COSTA MESA (CBS) — A decorated war veteran faces foreclosure next week after the Veterans Administration lost his disability paperwork.

Daniel Foster earned a purple heart and a silver star for defending his Army unit during a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan.

The 23-year-old now faces a long road of recovery after suffering shattered bones in his face, missing teeth, and a traumatic brain injury.

When Foster returned from Afghanistan, he didn’t realize he would have to begin a whole new fight – a battle for his disability benefits.

One week before the bank is scheduled to take back the home his grandfather built, Foster still has not seen a dime of the disability benefits he applied for last year.

Deanne Tate of non-profit group Veterans First says the VA misplaced Foster’s paperwork. She says Foster should be receiving about $2,700 per month.

Foster is told he must come up with nearly $12,000 by next Friday, or he will lose the home he shares with his father, a contractor who is out of work.

“I don’t know how I would look at myself if I couldn’t save the house,” says Foster.

The VA was closed Friday and could not be reached for comment.

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  1. wow says:

    Man, if I was in the place to give this guy 12 grand, I would do it in a heart beat. I know some person that is able is reading this story and will step up. Thank you for your excellent service and i wish you a speeding and full recovery.

    1. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

      If you feel that way, why don’t you go ahead and send him what you can — ten bucks or 100 bucks?

      1. afleetingmoment says:

        unnecessary comment!

    2. Ron says:

      Everyone who thinks this is unjust or wants to help, contact the U.S. Senator ASAP, you will be surprised how fast the Senator will get the results that the Veteran HERO needs !!!!

      I emailed and tried to leave a message for President Obama, but I was referred to an agency that their recording said it must be in writing and if I did that, that may take forever.

    3. Ron says:

      GREAT NEWS, as of 11:20P.M. 11/14/2011 CBS news just said that a donor gave the Vet/Hero $12,000 and the V.A. says that they should have his V.A. Disability payments on schedule within 2 weeks. The bank said they will hold off on the foreclosure.


  2. c-man says:

    Amazing, this country gives so much to these fuking illegals. Where is the help this guy not only needs, but deserves. C’mon Obama…put your money where your mouth is.

    1. Ransomlb says:

      What do you mean? Obama is! He hates the military, loves the unions and the losers of our society. He said all of this when he was running for president. I am not sure why people did not listen.

      But regarding the banks, the banks don’t own the loans – they just manage them. But they do lie to people and tell them they can’t do anything until they default. Once you default, they get 3 to 4 times the money to service the loan. President Carter and Clinton with a little help of Bush caused this whole thing by MAKING the banks loan money to people who shouldn’t get it.

      And now, just a couple of months ago the Justice department deemed people with bad credit are being unfairly treated when coming to receiving loans. They told the banks to start loaning these losers money – only to start the whole crisis over again.

      1. alg says:

        RANSOMLB – you are so wrong on every count, but I understand your agenda.
        You hate blacks, you hate democrats, and you hate veterans, and you didn’t read the article. Thats what your message says. Banks do not get 3-4 times the money to service the loan. Tell me where that money comes from? You are a true honest to goodness AH, and of course it’s square. I understand your pain.
        Beware that your judgment calls on a lot of people is unsubstantiated. There are numerous home owners who have lost their homes NOT because they did anything wrong, but because the AH’s at FANNIE MAE, ET AL, were crooks.
        When a mortgage broker tells you that you qualify for a loan, are you going to ask any questions? NO!! end of story.
        Instead of being so judgemental, why don’t you offer solutions.

      2. Ransomlb says:

        So are you telling me that everyone is entitled to owning a home? My answer is NO!

        And I know, all you can do is attack with baseless claims that I hate blacks or hispanics or anyone else. Where did I say any of that? I did not mention a race, you did. Go ahead with your class warfare, it means nothing.

        Just wait till the Conservatives have a Black guy running for President and a Hispanic for Vice President – what are you going to do then? And I am talking about 2012!!!

      3. afleetingmoment says:

        You are such an idiot! Read the article!

      4. ransomlb says:

        I forgot to offer a solution…READ THE PAPERWORK! READ THE DETAILS!

        If you can’t understand it or comprehend it, is that my fault? NO!!!!

  3. Karen says:

    And meanwhile, these same federal workers (Veterans Administration) got raises for cost of living increases and senior citizens on disability (including this war hero) did not.

    The war hero is facing eviction because some dumb person or people at the VA, who got a raise for no good reason, lost the war hero’s paperwork.

    This absolutely disgusts me that this has happened. If the war hero had been paid his due, he would not be worried about foreclosure right now.

    Hugh Hefner, if you are reading this, please help the kid out until the idiots at the VA get this all sorted out. This could be this year’s Veterans Gift like your cool gift last year.

  4. mojo says:

    Amazing how this young man can lose his house but others who never could afford it in the first place will get bailed out along with banks and companies like Solyndra getting millions of taxpayer dollars. I would never object to my taxpayer money going to THIS guy instead of the freeloaders. Mixed up country

  5. VES says:

    I put the bank partially at fault. If the VA misplaced his disability paperwork, he would be paid once the paperwork is straightened out. Why the bank needs to foreclose on him? They can easily give him a break. The money he owed will be repaid once he gets his disability check. The bank gets our bailout and now they are foreclosing on our hero. Obama’s people should demand the bank to return our bailout money immediately. We would rather bail out our heroes than the banks.

