BURBANK (CBS) — A bomb squad has been summoned to a home where police say an unknown amount of rounds were discovered.

The discovery at a home on 6th and Fairmont just east of the 5 Freeway was made about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday.

LAPD Press Relations told CBS2 that officers were serving a search warrant at the location when they made the find.

Sky2’s Mike Case, who was over the scene, reported that there have been no injuries or street closures.

No other information was immediately available.

Comments (13)
  1. Wendy M says:

    Uh, last I heard, it was legal here in America to own firearms as well as the “rounds” that go in them…unless the owner is precluded in some way from owning them…and even then…the BOMB SQUAD? Why even bother reporting this story until you get some USEFUL information?????

    1. * says:

      Not alot of info here guys ….. Didnt say what warrant was for parolee,felon etc….. just really vague

      1. GROW//APAIR says:

        Wendy M

        Your’e just a puS$y dumbf**k talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$.

      2. JCINHB says:

        grow a pair… why are you even here if you have nothing to say other than sounding like an 8 yr old??

      3. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Looks like #GROW//APAIR has some daddy issues. You keep mentioning a father figure’s genitalia lodged in another’s rectum. I think the grownups in here can guess why. Don’t worry pal, we won’t judge…

        @Wendy: This person probably is not supposed to own or be in possession of firearms (given the warrant). I agree though, without anymore info the Bomb Squad tactic seems a little bit of overkill.

    2. Read between the lones says:

      You cannot create a fire hazard, and, of course, you cannot be in possession with a felony history. My guess is that this person is not supposed to carry . . . they probably are criminals.

      1. * says:

        your probably right ….

      2. GROW//APAIR says:


        I know I’m right about Wendy M being a puS$y dumbf**k talking with her daddy’s ball s up her aS$.

      3. JCINHB says:

        grow a pair… please go find your mommy and ask her if the language you are using is for an 8 yr old.

    3. bmp789 says:

      Wendy M — yours is the only intelligent comment here thus far.

    4. Dennis says:

      makes you wonder what some of these reporters were doing during journalism class. Rounds in and of themselves are not dangerous, nor illegal…..com’on guys quit dancin’ around it and give us the whole story.

  2. Sheeples says:

    They’re disarming Americans and Arming Cartels.

    They find avenues to void the constitution.

  3. Joshua says:

    I bet you they also found a ton of dried out rotten burrito and counterfeit food stamps at the location. That’s them, what’s news?

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