WESTMINSTER (CBS) — Two roommates were arraigned Monday afternoon on allegations that they stole a check from a Newport Beach law firm to splurge on a private jet to New York City, hotel rooms and a Tiffany & Co. shopping spree.

Sometime between Sept. 21 and Nov. 16, Alexa Johzen Polar, 34, and Robin Antonella Pabello, 33, stole a check for over $19,500 from the firm where Polar worked, the Orange County District Attorneys office said.

The pair reportedly removed the payee’s name and replaced it with Pabello’s, and then they forged the amount for $285,000, officials said.

On Nov. 16, authorities say the defendants used an ATM to deposit the check into an account jointly held by Polar, a paralegal, and Pabello, a second grade school teacher.

Investigators say the women used the money to charter a private jet to fly themselves and several friends to New York City, rent five rooms at a hotel in Times Square and go on a shopping spree at Tiffany & Co. and Montblanc.

Pabello and Polar (Facebook.com)

The duo posted pictures of the trip on Facebook.

Polar and Pabello also are accused of obtaining cashier checks from the stolen funds to lease or purchase a $3.7 million, 11,000 square foot house in Murietta.

Bank officials discovered the thefts after “the issuing bank rejected the check that the receiving bank had processed,” the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a press release.

Polar and Pabello, both of Garden Grove, are each facing two felony counts of forgery, one felony count of grand theft, and one felony count of grand theft by embezzlement.

If convicted on all counts, they face a maximum of more than six years in prison. Bail was set at $285,000 for each woman. If bail is posted, Polar and Pabello must prove the money was not obtained fraudulently.

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  1. uhoh says:

    WOW…nice way to leave a paper trail.

  2. theCanimalsHusband says:

    What did these women do to get them arrested that Goldman Sachs and Congress do every day and let the taxpayers pick up the tab?

  3. Joe says:

    If you take $200,000 from a business, don’t you think that business will not notice? How long do you think you can play around with the money before you are caught? You lived like a rich and famous for a few weeks but all these will come crashing down once you caught. These women must be telling themselves, “What was I thinking?”.

    Well, they have 6 years behind bars to think things over. When they step out of jail, they won’t be that employable because they are ex-felons.

    Before you steal, think very hard because doing an honest days work to earn your living is priceless. Dignity and integrity is priceless. Stealing is worthless.

  4. Justin says:

    I don’t what made them think they could get away with this. Did they have a suicide pact or had cancer to where they believed they wouldn’t have to answer for it? They are going to be convicted felons now and what will they do when they get out? I would hire a murderer before I would hire a thief, like most employers, especially one who stole from their employers. They have just flushed their future away.

    1. rich says:

      not really all they have to do when they get out is legally change their names get new socials under the new names and WALLA new life

      1. Karen says:

        It is not that easy. A judge would ask the reason for the name change and is usually not stupid enough to fall for a BS story.

      2. rich says:

        it is that easy karen 20 years ago i was in a club with family some guy asked my sister to dance she accepted he tried to get to frisky with her she pushed him away and tried to leave he grabed her and sluged her in the face me and 2 cousins took up for her when it was all done he was dead i hit him over the head several times with bottles that were on tables. I DO NOT excuse my actions i pled guilty did not even go to trial i just flat admited it and got 8 years for it. when i got out i played hell getting a job as you might imagine. i was told about trying to change my name and thus get a fresh start YES they asked me why and YES i had to explain my self but i had been a good inmate i did not do ANYTHING that would tack extra time on me. the judge gave me my request my point is if someone who KILLED SOMEONE can get a fresh start then someone who simply riped off a ton of money can also. if they do their time and dont get into more mess then they CAN get a fresh start

      3. jack says:

        walla?? you mean Viola? guess no education in the slammer?

      4. rich says:

        Jack, vous sont clairement pas aussi instruits votre auto vous avez corrigé mon orthographe du mot et il vous foiré. Je l’ai orthographié WALLA et il devrait avoir été tour est joué. donc si vous allez à m’appeler sur la manière dont je suis instruite, alors vous voudrez peut-être à vous instruire aussi

        in case you do not actually speak French Jack there is what i said in English so you can stop questioning oneones education because they made a FAUX PAUX with one word

        Jack you are clearly not so educated your self you corrected my spelling of the word and messed it up yourself. i spelled it WALLA and it should have been voila. so if your going to call me out on how educated i am then you may want to get educated also

      5. cindy says:

        HAHAHA RICH you got jacks butt on that one JACK in case you do not know it the way you spelled it VIOLA is a musical instrument. so you just showed how UNDER EDUCATED you are

      6. Phil says:

        You are an idiot! First of all – felons cannot legally change their names or get new socials and second – the word is Voila not walla – its french – look it up you ignorant fool!

