By Tom Reopelle

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A Southland woman who tried to jump aboard a moving freight train after a night of partying is in the hospital recovering from surgery on Tuesday.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports the 27-year-old woman was maimed after an evening spent drinking at bars in Little Italy in San Diego.

The woman and her 34-year-old male companion wanted to hop on a passing freight train traveling at an estimated 7 miles per hour through the neighborhood near California and Beech streets.

“The male was able to catch the train, but he looked back and the female had apparently been hit by a tanker car,” said San Diego Police Lt. David Gilmore.

When the man jumped off the train and pulled the woman off the tracks, he saw the woman’s right arm and toes had been amputated.

She was rushed to Scripps Mercy Hospital for treatment.

Sheriff’s deputies and police are investigating the incident.

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  1. bounce says:

    I’m sure she’ll sue and claim it is the railroad’s responsibility to prevent knuckleheads like her from pulling drunken stunts like that.

    1. Sam says:

      I seriously would NOT be surprised at that outcome….

    2. Meg says:

      I’m expecting to see an article about that very soon.

  2. "train tramp" says:

    riding freight trains illegally are fun when you know how to do it !!!! i rode for many years here in california starting out in !!!!! \m/

  3. Jeezus says:

    Usually i’m an a hole like the rest of us here, with a sarcastic or clever remark, but today, with this story, i just feel bad for her. That’s pretty brutal.


    (somehow i know my comment will bring the troll that has to say what harsh REALLY is…..i was in The ‘Stan blah blah blah ya i know but this is harsh for a night out drinking and not driving and not being in the military.

  4. Mel Gibson says:

    Why can’t Women understand they are not physically capable of doing things that Men can do

  5. CRUZ says:

    WOW its her own fault

  6. ??? says:

    I have always wanted to hop on a train and ride it around the city, I always thought it would b fun, but I would never actually do it. Now I know for sure I wont do it, sounds painful. Best wishes to her, we all make mistakes when we drink too much.

  7. Jimmy DaBum says:

    The webcite “LIVELEAKS” had some really cool train kill videos. Seems some Japanese citizens prefer suicide by train.

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