SANTA CLARITA (CBS) — A 19-year-old Santa Clarita man has been arrested on 29 counts of felony sexual assault against 14 different female victims.

The LA County Sheriff’s Special Victim’s Bureau launched an investigation earlier this month after a female minor reported being sexually assaulted by Michael Downs of Santa Clarita. The investigation has so far turned up an additional 13 female victims, ranging in age from 12 to 16.

Detectives say Downs met many of his victims on the social networking site Facebook. He reportedly claimed to be 16-years-old, and gained his victims’ confidence by providing the names of other teenage girls he purported to be friends with. Investigators say Downs would convince the victims to meet him and then allegedly have sex with them.

The charged assaults took place during the year 2011 at various locations throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

Downs was taken into custody on Dec. 15. He is being held in lieu of $1.8 million bail. The charges against him include felony Committing Lewd Acts With A Child and Unlawful Sexual Intercourse.

“For over a week we have found new victims every day as we investigate these crimes,” said Lieutenant Carlos Marquez, of the Special Victims Bureau. “We are asking the public to have some difficult discussions with their kids and contact us if there are more victims.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities by dialing (866) 247-5877, or by visiting Crime Stoppers online.

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  1. Lizard says:

    Wow crazy stupid creep—-going to be a JAIL POKE a long time

  2. Lizard says:

    Put him in a cell with Jerry Sandusky

  3. Muck Fu says:

    Facebook is dangerous.The world will be a better place without it.

    1. Jessenia Martinez says:

      No… The world would be a better place is dumb little girls knew better than to meet someone they met online. I’m not saying what he did was right, but too many things like this happen too many times, and young girls obviously aren’t learning.

      1. JCINHB says:

        I agree w/ Jessenia… what is a 12 yr old doing out of the house w/ some guy she met on line? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS???? Don’t you teach your kids to watch out and be aware of your situation? I understand that kids just wanna have fun, but this is ridiculous.

      2. ELI B says:

        Way to blame the victims..and it’s people just like you making comments like that that make Victims not report their crimes!

    2. nooname needed says:

      alright. good way of blaming victims. i was the one who came foward about everything. and im mature enough to say somthing , being 12 years oold it was me that told my junior high schools, teen issues teacher. and a principle that i am very much close to. so your going to say it is my fault? i like how most of this is a lie. i never met michael over facebook? i met him with a group of freinds.
      he was just like a kid our age, maybee that just went through puberty before everyone else did. becuase you haven’t seen junior high kids latly. he was a nice guy, and he new girls soft spot. he knew by calling them beautiful, would make their hole intention of how they felt about michael. and yes, it worked for me too. and only being 12, i am smarter then you think i am. im in he 8th grade. i know better not to meet someone over facebook, and i know better not to have sexual intercourse with someone that i dont feel comfortable with. yes, their was kissing gpoing on at that moment. but has there been one time you go out to a public place, and teens aren’t making out? honestly. i know this sounds bad but it is compltetly normal. once that one night, i was hanging out with him at the mall, and some stuff went on that shouldn’t have gone on with a minor (me ) … me only being the age i am, i told becuase i thought he would learn a lesson, go to jail for a couple of months. come out to be told not to bother anybody. i wasn’t mature and ready what so ever for wht is really going on. if i could have a choice to turn back i would, becuase of people like you. i get death threats daily, on the internet, or even just in a public place, even with my parent standing right next to me. this has ruined my child hood. thankyou for making me feel bad about going to out to hang out with someone that made me feel good, and the one that makes me feel safe. and knowmater what i will always feel safe around him, he was my night and shining amor . i really wasn’t ready for what this had in store… and please no dirogitory comments, how to you think his parents , his family feel about this. you dont have to go ouyt of your way to make it worse. i turned 13 a couple weeks ago, and my only memory of becoming a teenager is the only one i trusted being on the news, making me cry till’ 2 o’clock in the morning. we have all learned a lesson here, but that doesn’t mean i am doubting michaels safty. it still matters to me and everybody else out there that its in my situation. (me being the worst because im the one who told) .. so please people, dont make it worse then it already is for me and my freinds. we have heard enough about him being a sexual preditior. anything nice to say? but i have to tell you this, he was a damn good guy. he always had a job, and honestly, it mind sound nasty, but he spilled his heart about his life to me. he has a hard life. his dad just recently passed away once he started getting sexual charges. you guys have a place to sleep every night? well he didn’t . so people say it is gross to spend the night at these girls houses, or his younger guy freinds? well it’s not. he just needed somewere to stay. he is a good person wether you think of it or not. but everyone makes wrong decitions, and god forgives. </3 michael downs

  4. rimbey says:

    But he is only a teenager. Give him 8 years , including halftime and send him to CMC east so at least the other inmates cannot pry upon him. Becuase he will become a victim to the older male adults so whats the difference a 19 year old getting RAPED by a 46 year old in jail or raped by a news reporter out on the street?

  5. keianajane says:

    okay guys look, i know the whole story this guy was my friend they did not meet on the internet girls met him in person at the mall. the girls wanted mike they did not just get raped by him they wanted it this whole thing is stupid.

    1. rawrawrawrawraw says:

      I know this guy too, he wasn’t Dangerous, he didn’t lie about his age, the girls he did have sex with they wanted it too. he’s only 19..he still a kid. They met them all at the mall, trust mee. and he would meet them at the mall. not on the internet. He was always there for everyone, and i think its bullsh** that hes getting locked away. Just saying.

      1. shut up... stupid a** says:

        he didnt lie about his age bull***
        i knew him too. and the first day i met himm he said ”’hey im mike” hoow old are you?
        me:12 turning 13 in a month
        him:oh cool im 16 …

    2. Elijah says:

      Regardless of if they wanted to or not He is the ADULT! and a predator. He needs to serve his time. Maybe some girls did want to…still his RESPONSIBILITY as and ADULT to not do anything..and I think that he was told no, and decided that no was not for him! Next time keep it in your pants and leave little girls alone!

    3. wow. dumb bit*** i swere. says:

      keiana … shut the fudge up. you didn;'[t know him like i did. your sucha piece of sh**
      you dont kno the hole story. back away hun.

  6. marshalmueller says:

    I think he will serve his possible long term prison sentence in protective custody because a violent offender named Bubba will prey upon him in the slammer.

  7. jd says:

    yes lets all be lenient for a fellow white guy

    1. JCINHB says:

      no, it would be the same for anyone else.. people need to know the truth… is the guy just lucky with the ladies or is he a real predator? we will know more in the near future….. i do worry about the 12 yr old though….

  8. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Real bad world up there.

  9. Jose Rodriguez says:

    enough peopel, he is no mexican. you peopel always call us mexican melasting little girls everytime. we never do it. we respect female very much! there is noway mexican are criminal. My little brothar is in jail and i am sure he will be inocent.

  10. Steve says:

    This season will pass. Do not blame yourself for coming forward, you did the right thing. Maybe you are to young to know it now, but he did take advantage of your youth and he is not your night in shining armor. You were one of 14 girls, unfortunately he told them the same things he told you. Although you are going through pain, many girls have been spared and you can rest knowing that. This will die down and you will soon look back and be glad you did what you did. Do not let his friends harass you, because you are who you surround yourself with and his friends should have told him to stop a long time ago.

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