LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two off-roaders from Santa Barbara, have been found dead in the Mojave Desert.

Chris Rice and Daniel Carbonaro were the subject of a large search after disappearing Sunday.

They were roommates in their late twenties and were last seen by their girlfriends as they left for an ATV ride.

Their bodies were found Thursday in rugged terrain. Kern County investigators believe the men died on impact after falling from a cliff.

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  1. Get out and ride! says:

    For those that question such an act,

    I say, try off-roading. It is a thrill like no other.

    May they not have suffered and went out with a smile on there faces!

    Prayers to the families.

  2. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    very sad to hear this….. my deepest condolences and prayers to the family.. sorry for your lost, may they rest in peace….. to all always know were your love ones are always have a cell phone and communicate in case of emergency sometimes we get careless and forget to call…. but always before they leave the house always know were they go or at and whom to contact if you cannot reach them, the best way is always to communicate between each other if leaving on a trip or just to take a walk for stress or something or go with them but make sure everyone in the family knows were they can reach you…. to all stay safe, god bless and have a very merry christmas

  3. JCINHB says:

    Ride to live and live to ride. RIP to these guys… at least they passed doing what they loved….hopefully painlessly.

  4. Jose Rodriguez says:

    What were you doing in the desert? It is our territory.

  5. Desert sucks says:

    Yours? Lol, only a moron would call the desert “his territory”. Are you a meth-house leader? Or just a stupid desert rat? Was the city to big for you? Did you run from it? What sort of problems did you have in the real world? Would you like to die alone? What about some pain? You twice

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