BALDWIN HILLS (CBS) — Police shot a woman in the abdomen after they say she was threatening to hurt her family and bit an officer in Baldwin Hills Saturday.

But, Camisha Davidson’s family says everyone knew she had mental health problems, including the police, and that officers didn’t handle the situation correctly.

The shooting occurred at an apartment complex on Santa Rosalia Drive Saturday afternoon.

“It’s really sad,” said Victoria Johnson, Davidson’s neighbor. “They need to train officers a little better so they know how to deal with people with special needs.”

Davidson’s brother, Devin Williams, said his sister was only violent with herself.

“She only hurts herself…it’s a personal thing, I guess,” Williams said. “She has never lashed out at anyone, nothing like that.”

At approximately 6 a.m. the Davidson’s family called for help in dealing with her because she was acting out and trying to hurt herself. Two LAPD officers arrived at their Baldwin Hills apartment.

During each prior call to police, Williams said, the officers waited for mental health responders to confront Davidson. He says this morning the officers walked down the narrow hall to the bedrooms and asked her to come out of the corner room.

Police said the woman bit one of the officers and was poised to attack with a metal strip from the wall. They said the officers felt threatened in the situation and forced to shoot.

Davidson’s sister-in-law said there is no way that could be true.

“She won’t hurt a fly,” Janice Powell said. “She is not that type of person. Yes, she has a sickness. She is self-inflicting. She would hurt herself before she would hurt someone else.”

camisha davidson police shooting2 Family Upset With Police For Shooting Mentally Ill Woman

Camisha Davidson's brother, Devin Williams, points to the metal strip on the wall that police allege Davidson tried to attack them with. (credit: CBS)

Davidson’s brother showed where the strip came from, but says his sister would have had to pass the officers to get to it, then unstrip it from the wall.

“If you try to grip this, there is no possible way to grip this — it’s not going to happen,” Williams said.

Davidson was shot once in the stomach and was transported to UCLA Medical Center. She was listed in stable condition.

The woman’s family said officers did not handle the situation correctly and have hired a lawyer.

“They didn’t assess the situation the right way,” Williams said. “They just overreacted, you know. It’s not fair to us or my family.”

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  1. Alan Di says:

    If you are close enough to be bitten, you are past the area where deadly force is necessary.

    1. FED-UP says:


    2. Concerned Dad says:

      Biting isn’t normally deadly force. That’s whey police have non-lethal options, which they probably should have used. My daughter has bitten me, but, I didn’t have to shoot her to get her to stop.

      1. derp says:

        but you are her father. you know your daughter. they had no idea what they were dealing with, only that her family had called police repeatedly and that they were being attacked…

      2. d.scales says:

        get it right her family didn’t call because they was getting attack they called because she was trying to hurt herself. I know the family personal i know her and i seen her go off before she don’t be trying to hurt anybody else

      3. RJ says:

        that is factually UNTRUE what ever reason the family had to call is not important once the police arrived the woman was violent towards them I.E. biting the cop so that ONE SIMPLE ACT proves beyound any doubt that she was not only trying to hurt her self but also tried and succeeded at hurting the one cop

      4. RJ says:

        concerned dad i hear what your sayin in reguard to YOUR DAUGHTER you know her, you likely know better then anyone how to handle her and you know her BITES are not a real threat but keep this thought in mind, if i am a police officer and i come to your home, not knowing ANYTHING about you or your health and you bite me that CAN BE an act of deadly force REMEMBER all it takes to transmit AIDS IN THE MIXING OF BODY FLUIDS as far as i know blood and spit are both body fluids and if for some reason the person is bleeding in her mouth and also breaks your skin well you get the point so i TOTALLY support the officers decision and right to shot someone in this situation

      5. Concerned Dad says:

        It is actually rare for AIDS to be transmitted by a bite. HIV isn’t in saliva unless the person has blood in their mouth that has mixed with saliva. In the US less than 1% of the population is even infected with HIV. So, right there, even without the chance no blood will be in the mouth, is a 99% chance that you won’t get exposed to HIV by being bitten. I don’t want anyone to bite me, but, I don’t think I’d be justified in shooting them to get them to stop, and I think most police officers would take me into custody if I did that.

