WESTWOOD (CBS) — A mouthwash concocted by a UCLA microbiologist may render cavities and tooth decay a thing of the past.

The innovation developed by Wenyuan Shi, chairman of the UCLA School of Dentistry’s oral biology section, acts as a sort of “smart bomb” against harmful bacteria like, S. mutans, a main cause of cavities and tooth decay.

Wenyuan Shi (credit: UCLA)

“With this new antimicrobial technology, we have the prospect of actually wiping out tooth decay in our lifetime,” he said.

A successful clinical study involving a dozen people found that those who rinsed with the UCLA-developed mouthwash just once over a four-day testing period experienced a near-complete elimination of the S. mutans bacteria.

Shi has been working on the innovation for over a decade with support from Colgate-Palmolive and a company he founded, C3-Jian Inc.

He said the findings may lay the groundwork for developing other target-specific anti-microbials to combat other diseases.

In a news release issued by the school, UCLA School of Dentistry, Dean, Dr. No-Hee Park is quoted as saying, “the work conducted by Dr. Shi’s laboratory will transform the concept of targeted antimicrobial therapy into reality.

“We are proud that UCLA will become known as the birthplace of this significant treatment innovation.”

More extensive clinical trials on the mouthwash may begin as early as March 2012.

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  1. alg says:

    great for kids, but what about all the rest of us? Is there anything that can be done for older americans without dental insurance. Of course there is no company that will provide insurance on anyone over 65, or no other insurance. period.
    Will this work for the rest of us.???
    I’m going to contact him, and the UCLA SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY , find out, and will report back, unless someone from that area can comment first. very good news though. Our technology is unbelievable. Every day something new happens. Wish I were much younger.

    1. LAguy says:

      There is nothing in the article that indicates that it works only for kids (merely the statement that cavities are the bane of childhood existence). If it wipes out the bacteria that causes cavities it will work for everyone. This is great news and I do wish it had been developed before I developed a mouth full of fillings. As far as your other dental care — there are places that provide free or nearly free dental care — our dental schools. UCLA has a dental clinic where students work on patients under the very careful supervision of dental professors. I have sent a number of clients there who cant afford dental care and they report really good results. If you don’t live in LA look into university dental programs near you. Good luck.

      1. Jubal says:

        Strep. mutans was identified in the 60’s and a specific antibiotic mouthwash developed then. The AMA and the Dental industry, with backing from the FDA shut the researchers down big time. How much money does a dentist make off of someone that has no caries? As much as a MD makes off of a healthy person.

      2. Stan says:

        Dental industry lobbyist will never let this drug see the light of day. My guess is that the Mouthwash was patented..Next step is the Dental Industry lawers will buy the patent, and then say that after further reaearch the intial analysis was wrong.

      3. Ben says:

        It has been developed before. I remember reading about a similar treatment around a decade ago. The problem is that it was impossible to find enough adults who qualified for the clinical trials, due to the fact that just about everyone gets cavities in childhood, so it could never get cleared for use in human mouths.

    2. Mike says:

      Yes – you could rinse with colloidal silver.

      1. mustBtheSwineFlu says:

        ugghhhhh NO!! Wrong. Bad for you. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/colloidal-silver/AN01682

      2. Dean says:

        If you are going to post a link, post both sides on colloidal silver, actually now the next generation is ionic silver or silver hydrosol

        “Common substances like table salt and aspirin are harmless with normal use, but excessive intake can become toxic and even life-threatening. With normal responsible usage, silver supplements are entirely harmless to humans.”

        Says Jeffrey Blumer, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Center for Drug Research, the world’s largest clinical research center for pediatric drugs, and former director of the Greater Cleveland Poison Control Center:

        The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for colloidal silver and considers it harmless in any concentration. Colloidal silver is the safest and best all around natural antibiotic germ fighter

    3. Ebola says:

      There is always a door knob and a string

    4. TH3M0N5T3R says:

      You had 65+ years to build a nest egg. Why didn’t you? You spent, and borrowed, and spent, and borrowed, and now you want the rest of us to pay for your generations’ binge.

      Cry me a river. You want all sorts of “senior discounts” and “senior benefits” and “senior protections”. The way I see it, you’ve got more experience, so you shouldn’t be scammed so easily. You’ve had more time to save and learn to budget, but you didn’t. The working generation is already paying too much for your folly.

      1. Syrin says:

        Preach it bro. The “me generation” can’t suck away their kids’ and grandkids’ future fast enough.

        By the way. does anyone here know ANYONE with dental insurance?

      2. baseballguy2001 says:

        TH3 is right on the money. Who says it’s up to us younger folks to finance the older folks who didn’t save and invest for their “Golden Years”. The younger crowd sick of it and we intend change things.

      3. albert8184 says:

        And you know, you young people are right. I was saying this to my generation 30 years ago, and they laughed like hyenas at the thought that their stupidity would ever come back to haunt them.

        And I told them that the next big social fracture to come would be the young against the old, and they laughed at me. Thirty years ago I said this, I swear to God, and now it is starting to happen.

      4. JJtheTraveler says:

        I agree completely. Lets put more big spenders in office. lets reelect obama so he can spend more of your money. I just love lib big spenders.

      5. Cliff James says:

        What a moronic statement, made by the ME generation. You have not worked 25-30 years, then have the company go bankrupt and along with it, your retirement. Or lost your 401K, keough plan, or stock investments in the two crashes in his lifetime. You have not experienced medicare and medicade, or the need for supplemental insurance to cover what they do not, and mostly, you do not have a clue what this mans life has been like, so have no bisis for your comments that would relate to any facts. Yet, your ME generation, still lives with mom and dad, or suck off the welfare system, or complain and whine about anything and everything. Meanwhile, real life, and real issues go on. What suprises me is that this issue will help everyone, and you attempt to turn him into a moocher, and you a victim, as well as your fellow posters. you just prove my point.

      6. thoughtful blogger says:

        What a self-righteous pig you are, THMON5T3R. You know nothing about anyone else’s situation. What about people who are laid off from a job, or have a car accident and get hurt, or have a crisis in the family that sucks up a life’s savings in days or weeks? This can happen to people who are victims of wildfires, floods, hurricanes, cancer or heart attack patients, people hit by a drunk driver who is uninsured, to name just a few examples.

