... If They Do, You're Just Not Trying.By Kent Shocknek

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Just when you thought an exotic car couldn’t get any more… exotic;  ‘along came a spyder,’ in the form of Audi’s new R8 GT Spyder… spyder, meaning convertible, with added performance thrown in.

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The new supercar making its debut at the L.A. Auto show is one of only 90, planned for sale in the U.S., and it’s one of only just more than 300, worldwide.  The German manufacturer took its ‘everyday supercar’ R8,  gave it the GT upgrade for added hustle, and then chopped off the top, for open-air thrills.

The alternate-colored side blades that are a signature of the hardtop R8 are missing in the Spyder. I think that’s too bad, because I think it’s a cool touch. But at least the convertible’s styling stands up on its own, with a mix of European purpose and flair. The Spyder runs on 19-inch wheels, behind the front end’s wide, low, and menacing stance.

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At the rear, there’s a carbon fiber bumper, with an airflow diffuser built in: up on top, there’s a spoiler, made of the same light-weight material. It all combines to say, the R8 GT Spyder is ready for the track.

The Spyder’s 10- cylinder engine puts out a ground-blasting 560 horse power, sufficient to slingshot its strapped-in two occupants from zero to 60 in just more than 3 seconds.

Inside, like its R8 siblings, the Spyder has all the bells and whistles of a luxury GT: leather, special hold-on-tight seatbelts, and enough electronics to please a NASA engineer. Luggage space is limited to something small and soft-sided; but those who can afford this car, probably would transport the Spyder to the track on a flat-bed, and take it down to race.

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Speaking of ‘affording it,’ pricing isn’t yet final, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Audi’s newest entry into the world of exotics, top out above $200-thousand, or more. That’s one thing about exclusivity;  they don’t just give it away.