LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department is continuing to interview witnesses from last week’s pepper spray melee at a Porter Ranch Walmart store.

Cell phone video obtained by CBS2 shows the chaos that ensued after a disgruntled shopper shot pepper spray at 20 people.

The victims, who mostly complained of stinging in their eyes, were treated at the scene.

Shopper Juan Castro says the woman started attacking other shoppers when an XBOX display was unveiled shortly after 10 p.m.

“Just as they started to unwrap everything, all hell broke loose and everybody just swarmed. And in the middle of the parade, some lady just started (pepper spraying) the crowd,” he said. “There were two ladies on the side of me that started fighting. As I was walking by another section, there was this poor girl walking by with a Wii system, the box all torn up.”

He said customers were “just trampling over people, people shoving each other. There were a lot people who got it in their eyes, so they were burning. They were screaming, crying. It was bad.”

“It was an unfortunate situation, but we’re glad everyone is okay,” Walmart said in a statement to CBS2. “We are working with law enforcement to provide security video and information.”

Police have not confirmed whether the woman seen in the video is the same woman who turned herself in Friday night.

The district attorney’s office will decide whether to file charges after police conclude their investigation.

If you witnessed the melee or know the woman suspected of releasing pepper spray, please let us know!

Comments (9)
  1. dave says:

    gppd thing she did not use MACE mace and peper spray are MUCH diffrent mace would have been a much more ugly deal for all

  2. SHAMUS says:

    BLIMEY are we now to put armed men to guard the store people when they place such items to sale?? PEOPLE tis the season of christs birth ment to be a time of joy not kickin arse to get a toy for your wee one. how shall you tell your wee one you got it? shall you tell them you beat the bloody socks of some other lass or ladd to get it? i know i am old and of a diffrent culture, but if me da who was good at wood work made me a toy of his own hand it was the most prized toy i could get for he took his own time to make it and did not just go to the local store and drop some money on the desk. if you have to resort to this type of thing to get your wee one a toy then it removes the LOVE that is suppose to be behind the gift. JUST ME OPINION

  3. alg says:

    SHAMUS – I like your comment. It expresses everything that is wrong with Christmas.
    The stores themselves are at fault. What they need to do is create a line where those that come early get a ticket with a number identifying their place in line.
    Then an orderly entrance into the store. Those coming in first are first served.
    This lady who came in and was obviously one of the first in, was almost trampled to death. I saw the scene. It was terrible. It looked as if there was not ONE INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING there. The lack of concern for anyone else was very apparent. I still blame the store for ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN.
    The lady, not very large, small in height was protecting herself. I applaud the lady for doing it.
    Did you notice that no one in the media mentioned that. The lady was just protecting herself. I don’t blame her, and I hope this incident jostles the management of retailers to change the way they do business.
    To encourage this type of behaviour should be labeled by the law for any that were injured as an act of violence by a group of people. They should be prosecuted, which I know won’t happen. So the game has to be changed.
    what do you think?

  4. shamus says:

    i was not well there to know who did what, who started it or who ended it me thing is that when the day has come that this has to happen in fetching a gift for your wee one then things have gone to far. yes it tis to some degree the fault of the store for lack of action to protect against this type of thing, but the ones fighting sholder the brunt of the blame the store did not tell them to be arse holes. when i was a wee ladd in Ireland YES we enjoyed going to the store to buy what ever new toy was about or to fetch what we sought BUT we did not thrash each other to get it. if the item was gone or in short supply we may rush to get it but we did not run someone under foot. if it was gone we may be disappointed but not to the point of kicking arse over it. back then we made many of our gifts of our hand since money was in short supply so most times in the store we sought a well scent for mum or a new pipe for da or something of the like. if i had known me da had to beat arse to fetch me bike or that mum yanked out hair to get me toy i would not have been well with it. as i said in me other post if me da made me a toy of his hand or some other item of his hand it was of more worth to me. yes the stores hold some blame but the ones fighting hold more no one told them to be an arse hole. in me days this season was about thanking the Lord for what he well did for us and not so much about getting the most recent toy or most fancy cloths blimey i grew up on a sheep ranch what the bloody ell would i want with fancy cloths lol so i just think that all of socity has lost the real view of what this season is. even if you do not share me religious view this season is about FAMILY not kickin arse in a store to get something that in the end you really DO NOT NEED just me opinion

  5. Lilly says:

    I am not sure if those there were acting more like uncivilized savages or insects…perhaps best described as a combination of the two.

  6. Carmen Johnson says:

    i am soo outraged, i have doing my best to take some kind of legal action. I have been on the news media twice. I am trying to get this out to the public, that Walmart and the woman are both at fault. Walmart for not providing a safer flow, like in the previous years. And as for the woman, shame on her. Not only did she put people in danger, but also her children.

    1. alg says:

      CARMEN – I saw the tapes of the incident. The woman who used the pepper spray was being mobbed. She was afraid for her life. She used it to protect herself.
      You are a liar. It’s unfortunate that people like you are out with another agenda.
      It’s a good thing there were employees who saw it, and it was taped.

      Why don’t you find something positive to do during the Christmas season.
      By the way, I do agree with you that ALL RETAILERS should learn from this.
      They are at fault for allowing this to happen.
      No one should be put in a position to have to try to protect themselves from a mob of insane people with no brains.

  7. The Truth About Pepper Spray says:

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