      7. baseballguy2001 says:

        @Cliff and others — the meaning of ‘save and invest’ is exactly for the bad situations you describe. My generation, Gen X, we are stuck with the bills of our older brothers and sisters, and our parents, and we have to try and save and invest for our Golden Years. The rapid expansion of the welfare state costs money, truckloads of money, and paying high taxes to pay for the welfare state cuts into our saving. The young kids behind us, the 20 somethings, they may be more self indulgent then the older generations from the 60’s or 70’s. Don’t lecture us for being mean, we are trying to save the country.

      8. Tom says:

        Excuse me man but I’ve paid into SS since I was 12 some 56 years, paid taxes up the wazoo my whole working life so YOU could get an education…so bleep you…ahole

      9. Mom of four says:

        We did…. in 2001 our nest egg for 20 years hence was worth over $500K. Twelve years later? $100K. That’ll pay our way for how long? We did save, we didn’t borrow. Yet as I look to next year when my husband turns 65…, we can forget about retirement. We haven’t had a vacation in the last 5 years trying to watch our dollars as we get closer and closer to retirement while our children take cruises and extensive vacations. So cry me a river you little snot! You have the next 30 years to save. I hope to God you don’t lose it like we did. We were the working generation and we sure didn’t folly. I see too many 50+ losing their jobs just as they get the kids college paid off and can’t find a job because younger is cheaper. So give it a rest until you know what you are talking about. Idiot!

      10. baseballguy2001 says:

        @Tom — Congratulations! You and I both have been working since before were were teens! You are older than me so your savings and investments outside of Social Security should be even larger than mine since you’ve had more time to put it away. You did set some $$ aside didn’t you? I’m not counting on Uncle Sam at all. Some of us decided years ago to exercise PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in an effort to take care of ourselves, and not rely on others. No, I can’t recommend an investment guy, I learned the hard way myself. I can recommend a good mechanic. I’ve been driving the same 1982 Jeep Wrangler I got in college and he keeps it going for me.

      11. baseballguy2001 says:

        @Mom – I’m very sorry you lost 400 Grand of your retirement. However, I am not responsible. Did either you or Pop wonder what was happening and try and stop the losses after the first 100 Grand was gone? Saving is not like the latest gadget from Ronco, you can’t just “set it and forget it”. Market conditions change, businesses fail, (they used to anyway, before govt bailouts) other companies thrive. Oh, and if it’s a medical thing, trust me, I know all about it. Both my folks passed away after long fights with Cancer. My sisters didn’t cough up a dime to pay for the folks medical bills, they, like most people don’t have any savings. Invest the last 100K wisely, you might be ok.

      12. alg says:

        baseball guy, and all those related to his philosophy – It’s so easy to get distracted when trying to keep on the subject on TEETH, and the PRESERVATION forthwith.
        As for you guy, please do me a favor. Next time you’re at a ballgame., please go stand between the pitcher and the hitter. If you stand there long enough, the pitch will hit you in the head. When you wake up, you just might have more sense than you do now.

      13. RSchimes123 says:

        Thanks for hitting the nail on the head, they did get derailed.

      14. Lex says:

        ID10T – ObamaCare means you take my money that I worked for, for my family (and theres not much left over from each paycheck just so you know) and gives it to someone else. I dont like that. I am not comlplaining. I just want to be left alone with my own family and money. I dont want anyone to pay my bills. And I will pay my own way. Everyone else should do the same. Preparation from an early age (school) and hard work will get you there.

      15. biffula says:

        Hey Tom, if all you planned on was s.s. for your retirement, then that was your first mistake. Politicians have been warning us for DECADES that it was on a path of destruction. You old fools placed all your faith in the federal govt. instead of taking care of yourselves. Sorry, but look at all the Flea Party, aka occupy, fools, you think those dolts are gonna know how to run things?

      16. Kampfhund says:

        I’ve never read such a blatantly stupid and hostile comment, themonster. And what a troll comment it is. You win the award for ‘old person troll’ for the day, sir.

      17. i ndianwithoutacasino says:

        i have dental insurance….what’s the problem bub?

      18. Amazed One says:


        Your awsome display of a total lack of compasion and understanding about life and its many turns that affect people shows your total pompus selfish attitude!!!

        Good luck with that in life, I imagine it will serve you well as you leave your path of bodies and destroyed relationships behind you.

      19. PFWAG says:

        Very few people pay more into Social Security than they will get out.

        Social security is nothing more than an inter-generational income transfer Ponzi scheme.

        It was flawed from its inception. The first benefit check for $22.54, was paid to Ida May Fuller in 1940. Ms Fuller had paid a grand total of $49.50 in Social Security taxes into the system prior to her retirement. She ended up living to be 90 and collected $22,889 in benefits. Such large returns are only enabled by the Ponzi-like features of the system. When Ms Fuller received her first Social Security check in 1940, there were 42 workers paying into the system for each retiree. Now there are just over three with that number soon falling to about 2.5 as all the baby-boomers retire.

      20. alg says:

        I’ve worked from the time I was 10 years old, paying into the system. I still have not gotten back what I paid into it. I have all the records. In about 15 years I should get back what I paid into it. I doubt seriously if I will live that long.
        What about all the people who work and die before 62(legal retirement age)?
        Then there are those that are killed in all kind of accidents that have paid into the system. They never see a dime of that money. Where does it go?
        The problem with SOC. SEC. is that the GENERAL FUND, and the congress have BORROWED billions from that fund, and HAVEN’T PAID IT BACK.
        The same thing with the POST OFFICE. It’s outrageous what they have to do with their funds. Check it out, you won’t believe what’s going on.

      21. RobertT says:


        Not to mention the retirement age was 65 and the avg lefe expectancy was 67. now the retirement age is 65 and the avg life expectancy is 78.1 years. Fewer people paying in, a period of receipt six times what it was= FAIL.

      22. Ted says:

        Your comments our out of line. To make such a blantant remark is irresponsible. The old saying applie here: “Until you have walked in someone else’s shows, you know not what it is like”. Have some compassion here.

        I bet you also believe there is a real government and Lawful Tender as well.

