VENICE (CBS) —  The Los Angeles city council is considering a new plan to regulate the colorful characters, jugglers, clowns, musicians and hawksters on the Venice Boardwalk, a city councilman said Saturday.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl posted the proposed ordinance on his website today, and told his constituents that the city has had “an ongoing struggle with the judicial system to come up with a workable plan to regulate commercial vending, promote entertainers and performers, and protect residential quality of life at Venice Beach.”

The ordinance was drafted by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s office. The proposed measure revises the definition of “perform, performer and performance” to exempt people offering handcrafts, body painting, hair weaves, or massages, or creating art.

That move will comply with a recent federal court ruling, where regulatory language adopted by the City of Santa Monica was approved as not unduly restricting constitutional rights, Rosendahl said.

Previous attempts to reign in the circus-like atmosphere have stalled due to concerns over free speech concerns.

The council is expected to take up the issue on Tuesday.

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  1. Debra R Steinman says:

    Wow, regulating street performers? Why is the state of California not regulating the Occupy Movement? Instead Like the state of NY, it is beginning a war of attrition against Street performers and Artists! How typical!

  2. Pratt Robert says:

    Well you know I think the city could best serve us by working on real problems like the cost of water ,,power and now the sewer tax, yes I said tax, come on lets do some real work.

  3. wg//af says:

    I wonder if they’ll still let me sell my aS$?

  4. Ray says:

    Maybe you should regulate the regulators.

  5. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

    Stand by for more regulations from the Los Angeles Socialist Party (A.K.A Los Angeles City Council). Hasn’t this group of idiots done enough damage to this city?

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