LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Outspoken comedian Ricky Gervais, who ruffled some celebrity feathers with his incisive barbs during this year’s Golden Globe Awards, will return to host the ceremony for the third straight year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced Wednesday.

The association posted the announcement on its website, saying the decision was made after discussions with Doug Vaughan, NBC’s senior vice president of special programs and late night.

“While many welcome Gervais’ return, not everyone is happy with the decision because last year his blunt one-liners targeting big-name celebrities caused anger and resentment in some quarters,” according to the HFPA announcement.

According to the group, Gervais was initially cool to the idea of returning as the Globes host, but met last month with HFPA President Aida Takla- O’Reilly in Paris, and he warmed to the job.

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be held Jan. 15 at the Beverly Hilton.

Gervais raised eyebrows with his quips at this year’s ceremony, taking aim at Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., the Church of Scientology and even Bruce Willis, whom the comedian introduced as “Ashton Kutcher’s dad.” He also joked that the HFPA had accepted bribes in exchange for nominating the poorly received Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie film “The Tourist” for various awards.

Philip Berk, who was president of the HFPA at the time, said after the ceremony that Gervais “definitely crossed the line.”

“But that’s Ricky,” he added. “… When you hire Ricky Gervais, you expect the unexpected.”

There was no immediate comment from Gervais, although he posted a photo on his Twitter page of himself with Academy Awards host Billy Crystal, and wrote, “Just told Billy Crystal he’d better not use any of my holocaust or pedophile material at the Oscars. He agreed (true).”

Comments (4)
  1. Tom says:

    NiiIIIICEEEE. I loved his jokes last year, although I only sawclips I’ll be sure to watch it this year

  2. Naomi says:

    That’s great news! Ricky was fantastic last year. I hope they don’t try to make him tone it down.

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