        Maybe you should study and learn real history,as t appears you got your schooling in the “PUBLIC FOOL SYSTEM”.

      23. notpayingforyou says:

        monster is absolutely right. its not from “lack of compassion” either. simply calling out you old basterds that, through your utter disregard for anyone but yourselves, you have successfully robbed us blind. i cant believe any of you baby boomers have the balls to tell us WERE entitled when our grandchildren will be paying off YOUR debt.

      24. LiliQ says:

        what a moron. Did your elementary teachers tell you that money was invented by God?

        How long do you believe that people have relied on money anyway?

    5. jo says:

      Me and my kids have never had dental insurance. Had to pay for our dental work out of our own pockets. Why do you need insurance? Just pay for it yourself.

      1. anita daeoph says:

        we go to Mexico and see an oral surgen; he is top of the line. The” adobe and chicken wire” did wonders for my brothers’ teeth and 35% of what the american dentist was going to charge and half the time.

    6. Bridget says:

      Please find out whether the substance includes Xylitol–a sugar substitute that also eradicates tooth decay, but is already on the market.

    7. beedogs says:

      Hm, if you morons would stop opposing “Obamacare”, maybe you’d get some dental work paid for.

      You can’t have your cake and eat it (with your dentures), too.

      1. Joanna says:

        Sweetie – there ain’t NO FREE LUNCH. Somebody has to pay for it. What makes you think that I want to pay for mine and YOURS too?

      2. Justin Case says:

        Typical parasite Lib viewpoint

      3. jeff22192 says:

        Great way to start an argument…People oppose Obamacare because they don’t feel as though they should have to pay for the sick, lame and lazy.

      4. Il Bui says:

        What ARE you babbling on about now?

      5. Nrgmanager says:

        beedogs, the day you pay for my dental insurance is the day I will oppose “Obamacare”….get it?? Someone has to pay for it…you and the rest of your “what’s in it for me” morons have run the cupboard bare. I along with the rest of the taxpaying citizens are going to send you idiots a very clear message Nov. 2012….if you want it…pay for it. If you can’t pay for it, don’t get it…too back our union backed-education system doesn’t teach these kind of economics anymore.

      6. Nico Henstock says:

        Are you kidding? Obamacare will make sure that less and less people will have more expensiv, worse quality and less available care. Check out the UK, a “free” healthcare paradise. Health care is being rationed, hospitals can’t afford to provide medicine, patients are told to bring their own aspirin, bandages etc., and for orthodontics there is a lottery system. Your post about having some dental work paid for shows the lack of thought on your part. Somebody is paying for it, and when you run out of other people’s money then it’s over, even if you’re willing to pay for it yourself. That’s when you go to Switzerland (if you’re in Europe) or in the US (if you’re in Canada), that is, if you can afford it and if you haven’t died yet for lack of care. Just ask anyone living in a socialized-medicine country.

      7. Lavenderhillmob says:

        People don’t oppose Obamacare because they don’t want to pay for someone elses service. They oppose it because they’re racists, remember?

      8. alg says:

        lavenerhillmob – I thought about your comment for a while, and said to myself ” what kind of racist is that?” You must be talking about the rich republican extreme white race that hates all the other races that are POOR, and can’t afford healthcare.
        Then I thought no, it must be ALL the rich races that hate the POOR, INCLUDING their relatives and friends who are poor. I agreed with myself that there are people like that. People who have billions of dollars tucked away, and being miserly with others. Not sharing, “self-interest” selfish, uncaring, no feelings whatsoever for anyone but themselves. They go to such an extreme that they don’t care if the country of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA goes down the tubes. Those people will just move to another country, and do the same thing there. and so on, and so on, etc.
        I predicted two years ago there would be a revolution. Not the protests you see in the streets now. I don’t really know what kind, but when it happens I will know, and so will you.

      9. David Maxwell says:

        Please show me the section number in ObamaCare that covers dental care you egg sucking snit. Hint, it doesn’t exist. I can tell you what section it is not; that would be section 713 that provides funds to cure child molesters.

    8. Sharon says:

      I am well over 65 and have private insurance. Of course, it does not pay much but my husband provides it to our employees so we have it.

    9. toothman says:

      wa wa wa – get out of the trailer and buy a toothbrush….

    10. tek says:

      I am familiar with the technology and yes it works for adults too. The “smart bomb” targets specific bacteria, whether those bacteria are in a child or an adult has no affect on the action of the “smart bomb”.

    11. Dr. Rober Jacobson says:

      So many others have done the same thing, this is not news, read below:
      According to Dr. Ron Leavitt of BYU University, a quality colloidal silver may serve as a suitable antibiotic alternative.”The data suggests that with the low toxicity associated with colloidal silver, in general, and the broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity of this colloidal silver preparation, this preparation may be effectively used as an alternative to antibiotics.”

      The original study tested ASAP colloidal silver against tetracyclines, fluorinated quinolones (Ofloxacin), the penicillins, the cephalosporins (Cefaperazone) and the macrolides (Erythromycin). Among the microbes tested were streptococcuses, pneumonia, E. coli, salmonella, and shigella.

      See full article here:

      How come this guy isn’t on TV and a celebrity now too?
      Actually, this dates back to 100 years ago

  2. Darrell Nelson says:

    i hope this really work and very soon… went to western dental on western & venice and those kids go thru some excruating pain in there, and even i went thru some painful treatment from the old fart that pulled my tooth. i still have one that is a stump an looks like i will die with it there. good work ucla.

  3. thomasandy says:

    i hope this really work and very soon…YOU ARE RIGHT about that it is a smart bomb against tooth decay.it is dedicated to improving the oral health of the people. great for children. Eating a well-balanced diet and those that contain high levels of carbohydrates will help you battle tooth decay. nice post.

    1. Dave Hart says:

      slow down a bit though — is that really enough to time to determine what long term effects absorption of whatever chemicals this is will arise? The membranes in your mouth are one of the easiest ways to absorb external molecules, so let’s be cautious on getting everyone to use it! Especially an entire generation of youth!

      1. hooray for everything says:

        Yeah, I was thinking that too. But then again they’ve been promoting flouride for three generations and that’s pure poison(read the back of your toothpaste)

    2. beedogs says:

      Really? Your advice to people is to “carb up”?

