SANTA ANA (CBS) — A Whittier man is behind bars Tuesday on federal charges after allegedly trying to arrange sexual intercourse with a minor over the Internet.

Leo James Zabala, Jr., 25, is accused of soliciting unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years of age and lewd and lascivious acts upon a child of 14 or 15 years of age, and oral copulation with a child under 16 years of age, according to an affidavit filed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Authorities were tipped off to an advertisement posted on the classified services website Craigslist targeting high schools for sex in exchange for money.

An agent posing as “Lisa Richards” made contact with Zabala through an email account listed on Craigslist and exchanged messages over the course of about two weeks.

“Lisa” told Zabala she was 14 years old and was interested in performing sexual acts in exchange for cash.

After finally agreeing to meet “Lisa” at a Del Taco restaurant in Huntington Beach, Zabala was arrested by federal agents.

Zabala reportedly denied having sex with any minors, according to the affidavit.

Zabala allegedly posted as many as 380 additional ads on Craigslist, “the majority of which are sex related”, the affidavit noted.

Postings linked to Zabala — many of which were placed in the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist — reportedly date back all the way to 2009.

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  1. Silly Me says:

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    1. Everyday Guy says:

      Don’t be eggophobic.

      1. Red Rooster says:

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  2. uhoh says:

    Once again an internet troll that thinks only hispanics do this. Get a clue.Caucasians lead in the pedophile race.

    1. wgaf says:

      I did not know it was a race. I better step it up. Although I do not identify myself with an ethnicity because I am a pre-op transgendered lesb1an male.

  3. Everyday Guy says:

    Great. A lot of lawns won’t get cut this week.

    1. my 2 cents says:

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      1. Jose says:

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      2. Everyday Guy says:

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  4. my 2 cents says:

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  5. Buss_Boyz_R_Us says:

    Well, one last par-a-site for Stanford, Yale or Harvard next year.

  6. Joel Lanuza says:

    Doesnt Matter what race he is? People get over race we are all humans from different parts of the world. God planned this on purpose. What really matter is this guys sick intentions, just like Sandusky in the Penn State scadal this guy is sick and needs help. By the way does who are always thinking about race and you wanna know Iam Latino ok , LOL so send me some hate mail LOL I love to laugh.

    1. wgaf says:

      You are correct it is not about race. I should know because I am a pre-op transgendered lesb1an male and thus do not identify myself with an ethnicity.

      1. wgaf says:

        And also Joel Lanzuna I love to make people laugh. Just wait and you will see my internet alter-ego schizophrenic self begin to cuss myself out.

      2. wgaf says:

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