SILVER LAKE (CBS) — A man used his 4-year-old daughter as a shield when exiting his car at the end of a wild police chase Monday night before officers swarmed the suspect and rescued the girl.

Officers began pursuing the driver in Atwater Village. The suspect led officers onto the northbound 110 Freeway and, then, into the residential area of Silver Lake.

As Sky2 flew overhead, viewers watched as the suspect engaged in some dangerous maneuvers. At one point, he almost backed his vehicle into a patrol car.

The girl’s mother was at work and reportedly in contact with police during the episode.

The suspect eventually stopped driving and exited the vehicle in Silver Lake, while holding his daughter between him and the team of police officers surrounding his car.

Several officers rushed up to the suspect, ripped the girl from his hands and took him into custody.

The girl spoke to KCAL9 reporter Suraya Fadel and said she was OK. She identified herself as Alejandra and speaks primarily Spanish.

Authorities have offered no further information at this time.

Comments (7)
  1. Walter says:

    Hey Juan,
    Guess what? Mexican’s were here late in the game. The language you speak comes from EUROPE for gods sake. And remember that YOU live in the USA not, NOT, Mexico. Hispanics, THE SPANISH, and THE NATIVE AMERICANS were here before any ‘Mexicans’.

  2. ChannelingTed says:

    Busboys gone wild?

  3. Jeffrey Gonzalez says:

    free ever

  4. Robert S. says:

    Takes a l”Lot-of-Man” to hide behind a woman! Bet I know who this guy represents! What a guy! “S..t head!

  5. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I am sure the father is inocent. we are mexican comunity lookout each other. we know you are a good man, will be inocent you know. America is very good place just like mexico, that why we live in america. Policia capture a wronge peopel. You go find a white peopel, may be him. Policia may be need to learn speaking spanish, its very helpful. You speak spanish, I told you what happen.

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