      So they’ll all be 500 pound land-whales but their teeth will be fine?

      1. Nico Henstock says:

        Great point! I’d rather have a cavity that can be filled with a compound that looks like my tooth than be fat.

    3. Jeremy says:

      Carbohydrates are what strep mutans turns into acid which causes cavities. Eliminating carbs eliminates the cavities.

  4. Jeff Little says:

    Eh? Where the hell do you get that?

  5. Brad Skidmore says:

    The technology to target specific bacteria is at least 50 years old… Look into Bacteriophages http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacteriophage

    Phages are natural viruses which have coexisted with every type of bacteria… In other words, nature already has a defense against bacteria to keep them in check. One specific type of phage for every strain of bacteria… as bacteria evolves so do the phage.

    1. RSmile says:

      Here’s some even better news for all of you: Dental caries (lay term = cavities) are PREVENTABLE. Those strep mutans bacteria need carbs to survive. They eat a carb and produce acid. It’s the acid that decays your teeth. Your body’s natural defenses send bases to the mouth to neutralize the acid. If you take a 90 minute rest from carbs after you’ve eaten a meal, your acid level will never rise high enough to start the decay process. It’s all about diet and timing. Additionally, dental caries is a contagious disease- the mother usually innoculates her children with her strain of bacteria. If she has a lot of dental disease, her bacteria are stronger, thus the child is at higher risk. Moms-to-be: take care of your cavities now! Watch what and how often your kids eat (a bag of Cheerios is just as bad as a baby bottle at night). With love and concern for our nation’s smiles, from a military dentist.

      1. Flossie says:

        You are exactly right about the carbs/acid connection. With the proper diet caries is nearly nonexistent. I have a bad feeling about this new “innoculation.” What are the chances improper or irresponsible use will lead to stronger strains of S. mutans, as misuse of antibiotics has done?

  6. Vicky Bevis says:

    I am thrilled. Too late for me & older people, but wonderful for the upcoming generation. It’s about time someone invented a cure for something instead of just “marginally improving” common conditions.

    Nothing discovered since Salk/Sabin changed Polio way back in the 1950’s & how long have we been giving to “Jerry’s Kids” w/o a cure.

    (Retired Nurse)

    1. Dave Hart says:

      It’s not a cure.. bacteria come and go. it’s just supposedly an effective treatment. One that hasn’t gone through proper trials. I would trust something like this if people were using it for about 20 years, so that we could see what effects it has on development of children. Cavities aren’t a big deal when you brush every day (and this isn’t a replacement for that — read carefully), I can wait.

      1. alg says:

        I am astounded by the response to this article.
        When I read about kids going to the dentist, I can only wonder what happened to our THREE SETS OF TEETH?
        I think it’s three, maybe two, I forget. I’m getting too old to remember.
        Anyway, I never went to a dentist until I was around 20 to have a wisdom tooth removed. I still have the other one.
        I can’t wait until the STEM CELL research makes regrowing the teeth I’ve lost possible.

    2. JustSayNoNow says:

      You are right! There have not been enough major breakthroughs – in spite of all of the billions spent on research. Yes… there have been some advancements, but no ‘cures’. This is a big one from UCLA, but what about the big killers… cancer, renal disease, Lymphoma,….on and on.

      1. Dave Hart says:

        I would argue that we are not allocating nearly enough on science.. hopefully when our government gets serious about fiscal responsibility, they will also start evaluating the priorities that dictate spending. And hopefully they will stop allowing corporate interests from influencing those decisions. There is no point to debating when our will is never respected by our elected public servants, who seem to think their high salaries and ability to trade on inside information are perks of being royalty.. We surely pay them too much for what we get.

      2. zzz says:

        They’ve been testing it on me for 20 years.

        Not only have I bright and beautiful teeth, but I have acquired Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, and Pyrokinesis.

        Can you feel me in your head, right now?

      3. hooray for everything says:

        I would argue that most of the monies we alocate to science don’t go to science at all. I would say it goes to pay some committee who will study about which science we should have spent the money on that was spent on the committee.

      4. John Davies says:

        Two years ago I had my gall bladder out. They made five small incisions thanks to the MRI and CAT scans they performed. The scars are almost invisible now. Precision like that wasn’t available ten years ago.

  7. mommaroo says:

    Now all we need is something to cause extracted teeth to grow back!

    1. alg says:

      MOMMAROO – be careful what you wish for.!!
      Experimentation is ongoing to do just that. STEM CELL research for regenerating teeth is at the top of the list. Hopefully the government and the ADA & the FDA won’t interfere with the testing., etc.
      We are on the verge on new technology in every field of science.
      Dentistry is only one of them.

    2. comment submitter says:

      I hear Obamacare is suppost to fix that with the doughnut hole bill. Oh wait that was canpaign promise. my bad

  8. Me says:

    It’ll never pass FDA, it would put way to many out of business…

    Bio-Engineers have made anti-plaq creating mouth germs a few times over the last 30years… They never get out of FDA testing…

    1. hooray for everything says:

      Yeah and lets see if 4 out of 5 dentists reccommend this product to their patients…………

  9. bikermailman says:

    I just wonder if it will have the same effect as other antibiotics: a buildup of resistance

  10. Daisy says:

    I’d stay away from Dentist Conventions if I were him; he would be ‘disappeared’.

  11. David Moore says:

    What will I do with all this dental floss?

  12. Ed says:

    IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN…too much is being invested in depopulation programs like putting fluoride in the water as an excuse to combat cavities. This news will probably be talked about today, but never again via a media-induced sleep.

    1. Dave Hart says:

      You’re assuming that this new “breakthrough” is safe..

    2. hooray for everything says:

      No, this IS one of those “investments”

  13. sueinmi says:

    Quick…invest in Mountain Dew stock.

    1. hooray for everything says:

      ……and put me down for a thousand shares of Skittles

  14. Skeptical says:

    Sounds great but what of long term side effects? Everything causes cancer these days. I hope it works out. Tooth decay and bacteria in the mouth causes all kinds of sickness and eliminating that will create healthier people.

