something special, etc, then tossed her like a piece of garbage. Muslim men consider Western women to be not worthy of being treated like human beings. Her response after a 4 day affair is definitely overkill. I know women who have been involved with Iranian men for a couple of years and their brains were hamburger when they finished with them.

    1. Meredith says:

      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. There are men who are pigs in every culture and every religious group. To say that one is more “like a snake”, as you said, is a bigoted and unintelligent remark.

      1. Dominic Carabello says:

        You clearly have never dated any Arabic/Muslim men or ever been to an Arabic/Muslim country…they treat THEIR OWN women like cattle…why would an ‘infidel’ ever expect to be treated any better?

      2. Mark neil says:

        Dmonic, you clearly didn’t read the article, it was a 4 night affair, not any kind of dating relationship. This was no different then any other pair having a fling while on vacation. To blame this guy for her response is to blame a woman of being raped because she got drunk (IE, perhaps it wasn’t the best of behavior, but that’s no excuse.)

    2. PowerPC says:

      What did she expect after putting out to a foreigner during a four day affair? Four days!! If you act like a prostitute perhaps you get treated like one. What did she want, sex for a few days or a long term relationship? The actions a woman takes are completely different for the two. If she wants a fling go for it. If she wanted a relationship perhaps she should not have went to bed with a foreigner at the first chance she had. She got herself into the situation, tried to get the man in trouble for dumping her and now she is standing trial and sentencing for being stupid. I hope she has a good lawyer!

      1. Atom&Yves says:

        I hope her lawyer sucks.

      2. Daisy says:

        I hope his name Never gets erased from the terrorist list.

  12. Jon Carry says:

    I am just surprised that he didn’t end the relationship in the traditional manner: cut her head off with a rusty knife.

    1. Spanky says:

      What about stoning her for having sex outside of marriage?

  13. Eagle in NYC says:

    Greed is a powerful vice and no one knows how to exploit it more than a follower of Satan’s 7th Century Death Cult.

    1. Dominic Carabello says:

      Great point amigo…the good news is that its looking more & more like your dreaded Ground Zero mosque building project in NYC is DEAD IN THE WATER. They were supposed to start ground-breaking on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 (which was last September) but they are still meeting in that dilapidated old building they have been in all along.

  14. jharper says:

    Considering a grouop headed by Muslims trains TSA agents, I’m surprised they were checked out.

  15. Jigsaw says:

    So it seems like none in the US had a 4day fling followed by an abrupt finale !.
    The guy sucks at poker.
    I’d call and raise.
    Sue the poor thing to the fullest extent of the law.

  16. George says:

    in all likely hood, this doosh “french man” probably lied and tricked his way into her pants, then dumped her when his time here was up.

    put him in jail as well for being a doosh.

    1. Dominic Carabello says:

      Arabic/Muslim men are NOTORIOUS for treating their OWN WOMEN like cattle…why should a mere ‘infidel’ like this woman expect any better?

    2. John says:

      Oh, for the love of Christ. It’s 2012 and a woman is somehow a victim even if she WANTS sex? If she’s crazy enough to call in a threat like this, which is beyond over the top, then maybe, just maybe, she started acting a little nutty during those four days he was with her.

  17. fresno500 says:

    This just show that white folks play the game!
    This is right up there with the “Brptha stole my kids!”.

    1. VanGoghsLeftEar says:

      Doesn’t explain why a bunch of black people riot over a pair of Air Jordans though.

  18. andyandersonusa says:

    Doesn’t anyone recall that the right to vote for women was delayed for a long time, because of the known propensity of women to lie in order to get even with a man? It now affects men daily who are falsely accused because women are held to a lower standard in a court of law.

  19. Charles says:

    I hope this b!t*h gets the maximum sentence for doing this. Women falsely accusing men of crimes especially sexual assault and harassment needs to stop. It is estimated by the US Dept of Justice that 40% of sexual assault complaints filed by women against men are unfounded.

  20. Matamoros says:

    Throw the book at this horrible shrew.

    There is nothing worse than a hysterical woman lying to harass an innocent man simply because she cannot handle rejection.

  21. Chris says:

    Just like Chirs Rock once said, “A mad woman will say anything to see you ass get kicked.”

  22. John says:

    What the hell is wrong with women? I swear, they always feel as if they’re entitled to act anyway they want when they’re unhappy with a man.

