OXNARD (CBS) — An Oxnard teen was  sentenced to 21 years in prison Monday for killing a gay classmate three years ago.

Brandon McInerney, 17, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and use of a firearm as part of a plea deal last month.

He had previously rejected an offer of 25 years to life for first-degree murder and a hate crime.

McInerney was just 14 years old when he shot and killed 15-year-old Larry King at E.O. Green Middle School in Oxnard.

A mistrial was declared in September after jurors couldn’t agree on a verdict.

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  1. Johnny Popp says:

    People who HATE just Out ignorance deserve to be taken out of society and this should serve as a Warning to anyone else who HATES for because He or She Ain’t Like You!
    Bubba and his Homey are gonna Love this Pretty Boy! Ohhhh Yeahhhh!
    Bye Bye Sweet Cheeks…. Have FUN!

  2. ray says:

    TURN HIM LOOSE he did NOTHING wrong the other kid had been sexually harassing the other boys it is a matter of public record and is also in the court records of this trial the gay kid brought this on him self

    1. ES says:

      So, was killing him the correct course of action?

    2. Christmas Joy says:

      He did do something wrong..but I am certain it went as far as it did cause of the adults..ie the school and the people at the facility Casa Pacifica that let Larry dress and act out the way he did. It did not help that Brandon’s parents were not the kind of parents he could turn to. The loss of life.. sad.
      You people who make ugly nasty comments about how Brandon has it coming in prison are simple jerks. He is not going to a regular prison as he is still a minor.

      1. soap-on-a-rope says:

        So let’s see if I have this right; Larry had his murder coming to him because he dressed as a girl and made advances on Brandon, but anyone who thinks Brandon has something coming to him in prison are simple jerks? So in your eyes murdering a kid is okay but saying someone deserves to be raped in retaliation is bad???? And by the way, at age 25 he WILL be going to a “regular” prison.

  3. Gary Brown says:

    Future skinhead.

    Circle of life.

    Moving on…

  4. mary burley says:

    i think is a good sentence for this young man, he needs to learn that every bad action like murder he needs to pay the price it is no time to go back to what he did . for that reason everybody we need to think before do something not after. is a good lesson for this boy and for others mistakes needs to be paid at high price congratulations to the judge.we need to respects others at all aspects so we can be respected.

  5. Kile Samuels says:

    Now he can find out in prison what real gay men do…

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