      7. rich says:

        @ PHIL yes a felon can change their name. if they did their time and did not cause more problems while they were in jail they CAN CHANGE THEIR NAMES i did it my self and as for my spelling the word VOILA wrong you obviously did not read my other post which was IN FRENCH sue me for using a slang term but my original point stands a felon who did their time and has not reoffended has a right to be able to get gainful work after they did their time. so changing their name and soc is a LEGAL way to do it

  5. jimmy says:

    Corrupt wg//af, up//yours and GROWAPAIR uses his daddy’s balls to enter suspect’s homes while they are away and steal items.
    They mostly steal watches, jewelry and less frequently expensive prescription drugs by returning a second time and swapping them with fakes.
    Some of them where stealing wear item parts off of cars, swapping them with old worn out parts from their personal autos and in some cases leaving the auto in a dangerous state.

  6. Nice One L O L says:

    Nice Job Thelma and Louise ya got caught L O L !!!!!

  7. Stella says:

    They are the 99%

  8. dislike the racism says:


  9. icecream says:

    Now they get to throw away at least six years of their lives for a weekend of fun……Shameful !
    They need to run for congress !!!

  10. loooosers says:

    Stupidas, P.e.n.d.e.j.a.s.

  11. Mel says:

    Now why would a Bank make funds of over $2,000,000 available if they have not yet received the funds from that check makers Bank Especially deposited in an ATM.

    There’s something else here that’s a little fishy

  12. Stevve says:

    Man, those are some ugly ladies!

    1. Jessy blonde says:

      Hispanic! What can I say. Oh, you are surprised?

      1. John Estrada says:

        I’m surprised “Jessy blonde” spelled all the words correctly.

  13. joe says:

    They pleaded not guilty?! How could a paralegal possess $285,000 with the meager salary that she earns? It does not take a genius to figure this whole thing out.

  14. Melvin Blake says:

    Press 2 for spanish.
    “They are” caught stealing again!! What’s new?
    “Their” intelligence only allow them to be smart enough to steal, and leave all the paper trail behind. How did they fill out the welfare application in the first place?

    1. ha ha ha says:

      One’s Filipino, the other is Peruvian…. not that it matters~!

  15. Jessy blonde says:

    Just saw these latino thieves made it to headline news on TV. Yes, it’s hispanic stealing again.

    1. GROWAPAIR says:


      Look everyone, it’s the puS$y dumbf**k poseur talking with his daddy’s balls up its aS$ again. It thinks it’s well versed in linguistics, when in reality, it’s well versed in sucking c***.

  16. S says:

    To those making this an issue about race, yes what they did was terrible but it pales in comparison to what bankers and wall street did to the American People. And if I’m not mistaken arent those guys white? There is a saying, behind every story of wealth there was a crime behind it. Get over yourselves, subjugating other races to slavery, stripping third world countries of their resources, exploiting others sexually and economically. The white race is the most despicable race in history!

  17. Stevve says:

    Won’t they owe income tax as well?

  18. Win WIn for them says:

    Let me guess there thought process for these girls… live like a queen for as long as possible on the stolen cash until caught. Then live like a queen in prison with three hots and a cot and all the new pu$$y one could eat, while in prison. WIn Win for them.

  19. Anna rye says:

    I was very disappointed with what they did with their future I have a high respect for miss pabello being a teacher of a catholic school. he was loved by her students so much I pray that you will never loose hope for your life. Remember that god is the only person u can count on…..

  20. dosent matter says:

    i think this is a sad situation i personaly know the family and they believe she is totaly iinasent if the brothers would have got off there ass and maned up maybe she would not have felt so responsiable for the family come on shes the baby girl of the family and no one helped but her. she was just trying to give her parents the american dream. and got into way to deep but the truth needs to come out hell ya shes guilty but her roommate also had a big part in it god save her soul hell shes a school teacher for a catholic school.

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