  6. Ransomlb says:

    I was in Greensbourgh North Carolina yesterday and they had the Freedom Flight full of Veterans and they guardians going to DC. I went threw the airport around their return and to see the crowd was great. I think the Patrotism was a little stronger back there than it is here.

    I was able to say thanks to some veterans – one was an guy who was on the Nimitiz (sp) during WWII and a couple of active duty service members – I wish I was that courageous!!! And to honor those Vets, I am committed to enjoying my freedoms, working hard to produce to make this country better.

    I just wish I had a little extra money to help this soldier out. If I start a bank account for this Soldier – is everyone who commented committed to $100?

  7. Jose Pito Chavez says:

    The Veteran’s Affairs is shaddy, they lose people’s paperwork on purpose so they cannot collect. Same as Veteran’s hospitals, they don’t want people filing claims.

    There were complaints before that they ended people’s benefits way earlier than they should’ve.

  8. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    Simple concept: You borrow the money, you pay it back. I feel for this young man and I hope that he gets his disability benefits quickly – and the bank would be wise to delay foreclosure until his VA issue gets worked out — but the bank is not morally obligated to do so. If this man’s grandfather built this house, then I guarantee that someone took a loan against it in recent years. What did they use the money for? There’s probably more to this story than this website has reported.

    Years ago, everyone was complaining that banks were not loaning money to enough people, and now that they loaned money to everyone, people hate them for loaning too much money and loosening their guidelines. So the banks have stopped loaning, and now people blame them for refusing to loan money. They can’t win. Again, I repeat, if you borrow money, you pay it back. That’s how it works.

  9. Yesenia says:

    so why hasn’t anyone started raising finds for this young man?????? if there was a ligit fundraising effort I would donate 50bux of my own money. If everyone would donate what they could I wager we can help him save his house…. whether he joined to really fight for his country or because he couldn’t hack it college… the fact is he chose to serve his country and us… some kids choose to just bum around and leech off their parents or tax payers….

  10. afleetingmoment says:

    this shouldn’t happen!!! he’s not getting paid cause the military can’t find his paperwork! bull…t!!!!

  11. alg says:

    I am proud to see that so many of you making comments chose to try to help this vet who cannot help himself or his dad.
    I don’t care what led up to the foreclosure. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps the father took out a loan to pay for some medical bills. who knows. There are so many ready to judge and condemn anyone because they are not happy, have a lot of anger over their own situation, so they take it out on everyone else. What a happy place we live in, right?
    Why can’t the bank doing the foreclosure start a fund for the vet? Wouldn’t that be something.

  12. to alg says:

    ALF is an ASS. Stick to the story. How dare you pull the race card. You’re pathetic

  13. Robert S. says:

    Thought there was a way to save this vets home by a legal Renting” of the said property. I think that by requesting a “rental” agreement, the bank will yeild to this little known agreement. A good real estate lawyer can do a “back-up” if the Bank hedges on the rental agreement. This will possibly save the home, til other arraingements can be completed. This will save the home from foreclosure, and I think it works on a national basis also. All you have to do is check it out. It can’t hurt.

  14. judy rice says:

    Another example of our government at work,,,,,,,,or not. Gof bless him for his service to our country. He did his job, NOW DO YOURS!

  15. Robert S. says:

    When the road is “Closed”….Remember that there are “other avenues”. Think and be creative, A MESSAGE TO BANKS across the country. Some banks “Bull doz” homes that come to “Foreclosure” thinking that they can save money by “takeing a loss”, but there are financial “Tricks” that can save the house, and the homeowner too! Banks need to be more responsible to their customers, and therefore they too will win. Greed and stupid are brothers no one wants to meet. Think America, and together we can all win in this financial mess!

    1. alg says:

      robert s. – i am not savvy enough to know how you could send your message to the bank presidents, but perhaps you can find a way.
      I knew there were those out there who could write a positive message. Perhaps if we could find out which bank is involved we could all write to it. God help us if it’s Bank of America..
      Let’s get creative people. let’s help this vet. Let’s make Thanksgiving truly a blessing for him.

  16. afleetingmoment says:



  17. Jarhead says:

    I want to help some… I left a message on the news line phone number.
    I live in Costa Mesa and will drive over to his house in an instant… I just need to find out his contact info! CBS switchboard is closed on the weekend? Really?
    I’ll find out somehow…

    1. Jarhead says:

      Call the switchboard, or the number they have posted on the new updated story. CBS put us in touch. Thank you.
      I got to meet him, Shake his hand and thank him for his service, and do what I could to help him out. He is a really nice and humble guy. I hope he and his family are blessed with more than what they need, and I hope the VA gets their stuff squared away pronto. Semper Fi – to all my military brothers and sisters out there.

  18. Tim Hertel says:

    Will make sure he the $ to avoid foreclosure by with a $12,000..oo loan ! However, w want to remain anonymous to the public! If this works, le us know at (949)242-0617

    1. Jarhead says:

      I told him about your post when I met with him today. He was unaware of all the comments. I hope he finds this older story, now that the updated one is posted. But, call the Switchboard, or the link they put up.