TEMPLE CITY (CBS) — Thousands of residents spent a fifth night in the dark Sunday after Wednesday’s wind storm.

Southern California Edison crews have been working around the clock to restore power to customers across the Southland after nearly 27,000 residents remained without power.

As of 2 p.m, Monday afternoon, 24,655 customers remain affected by the outages, but Edison officials still expect most customers to have power by Monday night.

SCE said they restored power to the 20 primary line circuits knocked out by the storm. They said they  planned to have power restored to those customers by Tuesday.

On Monte Vista Street residents on the north side still had power Monday while homes on the south side were left in the dark.

Residen Danuta Pochron said the outage has disabled the use of her oxygen tank.

“So, from Wednesday to Monday, no oxygen, no electricity, no nothing,” Pochron said through tears.

“I’m not feeling very well without oxygen, and it’s cold — freezing,” Pochron said.

A Pasadena Water and Power spokesperson said power had been restored to 99 percent of their customers.

Pochron and the other residents on her side of the street are part of the one percent still left without power.

They have found ways to cope. Two older women chose to spend their day sitting outside on the porch, which they said was much warmer than inside.

Some residents have resorted to ice chests to keep perishable food.

Sarkis Khodanian, a bartender, said he’s glad his job precludes him from having to suffer through the night in his cold house.

“I’m look forward to working at night now because I don’t have to be here. And when I come back I try to take a shower with a lantern and fall asleep.”

Firefighters are also bracing for more powerful winds.

Red flag and wind warnings will be in place through Tuesday, but the new wind system isn’t expected to be as powerful as the one that slammed Southern California last week.

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  1. Joey Tilda says:

    Oh wow, OK thats pretty messed up dude, I mean like seriously.

  2. dave says:

    I hope is not as powerfull as last week, my power went out 11-30-2011 and it was just restore today at 4:00am,. just we the affected people weren’t prepared so as Edison they weren’t prepared. I do wonder when the city of monrovia is going to remove the tree that fell out side the building.

  3. Moline says:

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    http://www.buddysystemsolar.com We might even be able to deliver to LA area for free.

  4. reader says:

    Really badly written. Did anybody edit this?

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