LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Unified School District plans to file a lawsuit against the state Wednesday in hopes of blocking $38 million in cuts to its transportation program.

The cuts are part of a new budget plan announced Tuesday by Gov. Jerry Brown, who says state revenue fell $2.2 billion short of projections.

“They’re not good,” Brown said of the cuts. “It’s not the way we’d like to run California, but we have to live within our means.”

While primary education was mostly spared, Brown announced $248 million in cuts to the state’s school transportation budget, which LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy says is too steep for districts to absorb.

“There’s this consistent disinvestment in public education, but I think what we’ve reached now is a new low, where we’re just simply not going to tolerate not caring about kids any longer,” LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy told CBS2. “The LAUSD cannot withstand further budget cuts without adversely impacting the educational benefits offered to its student.”

The district cannot terminate its school bus program because the majority of the services were mandated under a 1981 court order requiring desegregation programs, including the busing of about 35,000 students. He noted that state and federal law also requires the district to provide transportation to 13,000 other special needs students.

“Due to the combined mandates, the trigger cuts force the district to choose between two illegal and unconstitutional outcomes,” Deasy said. “It must either terminate its transportation services in direct violation of the court order — and state and federal law — or divert precious classroom dollars from its general fund to pay for the required transportation services.”

Roughly $100 million in funding to the California State University and University of California systems will also be slashed.

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  1. Lopez says:

    Where do I sign up for the law suit, I have a kid with special needs, I am a US cityzen like my kid. “”” I recomend you governor to cut bugget some where else and cut everyones pay check to those who works for the state or local goverment,or show we start collecting signatures to recall you mr brown. and all this people who work for the state and local goverment that waste taxpayers money, need to go to jail and replace them all. have more control over medical and medicare,who is getting it?

  2. * says:

    ok so we are going to pay overblown Exorbitant pensions we cant afford and keep taking from the kids… now they cant even get a ride to school…… Something gotta break somewhere…..

  3. Mariano Karesty says:

    Acting on behalf of 38,000 magnet and special-education students, Los Angeles Unified will file suit today in federal court challenging state budget cuts that wipe out the district’s $38million busing program for the rest of the school year.

  4. T.D says:

    Kids need school bus. It is unsafe to ride public bus plus not all family can afford transportation cost. School bus driver lose job too & CA need pay for these people…what kind benefit? Just making more people struggle. CA don’t think about kids safety. They just thinking about money. I always thinking CA need stop serve school’s free breakfast and lunch. They can make over 38 millions from that. People feed kids during school vacation so why can’t feed your own kids during school? Also many kids won’t eat school meal even free benefit & school dumping foods. They can’t serve left over for next day. What a waste. All that dumping foods money paying from our tax money. Most free meal household people get foods stamps anyway..Doesn’t make sense. I feel Ca is falling part. I’ll move to other state anyway.

  5. Wake Up! says:

    There goes my husband’s job. Thanks, Moonbeam! Time to pack up and get the hell out of California.

  6. Jason says:

    “We’re just simply not going to tolerate not caring about kids any longer,” LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.
    If they really care about the kids, why don’t they take a cut in salary, pension etc.?

    1. * says:

      I dont know – The teachers barely get paid enough when they first start working for LAUSD, Then the administration draws ridiculous salary and then then they contribute to 401k – maybe that contribution needs to drop some, and the administrators dont get such ridiculous salaries to begin with – then they build up huge pensions because they didnt start at 40k like normal people have to – they thought they were worth 100k… Which our school system cant afford….Nor can it sustain…

      1. * says:

        oh and then they get paid their FULL SALARY – when they retire as if they are working …somethings gotta give somewhere….

      2. GROWAPAIR says:

        Make up your mind, are you speaking of teachers or administrators? You should have spent more time paying attention in school. There is no K-12 teacher collecting 100% when retired.

  7. REALLY says:

    How about we take the bullet train money to the voters. Money for a train to nowhere or money for school buses?? HHMMM I know what I would vote for!!!

  8. Roque Burio Jr says:

    rom Roque Burio Jr. the ugly duckling and the branded lemon that can dance but can also sing: Here is my song on the false claim of LAUSD that busing is earnestly needed by students and hence the district had to make a show of suing the State of California. Busing is one way that this dismayingly failing School District could justify its costly but useless and wasteful expenses since there are many schools around the residence of students—which are called Home schools. The LAUSD had the habit of shuffling students to different and farther schools to justify busing. This expensive habit of this dismayingly failing LAUSD has to be changed to cope with present economic crisis.
    I really do not think that this failing LAUSD particularly the general counsel David Holmquist could ever justify enrolling students in schools so far from their homes when there are not a few schools closer and some walking distances from their homes. This will be the day when LAUSD will, have to explain its costly, useless and wasteful way of delivering education to students.
    I am really so excited to see in Superior Court Mr. Holmquist and his lawyers argue in their complaint against the State of California. I really do not think that LAUSD and Mr. David Holmquist could ever win their case against the State of California. Governor Brown is waiting.

  9. RoqueBurio Jr. says:

    From Roque Burio Jr. the ugly duckling and the branded lemon who can dance but can also sing; Here is my revealing song about the spoiled kids: The LAUSD and particularly its superintendent Mr. Deasy and General Counsel Holmquist are like some kind of spoiled kids who could not understand the difficult economic situation they are in and would sue in Superior Court their daddy the State of California that can no longer afford their extravagant and unexplained shuffling of students residing in the valley to special schools in the city of LA , and those students residing in the city of LA are shuffled to the valley special schools to justify their unquenchable thirst for more money allowance.
    I think the Court should ask these spoiled kids why they shuffled students to special schools in distant places outside their residence. Daddy Brown should teach these kids some discipline in extravagant spending of tax payers’ money. Daddy Brown should spank their… you know what!

  10. Bill Stanley says:

    The focus of public schools should be educating. Cuts in taxpayer funding of public schools should start with transportation, food and athletics. California has become the first state to completely eliminate transportation funding for public schools, saving the taxpayers $248 million. The same drivers using the same buses and vans would be happy to continue transporting students for fees paid by parents. Other parents can form car pools. Parents unable to drive in car pools can pay car pools a fee for their kids to participate. Other students can walk or ride a bicycle to school. If you do not think parents should pay for the transportation of their kids, why is it okay to advocate that the government force strangers to do so? http://www.newsandopinions.net

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