        Gunshots are frequently fatal, so I don’t think you can match up biting and guns as equal force in terms of deadly impact. You could argue that a gunshot is not deadly force because not everybody who gets shot dies, but, I think that would be a stretch on the opposite side of the argument.

        The good thing is that it is under investigation, and it will be interesting to see what the professionals, who have all the facts before them, conclude.

      6. cindy says:

        concerned dad i dont know what data you quote in saying its a rare chance to get HIV from a human bite but as a nurse who has been bit several times over the last 20 years by druged up or mentaly unstable patients i can tell you that it is a VERY GOOD CHANCE you will get hiv if the person biting you has it. if a person has been struggling with someone be it the police or their family or even a stranger i would say the odds of blood in the mouth is upward of 80%. so i would say that gun shot or bite from an HIV pos person IS EQUALLY AS DEADLY. if i had ever contracted aids or hiv not only i would die but its greatly possible i could pass it to my husband. at the time of one of the bites that i recieved i was pregnant with my first son had i contracted HIV from that event it is almost 100% that it would pass to my unborn child so to me a bite from someone can be a VERY REAL AND DEADLY THREAT so in the end i agree with the officer shooting this woman

  2. Neo Leo Poe says:

    Come on! Two or more cops can’t handle a woman; and she bites one of them and they have to use ‘deadly force’, are you kidding! Lucky she didn’t die. What happened to the rubber bullets, bean bags or even the taser. . .how come when minorities are involved, they (we), are met with such force?

    1. Michael J. McDermott says:

      You see, the other cop was loading them up at the time it happened. It just happened so fast.

      1. Concerned Dad says:

        It still goes to training. Non lethal should have brrn ready to go before they approached her.

    2. BULL SH!T says:

      Put the “race card” away, that sh!t is really getting old.

      1. FED-UP says:

        You cannot put the race card away when this continues to happen to minorities the way it does!

      2. Seriously says:

        Agreed. The race card is getting REALLY old!

    3. joselyn lozano says:

      you are exactly correct those cops need to go mental health

      1. derp says:

        and you need to put yourself on the line the way cops do everyday. then judge them.

    4. Debbie says:

      Thank you!!!! We need to get together and protest.This is just outrageous. Is there an organization that is already put in force so that we can join in order to voice our outrage?

    5. Astonished says:

      I wil only say this once. It has nothing to do with race, skin color, or religion. People who are mentally ill can be incredibly strong and they don’t feel pain. People who are violently unstable are terrifying to confront. If you haven’t dealt with one, you wouldn’t understand.

  3. Teresa Alvie says:

    If my son or daughter is a police officer and they are responding to a disturbance call . Yeah I say defend yourself with everything you have if someone tries to take a bite out of you .

    1. FED-UP says:

      Then when my son or daughter —-a police officer— defends him/herself because your son or daughter is the reason behind the disturbance call tries to take a bite out of my son or daughter DON’T SAY A WORD OR COMPLAIN CAUSE YOU GOT WHAT SAID SHOULD HAPPEN TO OTHERS!

      1. derp says:

        i wouldn’t. but they’d never get the chance to bite you because i’d be standing between you and them so you’d know you were safe. you would have less worry about the danger of domestic calls because i’d be in that room taking any risk myself so you wouldn’t have to fear for your life.

  4. Kim says:

    Kind of stupid to help a woman who wants to hurt herself, when you only hurt her worse. Thanks for the “help.”

  5. GMB says:

    Trigger happy chickens !

  6. derp says:

    you’ve called the police 3 different times in recent memory, can’t seem to handle your sister yourself, but expect police to know that she isn’t dangerous just scary? i’m getting tired of folks expecting police to be mind readers. why the heck didn’t you just call mental health yourself instead of the police if her only danger was to herself? why not take her down yourself?

    1. FED-UP says:

      You call the police because the mental health people won’t respond by coming out until the police have been called and are there. It’s easy for those who are not in our shoes or have experience what we experience to say this kind of unkind or thought out reply. FOR ONE HOUR WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES AND TELL ME IF THE SYSTEM IS WORKING FAIRLY!!!!!

