LAKE FOREST (CBS) — A suspect was shot by a deputy Tuesday morning after a robbery at an AT&T store in Orange County, officials said.

The armed man stole an unknown amount of cash and fled the store in Lake Forest around 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

The store’s security guard commandeered a motorist’s car and chased the suspect to a residential neighborhood near Landsview Avenue and Belgreen Place, officials said.

The guard called 911 and Orange County sheriff’s deputies joined the chase shortly after, eventually shooting the suspect.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

That same AT&T store was robbed several weeks ago, according to officials. The suspect stole $15,000 worth of electronics from the store.

Comments (6)
  1. Smokey says:

    Here we go again! Cops shooting poor armed individuals. Why do they have to shoot them? Don’t cops know judo or something. Or just shoot the gn out of his hand.

    1. bounce says:

      >> The armed man stole an unknown amount of cash.

      You watch way too much TV. Next time, why don’t YOU go hand-to-hand with an armed robber. I for one am glad that the guy was shot.

    2. Bandit says:

      Srsly, it was just armed robbery. Not like the guy was shooting randomly in the middle of the street or something…

    3. bandit says:

      @bounce. Read his comment again with a sarcastic tone this time. Jeez

    4. Souppie says:

      You don’t go to a gun fight with bare hands!!!! Are maybe YOU do.

  2. CMD says:

    Yea, and let’s have the guy hold the gun to your head as an innocent employee and see if your opinion changes…2nd go round at the same store in less than a month. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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