LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Governor Jerry Brown is ready to offer his latest solution on how to drum up cash for the state of California.

KNX 1070’s Charles Feldman reports a source has confirmed the governor wants voters to weigh in on a ballot measure to raise taxes on the wealthy while also increasing the state sales tax.

Under the measure, individuals earning more than $250,00 a year would see their income tax liability jump from 1 percent to as high as 2 percent for those earning over $500,000 annually.

The plan would reportedly raise an estimated $7 billion in revenue for the state.

In addition to income tax, sales tax — which typically has the biggest impact on the poor and middle class earners — would increase by half a cent.

All the proposed tax increases would expire in 2016 under the governor’s proposal.

Brown could file the initiative as early as Friday to get the measure on the ballot in 2012.

Comments (8)
  1. Everyday Guy says:

    I moved out of California because of Dumocrats. I hope wealthy people will leave as well. What moral authority gives dumocrats the right to take this money?

  2. Robert S. says:

    Every time the budget goes “Over the Top”, Politicians have the “Easy Solution”! Raise taxes! That Dog will not hunt! I remember Gov. Brown, and all his promises that I knew would be hard to come to fruition. Lets be honest….Its hard to make a “Chicken Sandwich” out of chicken Waste”! Brown promised the moon, and has not even delivered “Green Cheese”! More sales tax?….School taxes alone are through the roof, and all we need in a bad economy, with millions “Out of Luck”….is a larger tax burden. Lets send the Politicians back to school, so as to learn that “Chicken Sandwichs” are hard to come by, but that we do not need a bunch of “Waste”, but a stoppage of “free spending”, as people of California are leaving “by the Droves!

  3. freddy says:

    Robert S. remember which politicians RAISE taxes/ Demos.. Vote NO TAXES….How about start cutting waste and illegal benefits to the NON-AMERICANS?

  4. L_T says:

    Hey “Governor Moonbeam” how about cutting back, instead of always rising taxes. We are already the highest taxed enough is enough!

  5. Ashley says:

    raising sales tax is a stupid idea but why is raising income tax for people making MORE THAN A QUARTER MILLION and HALF A MILLION wrong? how does this income tax raise affect you if your such an everyday guy? that tax bracket is usually people like the celebrities, apple and google execs. not everyday people. Instead of raising sales tax how about legalize gay marriage and marijuana at the same time and stop spending on illegals for welfare and college grants and health care oh and lets also make it so their children arent automatic citizens either.

  6. Angry California TAX Payer says:

    TAX WHO JERRY, YOU DUMB AZZ! You and your socialist party have already run all the profitable business out of California.

  7. jasmine says:

    thank you governor Brown, i voted for you . and i feel happy now with your desicion about the taxis for wealthy people. You are the best governor for california my congratulations to you. thanks again. I admire you and God bless you.

  8. wg//af says:

    The ass-hat blithering fool offers nothing. Kudos to all the ignorant dumbsh!ts that elected him.

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