LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two potentially unruly demonstrations are expected to take place Monday in the Southland — one at L.A. City Hall and the other at UCLA in Westwood.

Confrontations that may provoke arrests are planned at both locations, activists at Occupy Los Angeles and at UCLA said Saturday.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz

The planned protest at UCLA comes is response to a University of California regents meeting slated for Monday. Hundreds of demonstrators are expected to gather.

Students plan to stage loud demonstrations under the banner “Make Millionaires Pay,” as the Board of Regents attempts to hold a meeting for the second time this month. An earlier meeting, in San Francisco, was cancelled amidst security concerns.

The UC system has been rocked by amateur video of UC Berkeley police using batons against limp protestors, and UC Davis police calmly dousing students sitting on a campus path with pepper spray.

Across town Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to order Occupy L.A. activists to decamp from City Hall Monday.

A spokesperson for Occupy L.A. Saturday urged activists to gather at City Hall by 11 p.m. Sunday “to send a strong message to the ruling elite and politicians who desperately want the Occupy movement to end.”

Villaraigosa had praised the Occupy movement Friday for changing the agenda of political and economic-policy debate in the nation. But he also said it was time for the campsite on the once-verdant City Hall grounds to be dismantled, beginning at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

“Occupy LA has brought needed attention to the growing disparities in our country and I look forward to its ongoing efforts to build an economy that works for everyone,” Villaraigosa said.

“As we continue to respect the exercise of everyone’s First Amendment rights in our Civic Center and throughout Los Angeles, City Hall Park is temporarily closing out of concern for the public safety implications of a long- term encampment.”

Occupy L.A. organizers reject claims that the city has supported them. “They do not and never have,” said a manifesto sent to news outlets today. “The pending eviction attempt is part of a wave of nationally-coordinated state repression against the Occupy movement as a whole.”


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  1. I AM THE 99% says:

    Everyone that supports the 99% need to be at LA City Hall Sunday night. Don’t let the ruling-class win. Villaraigosa is a liar, he said he is with us, when in fact he is part of the 1%.

    1. Waste of space says:

      Shut up and move on. The group is notthing more than useless people with nothing better to do. Go get a job, work the fields the illegals work, you take those jobs they were finally leave.

  2. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

    This should be very interesting. Will the Unions that glommed onto the Occupy movement in the beginning be out there supporting the 99%, or will they bow down to Mayor Villaraigosa and the Democrats in the LA city council that regularly awards them lucrative contracts. I am betting it will be the latter.

  3. groapair says:

    I’m the 99% of the West Hollywood community who knows how to treat a man. You go boys!!!

    1. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

      OH GOD! Please excuse me while *****THROW-UP*****

      1. groapair says:


    2. ILLEGALS says:

      shut-up west hollywood f@ggot maggot

    3. Republican Empire Falls says:

      I’m going to have to stand with my biyatch growapair on this one. I know she needed to look in the dictionary to learn how to spell grow, and should use the moniker “dumbasabrick,” but I stand in solidarity with her on this issue. BTW, I’m the man in this relationship.

  4. MIKE says:

    don’t stop until they ROT !!!!!

  5. Phoebe says:

    So now in this “free” society, we are forcilby being held hostage by these protestors??? Why are the rest of us being force to put up with officials tip toeing around these people? There are rules/laws in a society which are there to maintain social order & safety. Apparently this concept has to be kicked to the curb for political reasons.

  6. ILLEGALS says:

    too bad the US government rather fund israel, iraq, iran, pakistan, south korea, saudi arabia, india, kuwait, japan, etc etc etc but ignoring US citizens..

    btw, the Big Oil gets $5 billions each year from your tax $$$..

  7. marina greeen says:

    I’m the 99 % supporter, for villarraigosa is easy try to move protesters, of course he belongs to the 1% that full theirs pockets with our money taxpayers he don’t care of families in need. and this full uses the police to protect him self, this country is going to be like mexico 100% corrupted.they are wealthy and citizens needs to pay more and more and politicians with big bodies. we can’t trust even democraticas is the same like the bacaspigs. so we need to continue in this protest.

  8. marina greeen says:

    I think is better to vote for republicans. they come from wealthy families and they have more heart of others. at least is rare an hispanic politician. when politicians are hispanics they are corrupted. see villaraigosa, the bacaspigs etc etc.they was poor and now they are money hungry.so we need to stay defending our rights. looks like this guys don’t understand even the first amendment of our constitutionor they play the part of ignorants.only$$$$$$at any price even if they need to hurt others.

  9. marina greeen says:

    republicans needs to be on the top democrats need to fall down. sees the result =poverty . we need a change now. we are the 99%.lets vote for republicans only not for cowers democrats. that they run to ask for police protection. villaraigosa go away….remember you are hispanic you know who you are. leave us alone.

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