      1. joselyn lozano says:

        agree people just talk when everybody in their family are sane you are correct

      2. derp says:

        actually, i’ve been intimately involved in this type of situation but way to pass the buck! if you have to call THREE TIMES there is a huge problem. with your family, not the police. domestic calls are the most dangerous there are and these cops aren’t usually trigger happy yahoos but men and women willing to do what you are not. put their life on the life to protect others. and yeah, they expect the worst. so when a woman charges at them with seemingly dangerous intentions the only logical thing to assume is she’s a threat.

        funny, i don’t see where a family member got shot because when she attacked they threw themselves in between her and the cops to protect the cops. when it happened, you couldn’t drag me away from family member, nor stop me from standing between them and cops to assure cops it wasn’t them or me i was afraid she’d hurt. the guy standing there pointing like he knew quite obviously was not in the room! why not? was it because they’d had enough and were frustrated? probably. and now they feel guilty for leaving the room and having this happen.

        that’s sad. but these cops are not to blame for fearing a woman who’d rushed them. cops die all the time from these situations and of course they’re going to think the worst. the family just wants to blame them due to their guilt at not being there to protect her, but they are not to blame either. the only thing to blame is her sickness. she obviously should have been in a hospital, not home. but to blame the police who were probably afraid for their lives? that’s silly and counter-productive.

      3. Debbie says:

        To Derp…..if that was your child who had the mental illness, would you rather her have been shot, possibly to death, or would you rather her have been shot with rubber bullets, bean bags or a taser? Be realistic now.

  7. Realist says:

    Call A Cop….Get Shot! How Sad!!!

  8. American Citizen says:

    Dude, the cops are wrong in this case. Mental Health is treatment is horrible for ill people in California due to budget constraints and the closing of numerous mental health facilities.
    The cops knew she mentally ill because it is in the record. They police in this situation should be investigated and probably fired and go to jail if in fact they knew she was mentally ill before they encountered the woman.
    The cops seem quick to shoot a black person but are more restrained when dealing with white suspects.
    Look at the officers in the Seal Beach Salon shooting. How they arrested the WHITE GUY peacefully without incident. Let a Black Person do half of what that idiot did and they probably would not be so lucky. Just facts. ( Where are the civil rights leaders to protest this crime? )

    1. joselyn lozano says:

      this case must be in Obama desk plus the one on Fullerton about Thomas looks
      like the cops love to attack instead of help and we are citizens



      1. FED-UP says:

        This has nothing to do with Obama…but it has a lot to do with police/cop cover-up and the OPEN PERMISSION TO ATTEMPT OR COMMIT MURDER!!!! This is a city matter and should first fall on the city to correct and stop this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. derp says:

      you’re an idiot.

      this has nothing to do with race but fear. you try taking a call after hearing a woman has been called on three times before, knowing that your biggest threat to safety will be a domestic call, and having her rush you. the cop tried to defend himself, shot one time.

      now let’s compare that to the fullerton beating, where a white man was beaten and tased until he died of injuries by several police officers. that was clearly a case of police overkill, this not so much. they were scared. they didn’t shoot a family member who had stayed in the room to protect them from the victim because there wasn’t one in the room. you can tell a cop all you want the person will only hurt themselves, but how can you expect them to believe you when you’re not in the room and all they see is a mentally ill person charging?

      i’m so sick of people downing cops who are to cowardly to even try doing the job themselves. i’m sick of people expecting them to be gods and know the intentions of somehow who looks scary and then whining when they turn out to be human and make a mistake. yes, i get the family feels guilty for not being in the room to make sure they stood between cops and victim so the police wouldn’t have felt they had to shoot. but blaming the cops is a bs move.

    3. Concerned Dad says:

      They probably just need to be trained. If we are going to nearly eliminate public treatment options for the mentally ill, we probably need to make sure that the people who have to come in contact with them know what to do.

      My wife and I had to learn to use descalating techniques with our daughter (who has Bipolar Disorder). The resitential placement she is in now has over 20 teenagers just like her, and they never have to shoot any of them, becuase they are trained to help the situation rather than escalate it.

