LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles Unified teachers have approved a new labor agreement with the school district that will give teachers wide-ranging decision-making power in running their schools.

United Teachers Los Angeles said Thursday that nearly 70 percent of its members voted in favor of the agreement. About 29 percent were opposed.

Under the pact, the district says it will not allow charter operators to take over low performing schools for the next three years, instead allowing teachers and administrators charter-like autonomy to write their own management plans for individual schools.

School reformers have criticized the plan for leaving innovative charters out of reform efforts, but UTLA President Warren Fletcher says the plan gives teachers equal footing to compete with charters, which have taken away hundreds of unionized teaching jobs.

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  1. jason zeidler says:

    of course they would ratify it. the sub par union teachers cannot begin to compete with the charter teachers. They should be scared. Charter is superior in every way and most importantly the teachers are held accountable. Union teachers know that time is running out on their cushy jobs with no accountablity. where else can you do as horrible a job as the teachers in LAUSD and not only NOT get fired but recieve more money for being a horrible teacher. I hope the corrupt teachers unions get crushed before my kid gores in. if not he goes to a charter with REAL teachers not lazy unionized activists

  2. Bravo Kelo 31 says:

    A drop out rate of 60.4 and they always cry for a raise. I’m in the Union, a Union that is far more hard working with a long history of pride and hard work. Teachers in the LAUSD are worthless and hide behind the Union skirt giving ALL other Unions a bad name.

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