Cal Trans Aiming For 'Midday Saturday' For Opening

MONTEBELLO (CBS) — Plans to reopen the Pomona Freeway Friday night after a fiery tanker crash damaged an overpass Wednesday have been scrapped, according to Cal Trans.

While demolishing the damaged Paramount overpass Thursday night, crews came across cable and tubing that could contain potentially hazardous materials.

“This is an old bridge that was built in the 60s. So kinda like an old house, you come across thing that could be hazardous. We’re not sure what it is, but we are going to treat it like it is hazardous material,” said Patrick Chandler of Cal Trans. “We’re gonna submit the proper paperwork with the proper regulatory agencies and then we’re gonna be able to proceed on.”

Workers also discovered an AT&T fiber-optic line running through the Paramount overpass that was damaged by the tanker fire. Cutting the line would disconnect local phone service.

Officials originally hoped to open the 60 Freeway in both directions by noon Friday.

Cal Trans announced Friday afternoon that “midday Saturday” was the projected opening time to open the 60 Freeway. Officials did not release an exact time.



» Details Emerge About Safety Record Of 60 Freeway Tanker Truck

Comments (5)
  1. Mad Monk says:

    With hundreds of miles of freeways in Southern California, this guy had to stop his burning big rig under an overpass!
    Is he an idiot?

    1. JCINHB says:

      This is what we get when we allow ignorant people to operate heavy machinery carrying hazardous & flammable materials. I don’t like more rules and regulations, but is there not a training course these people need to take before transporting these materials?

  2. JCINHB says:

    What I am curious about is if the driver of the truck will be either fined or jailed for negligence in his operating of the vehicle. The truck was not maintained to the levels where he had a brake fire that destroyed not only the truck but the overpass. In addition, he abandoned the vehicle in a location that caused major property damage and could have killed people. If the truck was actively rolling, it would have taken seconds for him to pull to the side of the road (not under the bridge). How long was the truck on fire before he noticed anything? Other drivers MUST have been trying to get his attention to the situation.

  3. citizen says:

    None of you were at the scene. So you don;t know what happen. So shut up.
    he will not be jailed or finned

  4. Jerr Serrano-Rivera says:

    A good lashing should do!

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