      1. derp says:

        we expect to much from the cops. seriously. they can’t be gods, and shouldn’t have to try. they’re not mental health workers. what we need is better mental health response and care! while i get what you’re saying, i just think we’re asking to much of the police. of course, it might be good idea to have specially trained force that just deals with mental crisis cases. that i could support. but the average cop has way to much to deal with to specialize in everything. mental health, race relations, cultural differences etc…

      2. joselyn lozano says:


      3. Concerned Dad says:

        We do have a trained group of people called the SMART Team in L.A., but, the police have to call them out. In this case, they refused. I’ve had them refuse to call for my Daughter as well, and go on to mishandle the situation. Some police just don’t want to wait for the SMART team to get there, and think that their normal tactics will work on the mentally ill.

    4. Astonished says:

      The white guy in Seal Beach is alive because he was smart enout to surrender and not put up a struggle. Why: Because he was a lame, cowardly, slimball. If he had come out with a gun in hand, I guarentee you he’d be DEAD!

    5. Astonished says:

      Man, don’t you watch the news. The WHITE guy from Seal Beach is alive because he was smart enough to give up without a struggle.

      Believe me, if he had come out of that pick up with a gun in his hand, we wouldn’t have to hold a trial right now.

  9. Cynthia says:

    This woman is very fortunate to have caring family. I hope she recovers but I’m sure they are all going to have an extra hard road with her now because of what happened. I hope they will be able to sue to get plenty of funds to get her the best care for her future. If she didn’t have a good family no one would know about this. It’s people like these that will help get changes made so mentally ill people will be safer from law enforcement in the future.

    1. FED-UP says:

      You are so correct…..and yeah let’s hope this is the outcome for this family!

      1. derp says:

        what a load of bull.

        this caring family left the room. they feel guilty for that and now want someone else to blame. if she wasn’t a danger to anybody but herself, why weren’t they in there standing between her and the cops? as a cop, i wouldn’t believe that if i saw the woman rushing at me. i’d be afraid for my life! i’m so sick of folks blaming police when they have no idea the fear they must have to deal with doing a job most of us are to cowardly to do. domestic calls are the most dangerous of all calls, there’s a greater chance of getting hurt then responding to a robbery in progress. yet this family who didn’t stay in the room with the woman want to blame the cops for fearing her? bull.

        the only culprit in this is the victim’s mental illness. if so many repeated calls were placed, she obviously needed some major help but wasn’t getting it. the problem isn’t the police response, it’s the mental health’s lack of help. they are the ones who need to be held accountable. not the police who couldn’t have known if the family was right about her condition. not even the family who left her alone to deal and are now feeling guilty. the people who let her out when clearly she needed more help are to blame!

    2. roger says:

      Caring family? That repeatedly calls the police on her, even though the family attests later that she wouldn’t harm anyone, she not harmful, and so on. They wont’ see a penny, nor should they. I feel bad for the suspect and the family, but only so much. The family, like others, looks for the easy, cheap fix and then screech when things don’t work out.

  10. ginny says:

    Based on information on 2 other local news stations, this woman was threatening to harm her 3 year old child, instead of the family removing the child and dealing with this woman themselves they called the police. When the officers arrived, one was bitten and the woman grabed the other one genitals. Then she reportedly took the stick with nails and was taking aim at them. Sorry, but I have to side with the officers on this one. Note to family, take care of your own, don’t assume that the services of the police or mental health workers are the sole support for your family member.

  11. Concerned Dad says:

    I have a teenage daughter with Bipolar Disorder. She started to be out of control from time to time from age 12-15. We found professional help for her,and I asked that help what we could do when she is out of control.

    Basically, my wife and I can’t put our hands on her, or we will end up in jail for child abuse. Our instructions are “Call 911”.

    We live in the jurisdiction of the LAPD Foothill Division. When we call, things get handled differently depending on who shows up. Most of the time, as this article indicates, they call the SMART Team (A County team of psychiatric professionals), and things tend to go well. Sometimes, they refuse to do it and the officers want to handle it themselves. That’s when it sometimes does not go well.