    1. Dave Hart says:

      I agree.. even so, what’s wrong with brushing and flossing? Yeah it’s annoying but not that big of a deal. I haven’t had a cavity in many years and all I do is brush two or three times daily.

      1. Potsie Webber says:

        Two or three times a day!!!!
        I’ll just take the side effects.

        Is UCLA working on the Perma-bath project yet; I’m about tired of having to take showers.

    2. LiliQ says:

      To Potsie and the Perma-Bath, not UCLA but private enterprise just came up with the water repellant spray. Apparently will hit the market in the next year ot two. Just spray under the armpits and relevant areaa.

  15. Rachael says:

    This is the right way to combat tooth decay. While it will take a while to get approved, I was able to get similar results by switching my toothpaste and mouthwash to xylitol. I used the regular detergent + fluoride toothpastes like Crest for years and had at least 2 cavities per year. Then I became concerned about the health effects, so I switched to fluoride-free toothpaste made from xylitol. Much to my surprise, I have been cavity free for 5 years (with no changes to diet, and I still eat chocolate every day). The bacteria that case tooth decay can’t grow in the presence of the xylitol, and you won’t get cavities.

  16. Mitchell Kent says:

    Let em guess, its a mouthwash (like washes weve had for years) yet for some reason it will need to be administered as a “therepy” by a dentist, on a reocurring basis, and will run us $500 to $750 a visit…? right? never mind it a mouthwash that should be bought for 6 bucks over the counter like any other wash… this will do away with companies putting out mouthwashes… so of course it will need to be terribly expensive.

  17. Original Killshot says:

    Xylitol is a plant sugar that kills s mutans and has been around for years as a toothpaste, mouthwash, and gum. This is not new at all. Regular use of xylitol does all this, is cheap, and is NOT patentable. So, UCLA, this is nonsense.

  18. Mitchell Kent says:

    The mouthwash? or just my common sense based on experience? why are there tiny little pills that cost $120 a piece? why is the price of medicine so out of control that we have to leverage our lives away and pay huge sums of money for “insurance” to pay these exorbitant costs of medicine?

    I will eat my words when this product comes out and is on store shelves for your average mouthwash price… IF it does. Im betting it will be an expensive proceedure at the dentist.

    1. Jeremy says:

      R&D costs money. You devote 10 years of your life to develop a new medicine after maybe spending 15 years before that on a medicine that did not work and hand it out for free.

  19. NY DENTIST says:

    As a dentist for many years I’ve been recommending for all my patients an oral probiotic that’s available at all Walgreens in their mouthwash section, called TheraBreath Probiotics. It uses a blend of 2 oral probiotics (K12 + M18) to prevent tooth decay, bad breath, periodontal disease, as well as ear aches – and it’s all natural, so no side effects Tons of research at http://www.therabreath.com/probiotics/.

  20. Diego Roswell says:

    We will never see a product like this. Vaccines for tooth decay bacteria have been around for decades but to allow them on them market would hurt the dental hygiene products industry. Wake up people, lobbyists in Washington decide what you get, not science.

  21. John says:

    The FDA will never approve this. Anything that attempts to cure health conditions will never be approved, they’d rather us pay forever to keep conditions under control….but never cure them.

    The Republicans for sure will be against it.

    1. Albert8184 says:

      So John, are the Democrats complaining much about big goverenment agencies like the FDA that collude with corporations to rape the Ameircan people?

      I didn’t think so. Shut up and go away.

    2. jo says:

      Republicans? Well, that sure took me for a surprise. I guess you’re for Obamacare, where old folks and disabled children will be on the bottom of the list for healthcare, since they are not as “worthy”. Just wait until you can’t pray in a hospital and then let’s hear you spew about republicans.

  22. Steve says:

    All we need now is a cure for baldness.

  23. Fang Wang says:

    Another Chinese fraud… a year from now there will be another article about how the field is shocked, SHOCKED! that such a well respected scientist would defraud the world.

    1. Dillon says:

      You are not wanted here Mr. Mexican.

  24. Tracey12 says:

    You all have missed the primary point! Yes, this is a great invention that will affect many industries particularly your family dentist and future dentists, therefore, the chance of this patent to be bought and locked up is very great. Will someone rush in with billions and pay off the developers to keep many dentists and associated companies alive?

    1. Potsie Webber says:

      The answer is yes; an I hear we’re getting ready to bail out the wagon wheel and the telegraph industies as well, just waiting on a committee.

  25. Tracey12 says:

    By the way, Obama is the worst president in recorded history. Do I hear an “Amen”?
    Be sure to name your Thanksgiving Turkey after a goofy member of Congress, or this admin.

  26. Regulas says:

    These are the real heros of our time, not some overpaid hack in DC or some other overpaid hack in sports or entertainment.

  27. MarkoD says:

    As Nature abhors a vacuum….. some other bacteria will take the place of S. Mutans. Or perhaps the act of kissing someone will spread their S. Mutans to the person that has none. If this works out, great, but it may end up like the invasive species problem. The replacement could be worse!

    1. Jubal says:

      S. mutans DOES transfer by kissing. Its a bacteria. Hence the need to use a mouthwash to get it every day. And, yes, some people will get upset stomachs from the antibiotic affecting their ‘beneficial bacteria.’ BUT, one can always chug some buttermilk, keifer, yogurt or lactobacillus laden material. NOW what we need is something that will reverse the effects of S. mutans…

      1. orlandorays says:

        Jubal: That’s why the directions for mouthwash tell you NOT TO SWALLOW.

  28. juan says:

    Bunch of Affirmative Action MEXICANS. This is why we need to sent MEXICANS to colleges. So those MEXICANS may render cavities and tooth decay a thing of the past.

    1. Jubal says:

      friend, you are suffering from a cranial-rectal inversion. Better get it treated. Unless Wenyuan Shi is a Latin name…. I have a lot of friends that are proud AMERICANS of Latin ancestry. They just aren’t illegals.

  29. kickk says:

    Does it knock out good bacteria too?

  30. Anti Dentite says:

    I’m sure the ADA will do everything they can to keep this from the public as long as possible, thus insuring the continuation of their members prodigious revenue streams. They will also make sure it can ultimately only be prescribed or adiministered by a dental professional for the same reasons. If not for their special interest it could certainlty be made available in very short order, over the counter. Remember, these are the same folks who advocate poisoning the public with toxic mercury and flouride.

