One of the following is NOT True. Can you guess which one? :By Kent Shocknek

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Disclaimer: If you win, you don’t get anything. It’s kind of like getting a perfect Score on the SATs, then going to Ohio State.

If one of the following is NOT true, I think it’s more frightening that three of the following ARE. Oh yea, don’t forget to put an allegedly in front of all these crimes: “all parties assumed innocent until bla bla bla.”

Fort Pierce, FL:  woman, 35,  arrested for biting husband on the face. His crime: he threw her beer in the trash can.  

Sioux Falls, SD: retiree, 77, arrested for driving a bulldozer into the mayor’s house, over a local tax on cheese.

Portland, OR:  man, 33,  arrested for attacking three Toys R Us holiday shoppers with a Star Wars lightsaber.

Springfield, MA:  teacher, 44, arrested for punching his vice principal in her face, because he didn’t like her performance review.

Hazard a guess, and check back for the answer, next time.

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  1. John McGrevey says:

    I heard of the bulldozer and light sabre ones, so I’m going with the teacher one as not true.

  2. Bob Weaver says:

    Your comment about SAT scores and Ohio State more than make up for some of the more questionable comments of the past year. And from an SC grad, too. Who’d a thought…..

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