LOS ANGELES (CBS) — At least 23 “Occupy LA” demonstrators were arrested Thursday morning for unlawful assembly during a scheduled march.

LAPD officers arrested protesters who were camping in the middle of the street just before 10 a.m. A second march started around noon Thursday, but no arrests have been made in connection with that demonstration.

The “occupy” group is joining forces with labors unions and other community groups for two marches from the Bank of America Plaza to the corner of Figueroa and Fourth streets.

“There’s a movement afoot to really quash this movement before it gets as big as it possibly can get. We’re seeing a ramp up of pressure here in Los Angeles so we’re here responding accordingly at this point in time,” Occupy Media Coordinator Clark Davis told CBS2.

Drivers should expect serious traffic delays and street closures near the 110 Freeway and the Financial District.

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  1. ILLEGALS says:

    This march & traffic jams is a nuisance but it’s sad that US Government rather fund Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Japan, Omen, Yemen, Kuwait, etc
    etc etc but ignoring the growing # of people losing their homes to Foreclosure & a growing # of homeless population..

    US Government sent Billions of $$$$$ each year to Foreign countries but Eliminating funds to College Education & ignoring people here at home..

    1. Madrussian says:

      I hear you 100%. I am one of the millions of people that have lost everything I own. If this keeps going on and on, the police will not have enough room in their jails to put the OWS protesters in. What will the city council, mayor, and LAPD chief going to do then?

      1. Matt says:

        apparently you haven’t lost your computer

    2. Astonished says:

      I understand their premise, however, I don’t necessarily condone their tactics. They are taking it out on the very people they say they represent.

      Last week they marched on the same banks here in Los Angeles. While they were at it, some of them began throwing things at people who were driving by.

      Is that a tactic that is really going to win you support? If they lobbed something at my car just because I happened to be driving by, I guarantee I wouldn’t be amused, OR supportive!

      1. Johnny Popp says:

        Don’t be mislead by Fox and the other so-called “NEWS” media outlets…. It is NOT the Protesters causing destruction of ANY kind ~ that is the work of ignorant, disrespectful infiltrators!

    3. the stig says:

      Im 100% with you the US government has billions of dollars for other countries but its own.but how is getting attested and blocking the streets helping them

    4. 100% Angeleno says:

      Right on the money!

  2. brookster says:

    Yea ‘me’ also WERE IS MY MONEY I want it now!! What are you copes going to do throw these people in jail so you can make more money The police can do anything Rember Rodne King just give use more jobs!! & stop taxing the pore & let the RICH buy there way out the Government is in debt & it is not going to be fixed in just a few year’s come on Wake up

    1. Studdmstr says:

      Maybe you could get a job if you payed attention or finished school!

      1. theStudgatz says:


    2. Astonished says:

      I know you have a message in all these words somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t understand what you wrote.

      Maybe if you calmed down first?

  3. Hoosier says:

    Bunch of low-lives for the most part. If they spent as much energy getting a job, they’d all be working.

    1. Dale says:

      Ain’t that the truth. Just saw it on TV that a mom bough her daughter to the protest and they both decided to be voluntarily arrested. What a wonderful mom, NOT!

      1. LATTC Student says:

        yes she is a wonderful mom.. teaching her child the ways of this messed up country.. rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.. wake up.. it will happen to you to then you will say she was right.. the lady has guts.. do you?

    2. Mateo says:

      You haven’t been in the job market for a while I can tell. I’m lucky to have a job but I certainly don’t take it for granted. Times have changed.

    3. Johnny Popp says:

      Apprently it is FOOLS like YOU who need to be out there WITH the Occupy Movement unless YOU happen to be one of the 1% and I Seriously doubt that You are educated enough for THAT!

    4. Joshua Muller says:

      Let’s see. Bachelor’s degree from UCLA, masters from UC Berkeley. Unemployed for six months, no more benefits from the state. I wake up every day and follow the same routine: Craigslist, careerbuilder.com, Craigslist, LATimes, Craigslist, monster.com, KCAL.com for a break, Craigslist, monster, careerbuilder.com, then before I cook my dinner of Top Ramen or Cup o’ Soup, Craigslist. I send out my resume 10 times per day, no responses. I have been on seven interviews, only to find out that I’m overqualified for the position. I would leave off my education, but during a background check it will show up, causing me to lose the job for lying. Was almost hired as holiday help by Macy’s,but due to a lack of a job my credit is in the toilet. Macy’s won’t hire a credit risk. I’ve offered to work at minimum wage, no benefits, no holidays, still no employers will hire me. “You’re overqualified.” So, please, in your infinite wisdom, tell me, WHERE ARE THE JOBS?????? I can’t handle eating Top Ramen anymore. WHERE ARE THE JOBS?????