    1. Brian M says:

      Do understand how toxicity works? It means that only at a certain level something is toxic. The levels of fluoride in the public water and the levels of mercury in amalgam fillings that are ionizable are extremely low….far below the levels of toxicity. So no one is poisoning anybody. I love how all of the “holistic” people seem to always have a very limited knowledge of science. Coincidence? Nope. Not at all.

      The ADA is not going to do anything to stop this stuff from coming on the market if it helps lower the chance of caries. Nothing will eliminate caries for good. It’s ignorant to expect it to be able to do so. Read about the history of bacterial microevolution. It’s not that simple. Also, I realize there are some crooked dentists out there but there’s not like a huge conspiracy going on in all of dentistry trying to keep people diseased. Oral disease is difficult to predict and control just like all medical disease. Also requires a lot of participation on the individual’s part and a lot of people don’t properly take care of their mouths, or the rest of their bodies.

      1. davec says:

        Whats ignored here , or not understood, is that its impossible to “kill all the bacteria”

        There are math equations that cover this, kill some of them, not of them, but not all of them..exponential decay.. look it up

      2. Brian M says:

        “nothing will eliminate caries for good”…aka “it is impossible to kill all of the bacteria”

  31. Jubal says:

    Strep. mutans was identified in the 60’s and a specific antibiotic developed for it. The AMA, Dental Association and FDA did an excellent job of stomping that research into the mud. After all, how much money does a dentist make off of non-existant caries? Nice that the research was replicated and word got out this time. There is a place for dentists with reconstruction and such. But remember this: RIGHT NOW there are companies that fabricate dentures and implants for pennies using 3-D scanners and CNC machines, and you, the consumer get to pay thousands.

    1. frustrated says:

      Yes and I happen to know many of dentist’s crowns come from mexico where you can have them installed for 75 bucks and they charge you upwards of a thousand bucks for it. Fed Ex must really be taking them to cleaners on that delivery.

  32. Brian M says:

    Bacteria will always mutate and evolve. How many bacterial infections have we “eliminated” with antibiotics? None. Bc of bacterial resistance which is microevolution. There is no way this mouthwash will “eliminate dental caries forever” unless it has some sort of element in it that can predict microevolution, which is obviously not the case as mutations are random and completely unpredictable. Don’t get you hopes up. It’s just a slightly more effective Listerine…well it will be for a little while. Keep brushing!

  33. a says:

    Look at the scientists’ names.. No way I would ever buy this product.

  34. Mike O'Connor says:

    I recall that this guy— his face is unfortunately unforgettable— was in the news a year or so ago claiming that he had discovered that ordinary licorice, processed in some simple way, had miraculous effects against tooth decay.

    His company had lollipops for children made and sold that contained the licorice extract. Google “lollipop licorice tooth decay”.

  35. JuanV says:

    The ADA will never let this get through FDA approval.

  36. Howard Feinski says:

    I am on the side of bacteria in general. Historically, these minuscule microorganisms have outsmarted the best scientists and best-funded research institutions shamefully. Ever heard of mutations?

  37. juanalvarez says:

    Wow!!! The conspiracy nuts are out in force on this one. We ALREADY have a foolproof defense against cavities. It’s called a toothbrush and floss. Simple, cheap and effective — yet somehow business is going just fine for my dental office.

    1. conspiracy nut says:

      Thank you, that’s what I’M saying.

      That so called “Tooth Paste” has been pedaled by the ADA for the past century and yet we keep falling for it despite the fact that it has never worked.

      1. conspiracy of conspiracies to obsfucate says:

        Your name is correct sir! the dentist above you is saying that despite having the means to end cavities people choose to ignore their teeth until they require dental repairs from their lack of action. Sure it would be nice to swish a breath freshener around once a week and keep your teeth clean forever but since we eat multiple times a day even if that were possible who would want to date you if you walked around with your last meal stuck in your teeth every day?

  38. davec says:

    two words: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.

    Brush with it and tooth paste, wash with it. Pennies.

  39. jthomas says:

    If this product actually works, you will either never see it, or you will pay 100 bucks a gargle. There’s no money in it otherwise.

  40. Joey S. says:

    If it really works and has no adverse side affects……then we can be sure that the FDA WILL BAN IT!!!

  41. RSchimes123 says:

    At least 20 years ago this was discovered and was all over the news, I’m guessing this will be discovered for the first time, in 2031. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  42. RSchimes123 says:

    I remember it well, talked to my Dentist about it at the time.

  43. Chuck says:

    Have they researched what will happen once the germs are gone? Many of the “bad” germs in your body are actually there for a reason and eradicating them will end up causing you more health problems in the end. So what happens when S. mutans is totally wiped out, anything bad?

  44. Randall Flagg says:

    Didn’t any of you people see I Am Legend?

    I’ll be stocking up on food, and ammo ASAP

  45. Ken Puck says:

    The teeth are fine, but the gums have to come out.

  46. Drew says:

    Ahhhh yes. So Mr. Shi is a member of the American Dental Association and his research was funded by Colgate/Palmolive… both organizations want us to believe that fluoride prevents cavities (when the opposite is actually true, it actually weakens the enamel) and is so good for us they put it in our water and make special fluoridated water for our kids to drink? Ever since I stopped brushing with fluoride toothpaste and filtered most of the fluoride out of my drinking water I have not had ONE cavity… isn’t that odd! I’m sure this new mouthwash is going to do wonders for us… NOT! http://www.fluoridealert.org/

  47. how2findtruthUTube says:



    WIKI FLUOROSILICIC ACID see where it comes from and tell me if you want to drink the poison out of your TAP anymore

  48. I.B.Quiet says:

    This medicine will never see or be used by the public.
    Does anyone here remember the arguments the public
    was offered for mapping the human genome?
    This was offered up year after year as the money
    collections went on.
    There was a time in the 40’s and 50’s when chemist and doctors
    working with nothing more than chalkboards and microscopes
    were eradicating real diseases.

