NORCO (CBS) — Police visited the home of 48-year-old Andre Turner in Norco Friday to speak to family and look for clues in an earlier shooting at a Southern California Edison office in Irwindale.

Investigators spoke to Andre’s wife Jean, as well as other family members and friends before armed deputies led them away one-by-one, presumably to identify the shooter.

A total of three people — including the gunman — were dead and two wounded after gunfire was reported in an office building on the 4900 block of Rivergrade Road.

The Turners’ neighbor Deidre Corbin says she spoke to Jean earlier in the day. She was worried that Andre, an employee at the Edison office location may have been a victim in the shooting.

“I had asked her if she received a call, a text, or anything from him,” says Corbin. “She said that she hadn’t heard anything.”

It was not until hours later that Jean learned it was Andre himself who may have pulled the trigger.

Neighbors in the Turner’s upscale neighborhood were shocked to learn that their soft-spoken, religious neighbor may have been capable of such violence.

“They are great people,” said neighbor Sunday Baretto.  “Jean is a beautiful lady.”

Andre’s daughter reportedly worked in the same Edison offices, and was recently laid off.

It is unclear what Turner’s motive may have been for the shooting.

Ted Craver, chairman and CEO of Southern California Edison, said in a written statement, “This is one of the most horrible days in our company’s history.”

3 Dead, 2 Wounded In Shooting At Office Building In Irwindale

Comments (9)
  1. Hzurdaddy says:

    You don’t need a photo, Keith, as soon as you have to go to more than 2 websites and still see no photo, you know what any shooter looks like. The photos of the victims were plastered all over the place, but no photos of the black male shooter.

  2. Brett Bayma says:

    Andre was a good friend to me and I find it hard to believe his life took him down this path….. My prayers are with everyone involved including Andre and his family… You were a good friend and will be missed

  3. Ray says:

    I’m sorry, but people just don’t go on a shooting spree and then kill themselves just because they’re “upside down” in their mortgage. His monthly payment would have stayed the same. After this story was filed, it was discovered that the shooter (Andre Turner) was being bullied by his manager and had had enough. He reached out to the company’s HR dept. for help, but got none. Then he snapped. This scenario is all to common at Southern California Edison.

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