  23. Steven Goodwin says:

    “Sariol faces up to five years in prison or probation, a three-year period of supervised release and a possible fine of $250,000, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

    How about ALL OF THE ABOVE…….. just for ‘crying Wolf’ and totally wasting valuable intelligence resources


  24. The seed is planted says:

    More and more people are already waking up to the fact that there is a major bias against arabs, muslims or other of non jewish, middle eastern backgrounds.
    And if you study the fact that there is a majority of zionist jew control over most main stream media, and naturally you Now begin to understand why some of you have been brainwashed to direct your hate towards certain people. Thankfully we have alternative sources and courageous insiders who are pointing to the diabolic criminal network behind these crimes against humanity.
    If you have courage to question your beliefs then
    Youtube Search ” ISRAEL DID 911 ” .

    1. John says:

      You’re right. Israel did 911 and we never went to the moon and Hitler was shooting down UFOs and using their advanced alien technology.

    2. subo says:

      …and Arabs have a ‘major bias’ against Christians. However, the difference is that Christians protest and Muslims/Arabs kill, maime, and blow up people/buildings. Stop murdering and possibly people will get over their ‘bias’, as you call it.

      1. leslie says:

        Oh please, there are extremists in every religion.

    3. Pilot.Dave says:

      I don’t have TV, read these paper, nor Worship a pedophile who at 50 something tried to knock up his 9 year old child “favorite wife” ? Her name was Aisha.

      Ask that Jewish widow of Danail Perl about how kind and loving Muslims are… Better still, watch how they cut off her husband’s head on video while he was awake.

  25. Spanky says:

    Barry would invite the couple go to the White House for a beer and crack summit.

    Bill Clinton would invite just the woman to the Oval Office.

  26. Dirk Regensberg says:

    Muslim terrorists? the guy did not even try to get on the plane, must have missed training.

  27. Dirk Regensberg says:

    ISLAM religion of peace, the world needs more arabs

    1. Pilot.Dave says:

      worship a pedophile who at 50 something tried to knock up his 9 year old child “favorite wife” ? Her name was Aisha.

  28. The Bill of Rights Is Dead says:

    Well, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama signing the NDAA into law last night…(on New Year’s Eve…hoping no one would notice) any American anywhere can now be “disappeared” and held in military detention without charges or trial indefinitely.

    Our own government is far more dangerous to us than any individual terrorist.


  29. DaveAgain says:

    Twit. Stunts like this only justify the terror theater we’re already forced to go through so the power hungry can grab ever more.

    I sincerely hope she gets the maximum.

    1. Tom Menino says:


  30. KenG says:

    Ah, women bearing false witness after they don’t get what they want. That hardly *ever* happens. Oh, wait, it happens all the time. But the guys without the Arab names just get slapped in the slammer and the women are presumed to be telling the truth.

  31. mrsalvage2 says:

    I hope she gets the whole 5 years just for all of the hussies who have destroyed men with their false allegations, and have hundreds and millions who canot own guns to defend themselves.

    1. Mrslavage2 says:

      Punish this little self-entitled witch.

      3 remaining words:

      Crystal Gail Mangum

      Need four more?

      Towana Brawley ; Al Sharpton

  32. Pilot.Dave says:

    What did she expect from having sex for days with a man who worships a pedophile who at 50 something tried to knock up his 9 year old child “favorite wife” ? Her name was Aisha.

  33. Day Carr says:

    There is absolutely NO hard evidence that God exists.

    So how did all of the universe come to be?? Well, “it just happened” is a real possibility. Oh, you think you need a God for there to “be anything?”

    Then where did God come from??? What?? It’s a mystery? Oh…so THAT can be a mystery…you accept THAT can’t be answered…but you quickly reject the idea that the universe “just is” because it “doesn’t make sense.”

    There is as much evidence FOR a God as there is that a God doesn’t exist. And if there IS a God, you have NO way of determining his/her/it’s motivations, intentions or desires. And NO, the “bible” doesn’t help…it was written by thousands of different people over thousands of years for thousands of different reasons.

    Wake up. Accept death. This is most likely the only life you will ever have for eternity. Hard to swallow??? Yes…it is. But it makes you truly appreciate what you have now. We are all on the same boat…one life. eternal death.

    If you see that, you won’t chase stupid ambitions, money, power or fame…you will focus on your friends and family…and you will act for the sake of future generations, since they are the only connection to the future you will ever have.

    1. Raymond says:

      I just love how People start talking about other subjests that have absolultely nothing to do with the Article at Hand. It only shows me that they have only one thing on their Minds & can’t “stay on Topic.”

  34. valtrex says:

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