LA JOLLA (CBS) — A Southern California student is holding vigil in a bikini in hopes of finding her lost dog.

Arlene Corona’s white Chihuahua, Chispita, vanished from her apartment complex a week ago.

She says she will spend the entire Thanksgiving weekend on a La Jolla street corner with a sign in her two-piece swimsuit.

Corona says she won’t let the cold weather deter her from doing what she can to find her best friend.

Comments (15)
  1. Johnny in SoCal... says:

    Oooooo La Laaaaa… Where is she?

  2. Stuart says:

    Has she caused any accidents yet?

  3. i_am_not_legal says:

    it’s sad when we lose our best friends. good luck getting her back sexy lady.

  4. RJ says:

    ok what has the swim suit got to do with the dog?? cant she simply stand there with the sign in normal cloths this has zero to do with the dog and everything to do with this air head woman seeking attention

    1. andy says:

      would you have read the story (or would it even have made the news) if she was in sweats? I hope it works.

      1. shamus says:

        ayy i hope it not be working, folks be losing pets all the bloody time and they be not standing on the corner in something hardly more then their knickers. this wee lass needs be ashamed of her self doing such things in the name of finding her bloody dog

  5. Roger Thornhill says:

    Thought by the headline the dog was in her bikini, thus would be easy to find.

  6. Irma Elena says:

    Shamus it sounds like your not from America, so let me help you and everyone else trashing this young lady. In America sex sells! Her bikini got her attention ,which led to her speaking out about her missing dog, which will hopefully result in a fairy-tale ending. This Bimbo ,as some have labeled her as, has managed to attract national media attention regarding her missing pet. If people find this disgraceful and untastful then maybe America should consider sending out a new message of “Sex does not sell” by not supporting ad’s, magazines, commercials, and other public announcements performed by women in bikinis.

    1. shamus says:

      ayy lass you are right i was not born here but in dublin, and i do understand that sex sales, however i fail to see how SEX will bring her pet back?? if it is missing it is missing it could quite well have been run over by a buggy (car) some one could well have poached it be what ever the case i simply do not belive that freezing ones arse off on a street corner in ones swim suit would have much well effect. yes she has drawn attention i just do not know that the attention will get her pet back maybe i be wrong who knows just me opinion lol

    2. Guest says:

      ill tell ya one thing
      Sex wont make her a new pet,at least not if its her and a dog

  7. Northern New Yorker says:

    She wont let the cold temperatures bother her??!! What did the temperature dip to a chilling 70 degrees??…….Lets see her do that here in Northern New York and when I say Northern New York I mean 52 miles Southeast of the Canadian Border…….No I am nowhere near NYC or Albany, I am in the real north country where right now its 48 degrees. So again lets see her do that in 48 degrees weather

    1. Lovin' Sunny LA says:

      Well don’t be stupid enough to live in Northern New York. What is it with people from the east coast and their need to tell us how cold “real cold” is?

  8. Mel Gibson says:

    If I crash my Car checking her out I’m Suing

  9. Scott Tudehope says:

    God, do I love Los Angeles!

  10. Scott Tudehope says:

    I love La Jolla even more, however.

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