    Today we have supercomputers that can do the work it took them
    years to do in seconds.
    We spent a lot to get here and we get for that effort drugs that
    will not cure cancer, hepatitis c, H.I.V. or any of the diseases that
    plague society today.
    What makes it to the public are drugs that prolong your life for 15 or twenty years requiring you to purchase them monthly to obtain this time.

  49. Dennis D says:

    Colgate Palmolive? Oh those evil greedy corporations. How dare they invest in research that would lead to better life for Americans.

  50. Timothy MacAren says:

    To Joanna: what a nonsensical thing to say yourself; and from where did you take your “ain’t no FREE LUNCH” you’d say? What you’ve just said, is by itself a stereotype; somebody must have invented it, duh! Obamacare is no FREE LUNCH, the FREE LUNCH are taken by those 3,300,000 millionaires in our US, from you, me and our children, abusing their connections, networks and immorality… and they are telling you: “repeat: ain’t no FREE LUNCH, ain’t no FREE LUNCH, ain’t no FREE LUNCH” and you oblige and parrot how you are told to. Obamacare is a little tiny weeny remedy to the fact that in the most developed country in the world, 75 % of the people cannot have decent health care,… because that 1% millionaires of the country simply do not want it. If you’re ok with that, be it, go, go, campaign against your only hope left the Obama with all the stupidities he is making and all; or you’re going to vote Republicans like El Busho? Ha! Ha! Ha! Good American you are. Go figure.

  51. David says:

    Save the article locally, because this’ll be the LAST or second-to-last time you hear about it (the latter assuming it actually makes it to the FDA to get rejected).

  52. Texasbil says:

    You can bet that the Dentists will lobby against that. They are probably in full swing to discredit it now.

  53. John Sharp says:

    I am sure that this article may be the last you will ever hear about this. Do you think that dentists and the people that make all their expensive equipment will let this come about? Greed conquers all.

  54. ExSophus says:

    Are the taxpayers going to see any ON-GOING share of the income from any products developed from this?

    Why does his PRIVATE company (C3-Jian Inc) figure into this? What percentage does Colgate-Palmolive expect to gain out of it?

    UCLA is a publicly TAX-funded and public GRANT-funded institution. The funding from the State of California is reported anywhere from 13% to 40%. I don’t know what percent of its budget comes from federal taxpayer dollars…INCLUDING the funding/scholarships of any free student “assistants” that helped further the research.

  55. JDW says:

    More asians please. There is seemingly nothing Asian people can’t do. I’m no supremecist – I don’t think any one “race” is better than others. But there is no denying the impressiveness of Asian individuals in mathematics and science. Perhaps it is the rigours of learning various symbolized languages (even though all written language is basically symbols). Anyway, we’ll trade 100 urban welfare deadbeats in America for a single Chinese engineer. Any takers?

    1. Al G. Funguy says:

      >More asians please.

      There are several billion already.

      >There is seemingly nothing Asian people can’t do.

      They can’t survive fission weapons being dropped on them.

      > I’m no supremecist

      You are super something though.

      >But there is no denying the impressiveness of Asian individuals in mathematics and science.


  56. Jeff Roe says:

    This will never see the light of day. The AMA and the Dental industry will squash this because dentists will lose millions in income if it is release to the public.

  57. AJ says:

    If you brush and floss your teeth very well, you can be pretty well cavity free for your whole life but people don’t want to do it. This rinse won’t prevent gum disease–brushing and flossing will. Folk, just brush and floss and stop waiting for the miracle pill that will solve all your problems. Preventing all cavities would be great but overall oral health that brushing and flossing is available today.

    1. fanden says:

      wrong. I had perfect teeth until I turned 40. then they started to break. I chip one here, crack one there and before you know it I got NO teeth on one side. Not due to decay as such. They break when U get older. So this solultion you rinse with, is no secret and has been around for decades, and NOT released as many people attest, will work for younger people to help them keep thier teeth, but they still crack when ya get older. sorry, kids.

      1. Jeremy says:

        You had bad occlusion, (bad bite). Teeth don’t just break when you get older. There is an underlying disharmony with how your bite came together putting too much stress in the wrong way on the wrong teeth.

    2. alg says:

      NOT! Really! AJ – The problem is that most of you that make comments don’t have all the facts. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
      I have ACID REFLUX. Ask your dentist what happens to your teeth, caps, enamel etc., when you have this genetic defect in your gene pool. Not to mention a tremendous amount of stress in my life.
      TOOTHMAN- DO you change your name to suit the subject matter. Or are you a DENTIST.
      flossing and brushing most of my life and visits to the dentist every 6 months was ok until my flap that closed keeping acid in the stomach lost it’s elasticity.
      then I got ACID REFLUX. A very bad condition. I had spent thousands on dental care. Had a lot of gold in my teeth. All lost to this condition., etc.
      There is no cure for this. Just medication like NEXIUM, etc. that only partially works. That drug is expensive. and so it goes. Life is hell.

  58. Marilyn Gibbs-Bauer says:

    Well excuse me (and other older people) for not saving for OUR senior years. We were to busy giving YOU (your Younger Generations) a life of enjoyments!!! TV – CABLE – Video games – and cars – and everything we did not recieve in life. Excuse us for putting YOUR needs before our own!. Instead of making you get off your BUTTS and working for it yourself like our parents did. Yeah – thats right – Letting you have everything under the sun so you did not have to get your hands dirty.

  59. Eric says:

    First blush after reading this is what will happen to the dental “industry” if this were to be successful? I guess there are other tooth related issues than cavities and their subsequent ailments, but my guess is it couldn’t support the number of dentists, technicians, hygienists, dental labs and offices – or for that matter dental schools – we have today.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Cavities have been completely preventable forever so a new easier way to prevent them will not cause people to take the step to actually use it. This can prevent future cavities but cannot rebuild a hole that is already in a tooth. It does not remineralize enamel it only eliminates the initial cause of the caviity, if the caviity has already done some damage it will still need to be fixed.

  60. Al G. Funguy says:

    A “near-complete elimination” of bacteria?


    That was a good one.

  61. Machismo says:

    It will never make it to Market. Neither wil a cure for cancer. This world is all about Money, and anything to wipe out jobs, is bound to head for the scap pile.
    The olny way it will get produced is if there can be a $700.00 an ounce charge for treatment for the mouthwash,. Cancer cure = $250,000 per pill.