    Before the officers have any contact with our daughter, we are able to explain to them, clearly, that she has mental problems, and how she tends to act out. Unlike the woman in this scenario, our daughter is likely to rush them and try to attack them when she is in that state. It is a very scary situation. Luckily, she is now in residential treatment, and is doing much better in terms of her episodes.

    It really is terrifying having no other choice when something like this happens, but, to call 911 and risk having your loved one, or even you shot by the Police that you were forced to call for help. There really must be a better way.

    1. FED-UP says:

      Now that is also what I am saying! Thanks Concerned Dad for pointing, see I too walk in your shoes!

    2. BDDD says:

      What a loser using up valuable resources! I believe the term SPOILED BRAT sums it up! I bet you never spanked her did you? Did you make excuses for her while NEVER trying to discipline her? Now we pay for your abuse of emergency services!

      1. Concerned Dad says:

        Mental illness is widely misunderstood, and unfortunately, families that deal with it every day have to face this sort of ignorance. The concept being that anybody who is different than me isn’t human and should be destroyed.

        It is no more effective to attempt to beat mental illness out of someone than it is to try to beat cancer out of a patient. It just doesn’t work.

        I haven’t abused emergency services. I have used them as I have been directed to use them. If I did beat my daughter for having mental illness, the police car would come for me instead, and we would just be in the same place, with me ending up in jail, and my daughter not getting treatment.

        I would hope that if you had a child who was sick, you would not beat them for it. I normally don’t feed the trolls, but, this sort of comment is unfortunately, rather common when it comes to what we deal with in having a child who is sick.

  12. FED-UP says:

    derp…..I copied and paste your comment to point out four things below:

    actually, i’ve been intimately involved in this type of situation but way to pass the buck! if you have to call THREE TIMES there is a huge problem. with your family, not the police. domestic calls are the most dangerous there are and these cops aren’t usually trigger happy yahoos but men and women willing to do what you are not. put their life on the life to protect others. and yeah, they expect the worst. so when a woman charges at them with seemingly dangerous intentions the only logical thing to assume is she’s a threat.

    funny, i don’t see where a family member got shot because when she attacked they threw themselves in between her and the cops to protect the cops. when it happened, you couldn’t drag me away from family member, nor stop me from standing between them and cops to assure cops it wasn’t them or me i was afraid she’d hurt. the guy standing there pointing like he knew quite obviously was not in the room! why not? was it because they’d had enough and were frustrated? probably. and now they feel guilty for leaving the room and having this happen.

    that’s sad. but these cops are not to blame for fearing a woman who’d rushed them. cops die all the time from these situations and of course they’re going to think the worst. the family just wants to blame them due to their guilt at not being there to protect her, but they are not to blame either. the only thing to blame is her sickness. she obviously should have been in a hospital, not home. but to blame the police who were probably afraid for their lives? that’s silly and counter-productive.
    1) The State cuts funding and programs for people in need of these services but have no problem giving those who decides such a raise and expect me —an untrained individual to handle such situation— or me —an individual barely making ends meet to pay for the full cost of such services—- SOMETHING IS WRONG;
    2) The police have been called 3 times for the same reason and same person —okay, I agree that domestic problems are the most dangerous for a police officer…..but it does not always have to end with using deadly force —-more bout this in my forth point;
    3) I read and read the article and yet to find where the woman charged at the police….I did see where she bite one police officer which leads me to believe the officer had hold of her….that being the situation, how can I charge at you when you have me;
    My question is “WHICH IS MOST IMPORTANT?”

    1. joselyn lozano says:


    2. derp says:

      this is not the only article about the incident. in others, she is being painted as even more scary a situation. one site says she is accused of threatening to harm her child. and yeah, i totally agree about the funding cuts for mental health being a direct cause of this. it takes YEARS to be trained to help in a case like this, we just can’t expect our police to do it. they are not in that business. mental health has been dropped and this will continue, sadly, to happen. because for all the shrieking i hear on this board, i’m guessing not many have gone out and done anything to actually change the situation.

      now some will say it’s the responsibility of the family to deal with the victim. others the cops. but like you said, neither are equipped to deal with hardcore cases. that’s why we have mental health professionals, but nobody cares until it affects them.

