LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A San Fernando Valley lawmaker on Tuesday sided with Congressional critics opposed to sending millions of dollars in U.S. aid to the nation’s biggest foreign creditor: China.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) criticized any suggestion that the American taxpayer can afford to provide an estimated $4 million in aid to China to help promote clean energy development, the Associated Press reported.

Sherman told the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia that the financial feasibility of continued U.S. aid to China is “an insult to the American people”, according to the Associated Press.

Beyond the expense, however, panel members expressed concern that continuing to provide aid will make Chinese manufacturers more competitive while costing American manufacturers jobs and revenue.

Sherman recently opposed U.S. trade agreements with South Korea, citing fears that factories along that nation’s border could lead firms to hire workers and provide tax breaks for firms in North Korea.

“We can no longer afford to continue on this same path that is eroding our industrial base and hurting American working families,” Sherman said. “We must abandon the failed, so-called “free trade” policies of the past and take a new direction.”

He also suggested the agreement would enable products manufactured in China to enter the U.S. duty-free via Korean imports.

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  1. L_T says:

    This valley congress person obviously has had to much MSG.

  2. jason zeidler says:

    tax and spend tax and spend tax and spend. thats all lib dems know how to do. wat ever the problem is …give themmoney. nevermindifwe should or can afford it..never mind if we are funding our enmies and destroying our own country in the procces. bail everyone out, responsibility is racist. pay off our enemies so they own us andknow that they can hate us as much as they want and we will bail their failures out. lib dems are abused wives making excuses for their husbands hitting them.

  3. Mark Reed says:

    While Sherman and Berman battle it out to retain their jobs, all of us in the Valley will be fighting to keep our jobs homes families Medicare benefits Social Security Veterans benefits businesses and our futures. The Valley has never seen such high unemployment foreclosures loss of manufacturing and loss of real-estate values.

    The Valley once had three Veterans facilities and now, it has one, the Sepulveda Veterans Hospital. Most Valley residents are not aware that its existence is in jeopardy. Sherman has given his blessing to the giveaway of 14+ acres to a private developer. The remaining acres could suffer the same fate. Where are our veterans going to go to get their medical services?

    Sherman and Berman will use smoke and mirrors to distract you from their voting records. While we pay record prices for gas and food, Sherman and Berman both voted down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, voted to add 2.8 trillion to our Federal deficit, and voted down the Homeland Security budget. Both of them view immigration as a “dog and pony show.” I wonder who the dog is and who the pony is.

    The Valley is suffering from 17 % + unemployment, home foreclosures and a record loss of businesses. We are all unsure of where our futures are going. Sherman and Berman will wage a multimillion-dollar war to keep their jobs. Who is really paying for this war? This coming election is a two for one – one election, and we can get rid of two of the Valleys’ biggest “tax and spenders,” who are ignoring the needs of their constituents and who are concentrating instead on their own political careers. We need a change and we need it now!

    Our country was not built by unions, labor, management, Republicans or Democrats. It was built by Americans and the mutual respect we have had for each other’s talents, which have been offered in the building of the greatest nation in the history of the world. The free marketplace has given us the tools to wage a war on poverty for over two hundred years. Every day we fail to acknowledge this, we work to undermine the freedoms we enjoy.

    I ran against the policies of Sherman last year and I am running again in the West San Fernando Valley. If Berman runs in this district, we can get rid of both of them in one election. Visit my website MarkReedforCongress.com send me an email mark@markreedforcongress.com or contact my office at (818) 353-8777 to join the Mark Reed for Congress team. Together, we can restore the San Fernando Valley and our Country.

    God bless you and God bless America,

    Mark Reed

  4. alg says:

    I think it’s time to find out why Brad Sherman is more loyal to China than to the United States of America.!!
    Who is he to determine whether the american worker taxed to death, foreclosed upon, and fired from their jobs for no reason except to inflate the bottom line.
    He is two faced. On the one hand he wants to send China money, and keep South Korea from getting any business from us, because jobs will go to North Korea????
    I don’t get it. Do you?
    I sense that the writer of this article is either confused or deliberately trying to confuse the reader.
    In my opinion I say NO MONEY TO CHINA, recall everyone working in China. Establish companies here to copy and steal back all what China has stolen from us.
    What congressman Sherman should be doing is backing legislation to vigorously create a group of people who are experts in CYBERCRIME. China and Russia are the leading exports of cybercrime. It is a 24/7 business for them.
    I say cut the internet line between the U.S. and other countries.
    If they want to come in, they have to present identification, and responsibility for their websites. Post a bond of course, etc., to guarantee that cybercrime will not be committed. period.
    It’s time to pull in all our forces and regroup. No other country gives a damn about us. It’s time to close temporarily all EMBASSIES and recall all these people
    home. Time to send all IRANIAN citizens working in New York City for the U.N., and in Washington D.C., who are SPIES.
    Why are we allowing this.
    If the Republicans want to get elected they should do something about this now.
    Certainly the Democrats won’t do that.
    speak out now!! Do this before it’s too late.