    1. Fight for the Cure says:

      Are you kidding me? You really beleive that the cure for cancer wouldn’t be on the shelf for sale tomorrow if we had it? You are delusional. The cancer researchers are often members of the family of people who have the affliction and would stop at nothing to get that medicine for their own family whatever you might think. Man you can be paranoid but WOW how stupid can you be?

      1. Profit and Loss says:

        With a name like “Machismo” you should not expect much. Conspiracy nuts are always saying how cure would lose profits that’s why the don’t make them” but health researchers are not corporate people they work at the company but for the research. If the company found a cure for a majot disease they would make so much money from it they would not even think of holding back. Maintainence drugs are profitable but an actual cure for anything is ten fold more profitable due to the exclusive nature of the thing they would be able to bring in massive cash while reducing their competition to nothing in the area. Why are conspiracy nuts so dumb?

      2. Joe says:

        Actually this is to Profitand Loss. You are the only conspricy nut here. Let me ask you why is hemp then not legal for various afflictions? Precisely, because it works and one cannot patent it. Do you need more examples?
        If this product does work and is cheap it will go nowhere.

      3. LiliQ says:

        The concept that if a product works efficiently it would be on the market is naivete to an extreme. Los Angeles street cars are well known to have been dismantled by Union Mobil because they were efficient and inexpensive and primarily an impediment to LA oil’s market share (automobile transit).
        Marijana was banned to require the use of keeosene in like interests (becfore banning marijuana oil was used in those kerosene lamps) also, the new paper pulp industry needed a monopoly to assure their market share.
        It is monopoly interests that feed the concept that markets matter more than people.

  62. Al G. Funguy says:

    This is fantastic news.

    I can now safely leave rotting pieces of food in between my teeth after one swig of this elixir.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Kiss your gums and bone good bye. Your nice teeth will be swaying with the wind soon

  63. Paul Hudson says:

    You can tell when the self righteous Drudge posters arrive.

    1. Paul Hudson is a troll says:

      Blah Blah Blah drudge posters are here…

      You seem to care a lot about how people find their news what business is it of yours? Do you run some competing website that is losing to the better efficiency of Mr. Drudge’s website? What a whiner we know people come from drudge they also come from google and yahoo news who cares where they find out about things it is not important and your announcing it does not make you important either.

  64. Jewfromhell says:

    Women: Swish, then swallow!

  65. Franklin Kames says:

    I bet that is the last we heard about it.
    Some mega-dental corporation will buy it and lock it in a safe.

  66. Bill Johnston says:


    1. alg says:

      bill johnston – how old are you 18. You wanted someone to reply to your comment so lets go fishing. you idiot. What is that regimine that you use that is so good that you don’t want to tell us about it.
      Get real. You think you’re the only one that brushes and flosses? idiot.
      wake up. go get some sun.
      Someone comes along, and right away so many are so NEGATIVE that I wonder how this country survives.
      Can’t any of you be positive just for once.???

      1. Natural Gumption says:

        Well Alg,it seems that you are passionate about brushing and flossing!! Great news, however many people that floss (which by the way is pretty ineffective for most people….at least the hundreds if not thousands I’ve seen in 20 yrs of dental and hygiene experience) still have issues with disease and decay. There are plenty of great home made regimens that work like nothing you could buy on the market. With that being said, there are also quite a few that are sold off the drugstore shelves that work in ways you could only imagine! Bill, goodonya for finding a regimen that works for you, I bet your hygienist loves cleaning your teeth, and I mean that. 🙂 Feel free to check out http://www.NaturalGumption.com to see organic, chemical free, preservative free rinses and pastes that we have that have worked for many people for many years.

  67. LiliQ says:

    There was a no cavity vaccine undergoing safety testing in 1965. Since then there have been innumberable anti cavity vaccines going into testing and research for imminent deployment. Kinda wonder how many actually worked.
    I know this is UCLA and all, but really.

  68. william jone says:

    I am glad that the blog owner has chosen a very interesting matter in order to spread huge knowledge among people…For Dentist in los angeles you may check out this

  69. Natural Gumption says:

    Although this rinse seems like a great idea, don’t microbes mutate to become more destructive over time. In the dental and health care community we were advised a few years ago to stop using antimicrobial soaps, and instead go back to proper hand washing again because the microbes were changing and becoming more destructive. If we destroy S. Mutans, won’t we destroy the symbiotic relationship that bacteria has with one another. How about this, if we learn to take care of our OWN MOUTHS then we can stop decay and periodontal disease in it’s tracks. Wouldn’t a healthier natural diet and really focusing on home care technique be the best advice and the least expensive? I have coached many patients into oral health and even a few of them no longer create saliva due to radiation treatment for above the neck cancers. If oral health is what you are looking for, I invite you to call and chat about how it can be achieved for pennies on the dollar that people pay for either insurance or dental work! Knowing the unique situation in your mouth puts the control back to you, and enables you to become responsible for creating health instead of waiting for diseases like periodontal disease and decay.

    1. ALG says:

      NATURAL GUMPTION – I am assuming for the moment that you work in a dental office, are a dentist, a dental technician or massage therapist.
      I visited a dentist every 6 months of my life until I was 65, because I had good dental insurance, and a good dentist. However, when I lost my insurance after retirement and MEDICARE did not offer any dental insurance, I tried taking care of my teeth myself.
      At the same time my regular doctor had told me that I had ACID REFLUX, and prescribed NEXIUM. The medication worked but not that well. I continued to have reflux problems, and I didn’t know it, but it would come up while I was asleept and that acid LITERALLY DESTROYED and ate away at my CROWNS, CAPS, ETC. Basically it ate away the GLUE that held it all together. All that gold gone. Then my teeth started to rot away.
      Now I have a few teeth left., and I still cannot find a community dental service or anything close to it.
      So, all the effort and money I paid into the system was all for naught.
      I want all the rest of my teeth pulled, and replaced with false teeth, but that an expense I can’t afford, and probably will never be able to afford, so I am on that very special list. You know, the BUCKET LIST. Things I want to do before I kick the bucket. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

  70. seo says:

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