      1. studdmstr says:

        Maybe you should try other avenues other than checking three websites over and over during the day. Do you personally call the companies that you sent resumes to and talk to someone in HR a few days later to follow up? Network via LinkedIn and Facebook….go to career fairs and meet face to face. Find job boards in your field of expertise and go to the websites of companies you’d be interested in working for or that might have jobs in your area. Have you contacted a headhunter or gone to a temp agency? You really have to be more creative, aggressive and more motivated these days then checking three websites. Honestly I don’t feel that bad for you if that’s the extent of your job search and you haven’t exploited all your options. Quit your whining and get creative!

      2. Joshua Muller says:

        Not asking for sympathy. Asking WHERE ARE THE JOBS????? I have networked, career fair’d, LinkedIn, temp agencies and I’m at wits end. Yes, those are the sources I check daily, career fairs aren’t daily, networking isn’t daily and temp agencies can only be bothered so much before they pass on you. Get your head out of your ass. To get into UCLA and Berkeley AFTER affirmative action ended I must be smart and creative. Even nepotism hasn’t worked. Oh wait, that’s a big word for studdmstr: nepotism is when a family member scores a sweet job for another based off of familial ties, not qualifications. So, again, WHERE ARE THE JOBS????

        And by the way, I follow up on my resume being sent out. Where are all these alleged hiring managers? They NEVER respond, never take phone calls and are too “busy” to call someone to say thanks but no thanks. Reality check: desperate for a job doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate a simple phone call or email, especially after I take the time to HANDWRITE and US MAIL thank you cards after an interview.

      3. jr says:

        If I may ask, what was your major?

      4. Manar says:

        Try Idealist.org and don’t apply to a job you are overqualified for because this really lowers your chances. Go to UCLA career center they have templates for resumes and cover letters and tips on how to appropriately fill in your application. If you have zero work experience, that’s probably why and the solution is volunteer somewhere first, like in AARP or unions and then you will be able to make connections and get in something (at least you will get something to put on your resume and to be able to get recommendation letters).

  4. Mateo says:

    That comment was for Mr. Hoosier

  5. KF says:

    It would help those obese teachers if they cut back a little on their food budget. It’s good to see them actually MOVING their fannies for once. I see the females with fancy nails, nice jewelry and perfectly dyed hair. The rest of us have cut back. OUR wages have NOT gone UP, they have gone DOWN. 182 or so days of work for their salary? Seriously? You get NO sympathy from me. We don’t WANT to hear your “message.” Get RID of these whiners that are failing our children!

  6. Joey Stean says:

    Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude. Wow.


  7. tim o says:

    I lost my home, my cars and pretty much everything I owned 4 years ago. I had to uproot my family across the country and live in a relatives house. But guess what, I busted my butt and got to work, budgeted right, made HUGE sacrifices was forced to move to anbother state AGAIN to make ends meet, but I did what I had to do to make ends meet. I know have a good job, make good money and am providing for my family. I have no college degree, no credit but am making it happen. These people are a joke, you are entitled to nothing in this country other than the right to wake up and have the freedom to work. You do what you have to to provide, not expect others to hand out their fortune to you. They worked hard, they deserve what they have.Dont like it, get educated, work haard and make your own wealth. They want a hand out, I got a free ticket to Iran for you. Take a trip overseas and get educated on how fortunate you really are!

  8. Johnny Popp says:

    Sertiously, Tim? “… in this country other than the right to wake up and have the freedom to work” These are the Very “Freedoms” that the occupiers are trying to SAVE! The 1% are trying to take THAT away from You too!

  9. icecream says:

    Don’t let the overpaid liars of Fox News and out of touch fools like them continue to deceive you.
    GO FOR IT 99% Supporters !

    1. STUDDMSTR says:

      Don’t let the liberal spin machine, Obama and his supporters and out of touch fools draw your focus away from what he is/ is not doing in office. This is a carefully thought out and organized attempt to shift the focus away from the government and what they are and are not doing. Look how much attention is being focused on these “OWA” idiots now….how much you hear about what’s going on with our government now?

  10. The Realist says:

    Hey Tim zero, you sound like the kind of lame this government loves to have voting for their corporate bailouts. While they plan on cutting your Social Security benefits that you are entitled to since you pay taxes and they refuse to pay their fair percentage. Keep believing the 1% American Dream

  11. UCLA RULES LA says:

    Dont forget our US Government sent $5 Billions each year to the Big Oil companies.

  12. motsimoto says:

    Just as The Thing would say. “It’s Clobbering time”! NYPD and LAPD, it’s about that time! You have my 100% support! Unleash the Hounds! Fire off the Bean Bags and Extra Large Rubber Bullets. Spray them with Water! They haven’t showered for months!

  13. motsimoto says:

    It’s time for the Police Dogs to attack these occupiers. They’re all lazy bums. They don’t want to work. And they are not looking for a job! They think this is one big party and camp out. They don’t stand for anything. And they are not the 99% .

  14. motsimoto says:

    Only 23? The day/night is still young. Lots more clobbering and arrests to do. I support you LAPD and NYPD. Beat them!

  15. B=Dog says:

    Occupy Jobless take note… Do not block traffic — I will not stop or slow down and if you throw anything at my car be prepared to be met with a bat.

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