UPLAND (CBS) — Authorities Wednesday arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with a deadly house fire in Upland.

Christopher Moreno is being held on arson and murder charges in the death of his 60-year-old grandmother who was visiting her grandsons from Nevada.

Police say Moreno got into an argument with his grandmother, Linda Moreno,  beat her to death with an object and then set the house on fire at the intersection of Palm Avenue and West Alpine Tuesday night. The woman was pulled from the fire by Moreno’s brothers, officials said.

upland house fire Man, 20, Accused Of Murdering Grandmother, Setting House On Fire In Upland

(credit: CBS)

“When my first unit arrived on scene, they found a subject on the ground — a victim — and a fully involved structure fire right here on Palm Avenue,” Batt. Chief Joel Cascadden told CBS2.

Linda Moreno was transported to a local hospital where she died around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Neighbors said there had been a long-standing dispute in the family and said police were called to the home on more than one occasion.

Several neighbors told CBS2’s Edward Lawrence that Moreno, and his two brothers, have drug problems and are also homeless.

Neighbor Michael Hall told Lawrence, “Anywhere the brothers can find to lay their heads, they will.”

The homeowner allowed the brothers to sometimes rent the property.

Hall and a friend walked by the home when he said he witnessed Moreno wearing a bloody shirt inside the home. “Homeboy turned around with like the devil face and with blood all over his shirt and  everything. He said ‘Get in here. I’m about to light her on fire.’ I’m going to light the house on fire.'”

Hall and his friend reportedly ran to tell the other Moreno brothers what was happening. By the time they returned the house was ablaze.

Moreno is being held in a detention center in Rancho Cucamonga.


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  1. margot melane says:

    see another latino, even jerry brown wants to pay billions of dollars for education to this ethnicity. this guy needs to be sended to the dead penalty in 30 days it is completly wrong what he did. but he is going to stay 20+years eating of our money he is going to be happy.he needs to be in the electric chair now.and brown stop helping illegals what if nobody pay tAXIS in 2012 you need to sell you vintage home and your soul to the devil the place you belong to..

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      Margot, Governor Brown needs to donate a few dollars so that you can take a few remedial-English courses.

      1. Michael J. McDermott says:

        Also, a “steps ahead” computer course… or two.

    2. Jake says:

      I didn’t know that all Taxi Drivers were Illegal. If you stopped paying taxis, you wouldn’t get anywhere. Lol

      1. Britney says:

        lol Jake that made me laugh.

    3. Tom says:

      You sound Illegal yourself, “Margot”. I have no Idea what you said. What language is that?

    4. Efrain says:

      That is probably the worst ever paragraph I have ‘tried’ to read and understand since trying to proof read my 4 year old son’s homework when he was in pre-school. I pray for you margot melane.

    5. kma367 says:

      LOL, “sended to the dead penalty” …This post of yours margo was worthy of a screencap.

      1. wg/af says:

        Looks like another screen name hijack.

      2. kma367 says:

        @wg/af, do you mean the “kma” one? Beacause I use the “kma” one elsewhere on the internet. I’m not “hijacking” anything.

      3. kma367 says:

        @wg/af unlike you, my screen name “kma367”, relates to my career.

  2. Svetlana Teratitzoff says:

    Let me stand next to your fire Jimi

  3. mary seller says:

    alpha kenny maybe you are a hore for sure and i don’t need nothing maybe you need a shoot to protect your self from hiv.

    1. kma367 says:

      Is that you, margot?

  4. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    Hey, it looks like John Leguizamo has fallen on hard times!

  5. Everyday Guy says:

    Great. Now who’s going to run the local Mensa meeting?

    1. Efrain says:

      If you’re referring to ‘margot’ your comment is super hilarious! Haha..

    2. JS says:

      I’m sure someone from around the neighborhood can take up that mantle.

  6. . says:

    Drugs and mental illness do not mix well.

  7. Howard Shore says:


  8. Joe Average Man says:

    He’s only burning down houses and trying to kill people that Americans don’t want to burn down and kill.

    Viva La Raza

    I love the infestation of the feral, born-evil, baby-hatchery, criminal-breeding, benefit-sucking, subhuman Latinos.

  9. Justice in the old days worked better.
    They should take this guy out and hang him in public.
    Forget lethal injection.
    That is too good.
    Do killers have mercy on their victims?
    Then why have mercy on the killer?
    Treat killers the same way they treated others.
    Then you will see a drop in the number of killings.

    George Vreeland Hill

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