      personally, i believe both animals and people are worth saving. however, many seem to feel saving a buck is more important. i lost my grandmother after she killed herself after being turned away from mental health hospitals repeatedly. many more are lost everyday because they can’t get help. instead of blaming the police, who are not equipped to deal with hard core patients, i wish people would actually DO SOMETHING…

  13. RJ says:

    pretty simple to me the family says in the past when she acted out they called police and mental health responders to deal with her and the mental health people would talk her down so WHY CALL THE POLICE cops are NOT trained to deal with nut cases thats what the mental health people are for if you know they have helped before then call them not the cops and your nutty family wont get shot if it was me i would have aimed for the head and ended the whole problem for the future

  14. tracy says:

    here is an idea TAKE THE CRAZY CHICK AND GET HER TREATMENT there are meds for these things and do not tell me about people not willing to take them my sister had issues from the time she was 18 till she passed last year of cancer and she was on meds that at times she did not want to take so what did i do? i ground the stuff up and put it in her food she never knew it was there and she never had major issues like this its called being creative

    1. Concerned Dad says:

      This assumes that the person has any treatment or medication options available. Working families without health insurance can’t access options availabe to poor familes who are able to quailfy for Medi-Cal. Geodon, just one of the medications my Daughter takes, costs $1600 a month if you don’t have insurance. Another, Depakote ER is almost $500 a month. The third major one she takes is Risperidone, which is another $500 per month.

      Luckily, we have health insurance that pays for these, if we didn’t, we could not afford the medication, which would be more than our house payment. I have no idea what working families without health insurance do about this sort of thing.

      1. tracy says:

        im sorry i don’t buy that people do not have options my sister was not my ward meaning i did not pay for her meds. as i said her issues started at 18 went till age 34 when she died of cancer clearly she would not be covered under our parents medical nor under mine. she was never married and never held a job for more then a few weeks at a time yet she was able to get all her medical stuff taken care of because the very first doctor she saw at age 18 somehow listed her condition as making her eligible for state help. she got all her meds FREE saw the doctor monthly FREE had many many visits with psychologists over the years FREE so there is help out there for anyone with issues the family just has to be hard charging about looking for it

      2. Concerned Dad says:

        As I was pointing out. People who are poor have programs available to them that working families don’t. If you are poor, you can go through Medi-Cal. If you are rich you just pay the bill. If you are a working family, you might or might not have health insurance, and if you do, it might or might not cover mental illness to the degree that is needed.

        I can’t just call my HMO and tell them to come pick her up. They want me to call 911 and have the police put her on a hold first, then they will send a private ambulance to take her off to the psych hospital. It all rolls back around to the same thing. Call the cops and take your chances that somebody is going to get shot. It’s not a great thing to live with.

      3. tracy says:

        I AM SORRY i did miss read your statement you were in deed refering to working familys and not folks like my sister who qualified for aide. But i still do not know if i can agree that there is any sector unable to get help. i work part time at target my husband full time at lowe’s we both have health coverage the vision is better at my job so i carry that the dental better at his so he carrys that and the medical is better at his so he carrys that. at both jobs they offer mental health coverage granted we have never needed it for our selves so i can not atest to its worth but it is there. the rundown says that it covers all diagnosed issues 80-20 which is the same split as our medical it says that we would pay a co-pay of 30 dollars for an office visit and low cost RX so if two people like us that work less then high paid jobs lol can get help like that im fairly sure 99% of people working can get SOMETHING maybe i am wrong i do not know

      4. tracy says:

        as for calling police or not calling them i can not speak to that one from personal exp but it seems to me if i did have to call the police, the fact that my family member was having some sort of mental issue would be the FIRST thing i told dispatch so that they could alert the responding officer(s) which i would think would put the scene in a whole new light for all involved the police have been told BEFORE arrival so that if a rogue officer did show who was bent on kickin some tail he/she would now have no out by saying I DIDNT KNOW THE PERSON HAD ISSUES, I THOUGH THEY WERE STONED. and on the other side telling dispatch from the get go would stop the good officer from thinking they were stoned and put his/her mind set in the right area. i guess my point is if you know your family member has an issue waiting till the cop is on scene and not sure at all what is going on is a bad idea. at that point he/she is yellin at the person to stop what ever they are doing the family might be yelling at the officer about the mental issue the person might be yelling at both the cops and their family for the whole deal and it becomes a vicious circle.

