LOS ANGELES (CBS) — In a controversial television documentary that aired Friday, Dr. Conrad Murray claims that Michael Jackson betrayed him.

The one-hour documentary titled “Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship” was shot secretly during the Murray’s trial and contained extensive interviews conducted with Murray, as well as candid discussions by his defense team.

The documentary also revealed that Murray’s defense team was so strapped for cash, Texas-based Ed Chernoff stayed at the home of Murray’s other attorney, Michael Flanagan.

Cameras also captured Murray’s reaction just months after the pop star died and in the months and days leading up to the verdict.

Murray is seen on tape talking about sharing similar grief with Jackson over troubled childhoods, as well as seeing Jackson cry on several occasions.

In the end, Murray said he felt betrayed by Jackson and couldn’t resist his plea for propofol.

The film was produced by Britain-based Zodiak Rights and aired on MSNBC over the furious objection of the Jackson family.

Also revealed on Friday — a driver who drove Murray daily during his trial — claims he witnessed producers of the documentary deliver perks to the doctor and his attorneys.

» Network’s Interview With Conrad Murray Raises Controversy

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  1. bounce says:

    At the point where you are buying and dispensing more than 15 liters of an anaesthetic intended for surgical use, you aren’t just helping someone sleep. Jackson could ask for but never would have received the drug from a responsible physician.

  2. David Naden says:

    Conrad Murray has been convicted of manslaughter, and whether people believe he is innocent and was framed or guilty as charged is mute. At the very least, he is guilty of gross negligence, and should have his California medical license stripped from him permanently. This video is an insult to the Jackson family and all MJ fans, and in poor taste. Murray does nothing but make excuses for his actions or lack of actions and blames everyone else–including MJ–for what happened. Yet, Murray fails to see that his own words show how callous and negligent he was. One can only hope that the case judge sent4encing him will have seen this interview, and use Murray’s own words to justify the harshest sentence that is possible under state law.

  3. J. Melson says:

    Just goes to show what most people will do for money. Sadly, we are going to see more and more of this kind of human trash as time goes on. Mark my words.

  4. PatricParamedic says:

    By all counts measurable, Conrad Murray was a complete idiot.


    Had this simpleton in a lab coat merely conducted himself like a professional, he might have recalled why it’s wise to draw blood & take urine samples on a regular basis, in order to not be surprised by what his “patient” is doing in his absence.

    The ugly reality is this: Michael Jackson wasn’t a patient – he was a drug-dependent employer with enormous dollars to spend.

    And Conrad Murray was not a functioning physician. He was a drug-dealer in a lab coat.

    Jackson’s death with the predictable end result of a perfect storm.

  5. Jail Time says:

    Unfortunately Conrad Murray will only get a 4 year sentence, MAX. With jail over-crowding, he will likely only serve half that time. Sad.

  6. PatricParamedic says:

    Jail Time –

    You called that one 1000% right. Here’s what I wrote two years ago, right after Jackson died:.

    As a medical professional who investigates and writes on the maddening subject of physician misbehavior, I’d like to reiterate what I wrote two years ago, when the Michael Jackson case first hit the airwaves:

    “Conrad Murray will be charged with a lesser-level Homicide. He will be found guilty and sentenced to the bare minimum. He will in all likelihood spend less than a year behind bars. He will then be released. He will leave the state which convicted him, and quietly regain his medical license somewhere else in an appallingly short period of time.”

    The ugly reality is, when it comes to bad behavior, this society holds doctors to the lowest level of responsibility of any other profession. Neither nurses nor truck drivers; not realtors nor airline pilots; nor judges nor licensed contractors, would regain their professional licenses after a Homicide.

    But doctors do it all the time. One need look no further in our insanity as a nation than this brainless situation:


    The fact is, when it comes to tolerating lab coat lunacy, we Americans are dumber than a box of hair.

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