WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — The West Hollywood City Council has approved a new ordinance banning the sale of animal fur.

Monday night’s vote marks the final step in banning sales of clothing made from the skins or pelts of any animal with hair, fur or wool.

City leaders will work with local businesses to write the official guidelines for the ban.

Animal rights attorney and co-organizer of Fur Free West Hollywood Shannon Keith told KNX 1070 it was the right thing to do back in September.

“Animals suffer immensely for the use of fur,” Keith said. “Animals are skinned alive, they’re beaten, they’re stomped on, they’re gassed…it’s a horrible thing all in the name of vanity.”

The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce disputed that assertion, along with the board of the “Avenues: Art, Fashion and Design District”, which claims the ban will limit the city’s reputation for creative expression in the field of high fashion.

“It’s a significant loss of revenue to the city,” Keith Kaplan of the Fur Information Council said. “It’s a significant loss of image as a fashion destination to the city.”

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  1. me says:

    Ban the City Council

    1. Stryker 21 says:

      I just purchased a mink stol for my wife. Very nice and soft, picked it up in Century City.

  2. alg says:

    I t doesn’t surprise me that KEITH KAPLAN, a jew, a furrier, along with all his other jewish furriers who are behind all this animal killing for a PROFIT.
    It’s what jews did on Wall Street. It’s what jews did in the Morgage business.
    It’s what jews did with the big banks.
    While our government subsidies to Israel continue to grow, something I am adamantly opposed to; jews continue to kill and injure Palestinians and deny them their own state.
    What would the world be like without jews. Say they decided to move to Mars.?
    There would be world peace. As far as i’m concerned they can take their Moslem brothers and sisters with them.
    I want a Christian world. period. I will work toward that end.
    Who gets all the bonuses and high income in the corporate world. JEWS.
    Do they ever give any of that back? Do they pay any taxes? NOPE.
    THIS IS A REPEAT of what they were doing in Germany. They destroyed the economy there, and now they’re doing it here.
    You will never know who it is that’s actually in control of our country. BUT IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT BACK.
    The revolution is coming.
    By the way, I do think that there will be a backlash by people who pretend no to be JEWISH. Let’s just say for the record that I am half jewish. I wish that wasn’t true, but it is, and that’s why I know so much about jewish history.

    1. Spiro T Agnew says:

      Hitler was half Jewish to. So whitey, what have you got planned for your “Revolution”. Manson tried an African-American revolt with his so called “Healter-Skeltor” Guess what, didn’t work. You are simply an afraid little white person who denies everyone their right to practice as they please. Contrary to your pathetic beliefs, Jewish people don’t own everything. My Jewish brother in law is always poor and broke. So pipe down on your hate ridden rants and go have a cookie. Maybe the shortbread kind with the chocolate in the middle you can get at your local Jewish delicatessen. Yummy.

  3. Fishnmike says:

    I suppose this means that you cannot even buy a leather belt. Talk about your politically correct stupidity.

    1. Puff the tragic wagon says:

      This is just one more reason to boycott a city. its liberal city council members must have been swayed by something. Fur lined gloves, leather at that, are so comfy.

      1. alg says:

        I bet you don’t have any pets do you? You , like many beforeyou believe that animals are to be used, abused, tortured and killed so that you may have something you call COMFY. If I had you tied up, I would boil you in oil, and feed you to the animals.

    2. alg says:

      NO, belts made from leather are ok, so it’s not alright that you’re now comparing apples to oranges and panicing . Well, don’t worry, the only belts that will be banned are ones made from fish skin.