  15. Catherine Turley says:

    seriously mentally ill people should be in facilities. the problem is that society doesn’t want to pay for it. this will just keep happening over and over because the priority of any officer is to stay safe.

    1. ginny says:

      Catherine, even if there were the funds for mental health facilities, the ACLU went to court many years ago and caused the laws to be changed. We can no longer require these people to be hospitalized or housed in facilities, it is against their constitutional rights. Thats one of the reasons, there is only short term treatment now. No more places like Camarillo in SoCal or Danvers in MA, or many others around the country. By current law, even families cannot force a family member to be hospitalized.

  16. Jeannie says:

    I believe this was a play on ebonics. Derp.

  17. derp says:

    nope. i think he’s just a moron as shown by his attempt to change it below. only ignorant fools follow stereotypes, and his nogs and sheboons comments show his lack of brainpower.

    1. BDDD says:

      Hypocrite. “Redneck” is as hateful and intolerant as what he posted.

  18. Enough says:

    Lets remember all the “mental problem” people that have gone off and shot up meetings, ex work places, hair salons, ect…. Every nut job uses “mental problem” as an excuse to get away with what they do. If you call the cops because you cant handle your nut job, then they are an issue, if you care soo much about them, then have them in a hospital.

    As for people using the race card, YOU are the racist….you are the first to bring it up, no matter what happens, its been two hundred plus years, and yet you can’t let it ago… will never move on until you do. The Irish and Asians were treated just as bad or worse as blacks, and yet they moved on and got over it, its about time you do.

    1. Concerned Dad says:

      She didn’t shoot up a meeting, her work place or a hair salon. She was in her own home having an episode.

      If you call a hospital, almost every one in America has a recording to answer the phone that says, “If this is a medical or psychiatric emergency, please hang up and call 911”. When you do that, the police come, and you are never quite sure what will happen next.

      It all sounds very simple, until you have to face it in your own family. Then, it becomes much more complex.

      I’m fully employed, so it would probably be easy for me to look at jobless people and say, “Just get a job”. It sounds like a cure to me. It’s just that I realize that it is more complex than that for some people, especially these days. It’s easy for people to say to me, “Just put her in a hospital”, but… what hospital, and with what money? As has been pointed out, the state mental hospitals aren’t around anymore.

      1. enough says:

        I have to deal with it from the side in question…the mental teams aren’t always on duty or able to come out. The field cop is always the first to get there, they don’t always have time to get a mental run down of who they are dealing with, even with multiple calls to a location, all it takes is the person to snap and the fight for life is on. as you know, the person never acts the same way each time, so the cops have to judge each call as it presents it self, there is no play book in our line of work. if you can do better, come do our job.

      2. Concerned Dad says:

        > if you can do better, come do our job.

        I have the responsibility of doing my own job in a safe, fair and legal manner. I don’t think it is out of line to ask Police to do the same thing.

        If you were called to my house, and I told you that I shot my daughter because she bit me and tried to pull a piece of Romex off the wall, what would your training as a Police Officer tell you to do with the situation?

        All I’m saying is that if the Police were given more up to date training on how to deal with the mentally ill, we might have had a different outcome. I’m not a mental health professional, but, I was able to learn how to deal with a mentally ill person witout shooting her. We also haven’t had to call the Police in years, but, it took some time to learn a few techniques that make the situation better, rather than worse.

  19. BDDD says:

    Figures… Go research 911 calls. Look at the demographics of what groups call the cops most.

  20. jana haskins says:

    the mentally challenged are often sometimes hard to be understood

  21. JANICE says:

    I had a son that was killed by the police. He was schizophrenic and I had to call the police because he was so out of control I could not handle him. The police sprayed him with pepper spray several times and tazed him at lease four times. I had told the police he was mental and needed to go to the hospital. But instead they wanted to fight him there was nothing wrong with his health just his mind and the fought him till he died

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