An ultra-decadent whisky lounge awaits you inside the Montage Bevely Hills.

Gazing out from the posh Montage Hotel’s £10 patio, sitting in a cushy chair, clutching a precious Lalique glass (they cost $600!), filled with precious drops of Macallan, induces a dream-like state. Bartender Nicholas Vitulli rolls up with his cart filled with the spirits and tools needed to mix the perfect cocktail. The most popular house drink is The Jimmy Mac: 18 year old Macallan is stirred with Averna amaro, Benedictine, and Regan’s orange bitters and served over an ice sphere made with water flown in from Scotland.

the Jimmy Mac

The bar with one of the most extensive Macallan collections in the US is located inside Scarpetta at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Opened in June atop the mahogany stairs of Chef Scott Conant’s Scarpetta, £10 provides exclusive access to some of The Macallan Company’s rarest single malt whiskies.

Lalique glass

On the days that Macallan Brand Amabassador Eden Algie is at £10, he shares insights into the traditional methods and meticulous process it takes to make and age whisky. Algie tells stories about how the sherry oak casks are prepared at the cooperage, the care of the barley fields, the small stills at the distillery, and the commitment of everyone at Macallan to making the best whisky. Watching him open the bottle of 60-year, it is easy to feel the excitement.

lobster roll

The menu offers a range of drams of Macallan 12 for £10 ($16) to the last dram of their 64 year old for a $64,000 donation to Charity Water. Bar food here has been taken to an ultra-decadent level by Scarpetta’s Chef Scott Conant. Food to pair with whisky and the aromatic cocktails include royal osetra caviar, mini lobster rolls, and aged bison tartare. Each table is also offered a selection of pecan, aged cheese bites, and bacon to nibble on. In addition to Macallan, Ten Pound also serves Krug champagne, Nolet’s gin, Deleon tequila, and a few other spirit options in the whisky dominant menu.

To experience £10, reservations are a must. Call 310-860-5808 to reserve a chance to step inside the cozy space and prepared to be pampered. With a glass of Macallan 12 for £10 ($16) and the $50 minimum per person, it’s the perfect place to save up to enjoy a special celebration- and just maybe watch a high roller ordering $3,100 drams of The Macallan 60 year old. Slainte and cheers!

By Julie Wolfson
Images by Julie Wolfson


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